FILM-CREW ALERT: Here’s what will be happening in the West Seattle Junction on Sunday night

(Added: ‘No parking’ signs in Junction in advance of Sunday night filming)

Today we have a semi-rare case of advance notice that a film/video crew will be in West Seattle for commercial production. This Sunday night (January 21st), between about 5 pm and 10 pm, Seattle-based StraightEIGHT will be working on California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska, location planner Dave Drummond tells WSB. He says he can’t disclose “what product it’s for,” but what they’ll be doing is “filming a car traveling on California between Oregon and Alaska.” (Repeatedly.) Police will be there to help them manage traffic, which will be “held” intermittently, a few minutes at a time. Drummond is doing advance work right now to talk to businesses in the area and work out other details. So in case you see the crew Sunday night – and related equipment/vehicles staging nearby – now you know!

3 Replies to "FILM-CREW ALERT: Here's what will be happening in the West Seattle Junction on Sunday night"

  • Craig January 18, 2018 (8:54 am)

    That’s a nice validation that we live in an attractive place. Glad to have the attention. Hope the crew eats lunch at a local restaurant to give a boost to someone’s revenue stream. 

    I’m betting it’s Toyota ad, because they’ve done a lot of filming similar to this on Alki. Of course they did Subaru ads on the beach last year too. Maybe it’s a new brand. I’ll nerd out and go watch the filming to see. Neat to see this kind of thing. 

  • LB January 21, 2018 (11:12 am)

    They should be doing this filming on a weekday during off hours. Have no idea how they got a permit to do this on a Sunday.

    • Lo January 21, 2018 (9:03 pm)

      Better than rush hour traffic days

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