Celebration of Life for Jerry Brockey set for September 25th at South Seattle College

A year and a half after the passing of former South Seattle College president Jerry Brockey, the date is set for his Celebration of Life. The announcement is from one of his successors at the college, Dr. Jill Wakefield:

The Jerry M. Brockey Student Center sits at the center of South Seattle College’s campus, where students gather to connect with each other, and the cultural celebrations of a diverse community take place.  It is fittingly named after a man who shaped a college from a vision to reality, serving as the college’s president from 1977 – 1995. Jerry Brockey passed away in March 2020. A celebration of life is scheduled for Mr. Brockey on Saturday, September 25, at 2 p.m. in the Brockey Center.

Born in 1933 on a small farm in North Dakota, Jerry Brockey eventually landed in Seattle where he built his career in education as a teacher and coach at Seattle Public Schools.  He later joined the Seattle Community College district and was appointed president of South Seattle in 1977.

Brockey was known as a passionate and tough leader, with high expectations and a legendarily firm handshake.  Brockey led the college’s growth as a premier workforce education and college transfer destination. Former colleagues described Brockey as an “egalitarian … an effective president, and a natural leader,” a “welcoming executive that created a welcoming environment for students,” and a president who was “really good at bringing people together.”

West Seattle historian and journalist Clay Eals, in remarks shared with West Seattle Blog, said, “Jerry also was a highly visible connector between the college and the rest of West Seattle, no easy feat given the college’s geographical isolation.” Eals went on to say, “He was a true force for good, worthy of admiration.”

Jerry Brockey’s legacy is ever-present at South Seattle College through the Brockey Student Center and the Brockey Endowed Scholarship, which has helped many students find financial stability so they can focus on their studies.

For more information on the Brockey Celebration of Life, call 206-234-6752.

Mr. Brockey was 86; here’s the obituary published shortly after his death last year.

2 Replies to "Celebration of Life for Jerry Brockey set for September 25th at South Seattle College"

  • engie3 September 7, 2021 (4:16 pm)

    We were proud to have Jerry as a member of the WS Rotary Club.  RIP Jerry! 

  • Jim Moore September 7, 2021 (5:50 pm)

    Back in the early 1960’s Mr. Brockey was a great teacher and coach at Sealth – He even organized the first coed weight training class and I was lucky enough to be in it, he also thought US History and Biology.  Good memories.

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