Here’s why there’s a big tank in the middle of California SW in south Morgan Junction

(Photo sent by Mike)

11:38 AM: If you’ve traveled California SW through south Morgan Junction/lower Gatewood in the past few days, you might have wondered about that big tank in the middle of the street near SW Myrtle, accompanied by a lane closure and work crews. Here’s what we’ve found out: Seattle Public Utilities is repairing more than 55 feet of sewer main. The tank is to hold groundwater as needed; it’s known as a Baker tank. The project is expected to take a month or so. Neighboring residents/businesses were sent this flyer, SPU tells us; they’re looking into our followup question about whether the repairs are related to the extensive redevelopment on both sides of the street in that area in recent years.

5:49 PM: Reply from SPU spokesperson Sabrina Register: “The repair involved an 18-inch clay pipe that was installed in 1950 and showing signs of deterioration. The repair was identified as part of Seattle Public Utilities’ normal process to inspect our pipes to look for signs of deterioration and then make repairs as needed.”

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  • Derek January 5, 2021 (12:15 pm)

    New construction right there…prob why, these sewer lines are usually clay and tiny. 

    • WSB January 5, 2021 (4:46 pm)

      18″ clay. Just got the info from SPU, updating above.

  • morganjunction January 5, 2021 (12:51 pm)

    Wont somebody please think of the traffic!

    • Question Authority January 5, 2021 (2:27 pm)

      One would think a functioning toilet is more important than that.

  • Morgan Pal January 5, 2021 (3:43 pm)

    There was an active sewage leak on the east side of the street earlier this year.  Sidewalk was taped off for a good bit of time but sewage was visible.  Not certain if it related but same general area. 

  • Rick January 5, 2021 (4:42 pm)

    I thought maybe they were taking another run at the self cleaning/prostitution/drug use million dollar toilets. When they went on ebay I think my last bid was around 1200.00 bucks. Deal!

  • momof3boys January 6, 2021 (11:28 am)

    Always glad to see them replace the old infrastructure – methinks it’s better to replace, than have to do emergency repairs. That being said – I think it’s interesting that my home is in the picture on their flyer, but I didn’t get notified. Hmmm.

  • Jen Finkle-Weaver January 11, 2021 (10:05 pm)

    Wondering if there have been any bike or motorcycle accidents over the huge bumps across the road? My wife is now in the trauma ICU at Harborview after colliding with them riding downhill on her bicycle this morning at 7:15am.

    • WSB January 11, 2021 (10:44 pm)

      Someone mentioned that hours later on our daily traffic thread. I am so sorry to hear it. It wasn’t dispatched as a crash so we missed word of it when it happened. First thing I’ve heard of since this started but those bumps are sharp even to drive over, let alone ride. I’m going to ask SPU and SDOT about them tomorrow.

    • Trileigh January 15, 2021 (3:00 pm)

      Jen, how is your wife doing? I am so sorry this happened to her.

  • Colonel Mustard's Wrench January 13, 2021 (5:29 pm)

    Around 12:30pm (Wednesday) I was southbound on California Ave SW. 
    At that time, all southbound traffic at SPU’s sewer repair site was being forced to turn right off the arterial and head west on a side street. 
    There was no Detour Signage. 
    There was no indication of how to return to southbound California on the south side of their project.

    Worst “TCP” Traffic Control Plan I have ever seen. 
    They need to remedy this ASAP !
    The project should shut down until they get their TCP figured out.

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