UPDATE: Crash on West Marginal Way SW

1:11 AM: Police are investigating a crash in the 6100 block of West Marginal Way SW, and have just told dispatchers that southbound WMW will be closed “a while” at the scene, with just one northbound lane open. The crash is reported to have involved a driver and motorcyclist. No major injuries reported, so far.

1:32 AM: One SB lane is now open.

11:02 AM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells us the motorcycle rider, a man in his 20s, was taken to a hospital via private ambulance, in stable condition.

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  • Mike December 12, 2020 (9:35 am)


    • WSB December 12, 2020 (10:25 am)

      There was a report of many vehicles somewhere on WMW not long before this call but that happens often … usually by the time police get to the area they are long gone.

  • R2 December 12, 2020 (10:01 am)

    Any word this morning on the condition of the motorcyclist?

    • WSB December 12, 2020 (10:26 am)

      I’m checking with SFD but two signs point to no major injuries – no medic unit dispatched, and Traffic Collision Investigation detectives were not called out.

      • WSB December 12, 2020 (11:02 am)

        Stable condition, adding above.

  • Mj December 12, 2020 (12:42 pm)

    SDoT lowered the speed limit to 30 mph from 40 mph with zero technical justification.  This change has reduced corridor safety.  

    • BBILL December 12, 2020 (1:50 pm)

      “…zero technical justification.” What constitutes “technical justification?” Whatever the case, there was justification based on the level and extent of injury (death) from vehicle accidents -versus- speed.https://www.seattle.gov/transportation/projects-and-programs/safety-first/vision-zero/speedlimits

    • zark00 December 12, 2020 (1:58 pm)

      @ MJ – That is a wildly incorrect statement.  You repeatedly post about your crazy belief that reducing speed limits causes collisions.  Yet you have never, ever, not once – not one single time – been able to produce a single scrap of data, a study, anything to support your opinion.  Your opinion is terrible, it’s completely wrong, it’s been proven wrong again and again and again – yet you persist with these ridiculous claims.  WSB – can you please remove MJ’s comment as it is propagating false and dangerous information that is a threat to our community safety.  

      • Jim December 13, 2020 (11:36 am)

        “WSB – can you please remove MJ’s comment as it is propagating false and dangerous information that is a threat to our community safety.”   What??   That censorship attitude is more of a threat to the community than someone’s opinion.

  • Yogurt December 12, 2020 (8:08 pm)

    It’s illegal street racing.  The motorcycle was also guarantied street racer also.  The street racers have been using W Marginalway sw as their track at least 30 years.  Every Friday and Saturday (more accurately, Saturday and Sunday morning between midnight and 2:30am) they will show up.  In the summer and spring there are always between 30 and 90 vehicles, in the fall and winter its normal to see between 15 and 30 cars.  The SPD doesn’t arrest them, SPD only come by to shoe them off with their lights and sirens…normally after they’ve already been racing for at least 15 minutes…if SPD never shows up they normally race for a little over an hour then leave.  Don’t believe it? Check Westmarginalway SW yourself during the time listed above, bring something to video record and post it to the blog yourself.  Their race track stretches between 5430 W Marginalway SW and 6000 W Marginalway SW.  Hope you all check it out for yourselves some time.

  • Flivver December 12, 2020 (8:52 pm)

    People were racing(and watching racers)while i was at West Seattle High.  I graduated in 1974.

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