AVALON/35TH PROJECT: SDOT’s update on what’s happening and what’s next, including first water shutoff

That’s the newest map from SDOT, accompanying the weekly update just in for the Avalon/35th repaving-and-more project:

Work on SW Avalon Way from SW Yancy St to SW Genesee St (Zone B) is substantially complete until final paving! Please stay tuned for updates on the final paving schedule for Zone B. 

Crews continue to work on base repairs on the west side of SW Avalon Way from SW Manning St to SW Charlestown St (Zone A). Additional base paving is scheduled for the week of June 3. During construction, we will maintain access to SW Orleans St. 

Current side street closures in zone A:

SW Manning St is temporarily closed between 30th Ave SW and SW Avalon Way

SW Charlestown St is closed at SW Avalon Way to complete drainage and water main work and eventual preparation for paving. Local access will be maintained to the alley (30th Ave SW). Businesses are open. Follow signs for Avalon Business District parking off SW Avalon Way. 

SW Andover St will be closed at SW Avalon Way as soon as Monday, June 3 and up to a few weeks. This will allow crews to conduct utility work and pavement reconstruction. Crews will need to work across multiple lanes of traffic in the intersection for a few weeks. We will continue to maintain one lane in each direction on SW Avalon Way. 

Crews continue to trench and lay the new water main on the east side of 35th Ave SW from SW Avalon Way to SW Alaska St (Zone E). We will maintain one lane of traffic in each direction on 35th Ave SW between Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Alaska St through approximately November 2019.  

Our first water shutdown will take place the evening of June 4 from 9 PM to 6 AM. If you are impacted by this shutdown, SPU should have notified you with a door hanger or flyer. If you have questions about, or experience problems with, your water service, contact SPU’s 24/7 Operations Response Center at 206-386-1800.

12 Replies to "AVALON/35TH PROJECT: SDOT's update on what's happening and what's next, including first water shutoff"

  • KT May 31, 2019 (1:30 pm)

    So nothing has changed with the “Zone E” closures?  Apparently SDOT could care less about the fact that they are backing the W/B bridge traffic down the hill as early as 3:30pm due to their closing one S/B turn lane onto 35th Ave.  So much for their alleged listening to community concerns and comment.    

  • Sunuva May 31, 2019 (1:55 pm)

    The Zone E closures are a serious pain in the evening commute. Why did they not move that bus stop on 35th SB?? The buses keep blocking traffic turning southbound and causing mass confusion in the intersection and backups as well. People are talking about this, is SDOT listening?

    • KBear May 31, 2019 (3:28 pm)

      I’m sure SDOT would love to hear your ideas on how they could repave while keeping all lanes open to traffic.

      • Sunuva May 31, 2019 (7:12 pm)

        That’s not what I said. At all.

  • pat davis May 31, 2019 (2:02 pm)

    I agree with you totally:  SDOT  could care less.  (SDOT – to many means:  Systematically Delaying Our Traffic)  .  Another point:  Why are they grinding up concrete streets and laying down asphalt? Asphalt is extremely toxic to the brain (tar content)  Why not concrete?  More expensive, but lasts longer and is not toxic to breath (including after the work is done the tar fumes remain)  

  • BWD May 31, 2019 (8:09 pm)

    Greetings:I am a bus rider for the last 30 years.  The buses have to stop somewhere. There are numerous stops already closed and increasingly long gaps between stops.  I am sorry if it inconveniences you.  You might try a different route.  Apologies if the needs of the many outweigh the needs of you (apologies to Mr. Spock). Try to have a nice evening. 

    • Sunuva June 1, 2019 (9:17 am)

      Hello, BWD. I made one of the comments above that was critical of the Zone E closure configuration. I am also a bus rider for 22 years, however, I also drive when necessary and have to use this intersection both as a bus rider and driver throughout the week. Your comment, and KBears above, is making a whole lot of assumptions about me (and other commenters) and is just unnecessarily snarky. Why since I made a comment that the bus stop should be moved, do people make assumptions beyond that? Do you think I am unaware that suggestion would also have downsides? Do you think I don’t realize there are other roads I could use as other routes? Do you think I haven’t done so? I do, I have, I can.. and yet I still feel like this configuration could use some rethinking because it is causing a number of traffic issues. Happy to have a discussion about it, but am not really fond of the assumptions and snarky replies.

  • TreeHouse June 1, 2019 (7:30 am)

    SDOT can never win. People complained about all the potholes incessantly but now turn around and complain about construction congestion after all this time, effort, and resources were put into planning (and executing) this betterment to our community. I too hate traffic but I also understand this will be great when it’s all said and done. Working for SDOT must be a thankless job. Traffic is caused by too many people driving so maybe more people should get on a bus to help alleviate this problem! 

    • Sunuva June 1, 2019 (11:48 am)

      Treehouse, you are probably right that it might seem like a thankless job. However, I don’t think of it as complaining when people are pointing out traffic issues caused by their project execution. These may be legitimate safety concerns that people are trying to point out. SDOT obviously does a ton of planning, but I would hope they can also adjust their plans when situations change. I don’t work for SDOT, but I do project planning as a major part of my job. Anticipating change and risk while having mitigation plans to deal with both is critical. Last, I’m totally with you on looking forward to the improvements once they are all done. Just because I pointed out something I see as an issue right now doesn’t mean I’m against the project or against good results. Quite the opposite, actually. I’ll certainly be happy once this is all over and the improvements become reality.

    • Avalon Resident June 1, 2019 (4:58 pm)

      TreeHouse, can you outline the ways in which the Avalon work qualifies as a betterment for our community? I’ve lived on Avalon for over  years, and have been a West Seattle resident for 20. How will these changes make Avalon better? 

  • 2 cents June 1, 2019 (7:40 am)

    Now imagine this several year long impediment through the junction when they construct “elevated” light rail. Yikes. Tunnel please.

  • Tsurly June 1, 2019 (7:44 am)

    Andover is the “alternative” route for bikes to get around the construction. With it closing for a few weeks, bikes will really have no choice but to ride right up Avalon, in traffic, which we are legally allowed to do.Drivers, be patient and don’t to anything reckless or stupid if you get stuck behind a slow-moving bike going up hill.

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