MISSING: Have you seen Jackie?

Another West Seattle missing-person alert from SPD:

Jackie has long been active in the community, so many know her.

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  • Eric September 17, 2018 (10:44 pm)

    A picture would be very helpful.

    • WSB September 17, 2018 (10:57 pm)

      The SPD tweet displayed above contains a photo.

  • Diane September 17, 2018 (11:51 pm)

    is there really still no word on this yet?  very concerned about her

    • WSB September 18, 2018 (12:07 am)

      SPD tends to deal exclusively via Twitter re: the missing-persons cases it publicizes. No updates there.
      Often I hear resolution in missing-person cases via the scanner, haven’t heard anything there either.

      I’ll be calling SPD public affairs in the morning to doublecheck. Back in May a family member updated in a comment here (at 4 am!) after she was found so I would hope maybe someone will, if there’s a lag in any update from SPD … anyone with info/updates is also of course welcome to text/call us any time at 206-293-6302.

      • Sarah Dupras September 18, 2018 (4:23 pm)

        Hi, this is her daughter again. I’m checking this frequently and will post if she is found, regardless of the time. We currently have no updates from the police. We are posting signs and searching through wooded areas right now. Thanks for your help! 

        • WSB September 18, 2018 (4:50 pm)

          Thank you for the update. I’ll post an update atop our page (this evening) since you are still looking. If there is any additional information that it would be helpful for us to include, you can e-mail editor@westseattleblog.com – TR

          • Ildiko September 24, 2018 (11:02 am)

            Any updates? I posted on a local FB group that has 5,000 members. Would love to give an update if there is one. I might be looking in the wrong place, but I haven’t seen any new news.

          • WSB September 24, 2018 (11:15 am)

            Always just scroll our home page for the newest news. We’ve published two updates since this including last night https://westseattleblog.com/2018/09/gone-1-week-jackie-dupras-still-missing/ (we have a readership of 100,000 here alone, not counting social media, but every bit helps, particularly outside WS since she could be anywhere, so thanks for sharing – please share the physical poster if you can as well as membership-required social media doesn’t get everyone). She is still missing. – Tracy

        • ACG September 18, 2018 (8:35 pm)

          Sarah- Can she navigate the bus system or more likely moving on foot?  Please keep WSB posted. Praying for her safe return soon. 

        • Tamsen Spengler September 19, 2018 (12:10 am)

          Can we search somewhere for you? Was she home after the fiesta event  in South Park saturday?

        • Alison September 19, 2018 (8:18 pm)

          Sarah, I’m sharing with members of the Labor Chorus. Please reach out – folks there might be able to support, assist you. Hoping you find her well and quickly. 

  • ACG September 18, 2018 (12:55 pm)

    I’m watching for her as I’m out and about. Any updates?  Hoping she is found soon. 

  • Noelle September 18, 2018 (6:03 pm)

    Saying a little prayer. Hope she is home safe & sound soon! 

  • Beckyjo September 18, 2018 (8:00 pm)

    My goodness… I work in the Junction, I will keep my eyes open for her. I hope she is safe and returns home soon!

  • Neighbor September 19, 2018 (12:08 am)

    This doesn’t seem useful, but on *Saturday* someone looking like her about the right age wearing a safety vest was slowly walking eastbound between 48th and 47th on Hill.

  • Tamsen Spengler September 19, 2018 (12:09 am)

    Please let us know if theres anywhere we should search for you! 

  • eliz martin September 22, 2018 (9:15 am)

    Taylor Harsh on the Seattle Police Department blog thought they had seen someone matching Jackies description at the bus stop…..i am not on twitter to ask, but do they remember what this person was wearing…colors, ??? 

  • celia matson September 22, 2018 (1:51 pm)

    Sarah, have you tried to get a “silver alert” for her?   Like an amber alert, only for adults.    Google it.      Best of luck.    Celia

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