UPDATE: About the police response near 45th/Hanford

7:20 PM: We’ve received a few questions about a police presence near 45th/Hanford. According to SPD Lt. Tammy Floyd, who happened to be speaking at the Southwest District Council meeting that your editor is covering right now, it involves a person in crisis who has barricaded themselves inside their home. There was some concern about a possible gas leak but police say there’s been no evidence of that so far. (Photo added: SFD was standing by in case.)

7:53 PM: Our crew has checked the area. The situation’s not resolved yet; 45th is closed between Hanford and Hinds.

8 PM: The situation has been resolved, our crew reports.

2 Replies to "UPDATE: About the police response near 45th/Hanford"

  • cjptara November 7, 2018 (7:56 pm)

    The police have the entire block of 45th Ave SW between Hanford & Hinds barricaded. They were telling someone to come out with their hands up, that he was not in trouble, but that they just wanted to talk to him. I just heard an ambulance arriving a minute ago.

    • WSB November 7, 2018 (8:04 pm)

      Our crew is there and it’s just been resolved, they report. Thank you.

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