CORONAVIRUS: City’s West Seattle vaccination clinic to close at month’s end

Today’s second pandemic-related announcement from the city, another one that’ll kick in at month’s end: The city-run West Seattle vaccination clinic will be shut down. It will continue operating at Neighborhood House High Point (6400 Sylvan Way SW) 4:30 pm-7:30 pm Fridays and 8:30 am-4:30 pm Saturdays – all ages, walk-ins or appointments – through February 26th. The city will close its Rainier Beach vaccination clinic in early March, too. The announcement (see it here) basically says the clinics aren’t being utilized enough, so the city “will pivot to a mobile, partner-led strategy to better reach unvaccinated families.” The Neighborhood House clinic opened in late October, more than four months after the city closed its original West Seattle vaccination site at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex. (That location still has a testing site, which is not part of today’s clinic-closure announcement.)

9 Replies to "CORONAVIRUS: City's West Seattle vaccination clinic to close at month's end"

  • Rara February 12, 2022 (12:13 am)

    Well, if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. It’s definitely coming to an end. And that is good. Can’t wait to rip off this mask soon. 

    • Greengurl February 12, 2022 (6:28 am)

      Glad to see the stats and light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know about you but I kinda like the fact that I have not had a cold or the flu since mask wearing started. Hmmm…maybe there is a plus side? (Of course the obvious in regards to Covid.) Just a thought.

      • Lucy February 12, 2022 (12:31 pm)

        You will have the freedom to wear a mask as long as you feel necessary to protect yourself.  I wouldlike the freedom to choose as well.  

    • Sue L. February 12, 2022 (12:13 pm)

      Huh? I think it’s because people who don’t want a vaccine are entrenched.

  • Donna February 12, 2022 (5:29 am)

    Yesterday afternoon I arrived right before opening for an appointment for a booster I made just 3 days earlier. The line was just a few people and included walk ups. The needle was in and out of my arm in about 3 minutes after the door opened. The pharmacies in my neighborhood (which are extraordinarily overworked for several different reasons) couldn’t give me an appointment for 2 weeks. I hope people still needing shots take advantage of this while it’s still available, but it does make sense to now target neighborhood opportunities in areas that could benefit from the added convenience and trusted community leaders.

  • ACG February 12, 2022 (8:08 am)

    When will pediatrician and doctor offices be able to carry the vaccine?  If there is no vaccine clinic on the peninsula anymore, It would be nice if the vaccine is available in dr offices- just like the other vaccines (for people who become eligible for a booster or for children who turn 5). 

    • Sue H February 12, 2022 (12:59 pm)

      I thought I had heard that these vaccines may have a special refrigeration requirement that makes it harder for a regular doctor’s office to carry them and store them properly. I know there are pharmacies in West Seattle that have the vaccine if you want to consider that option. 

    • Peter February 12, 2022 (3:14 pm)

      Most of them do. 

  • Please Don't Take It Away February 12, 2022 (1:57 pm)

    Bummer. Another necessary activity that requires leaving East Vashon Island and braving the detour.

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