WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Assault investigation in Westwood

5:52 AM: 30th SW is closed for about a block north of Barton [map] right now by a big police response (thanks for the tip). Officers at the scene could only say that someone was assaulted and has been taken to Harborview Medical Center; the Seattle Fire log shows a medical response in the 9000 block of 30th SW just before 4 am. More information as we get it.

6:01 AM: Just talked to SPD spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson. He is still working on getting details, including whether someone is in custody, but says this started as “some kind of disturbance or argument between two men, and one was assaulted by the other.” The victim has life-threatening injuries.

6:07 AM: SPD confirms a suspect is in custody.

8:10 AM: Police have just released more information via SPD Blotter:

Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding an early morning assault incident in West Seattle. An adult male has been taken into custody and transported to police headquarters where he was interviewed, along with three other witnesses.

Just before 4:00 am two men, acquaintances, were in the 9000 block of 30th Avenue SW. One of the men jumped on the back of the other man attempting to take his cell phone. A struggle ensued, and the man who attempted to take the phone experienced a medical emergency. Officers arrived on scene within three minutes, located the victim, and rendered aid. Seattle Fire responded and transported the man to Harborview Medical Center, where he is in stable condition, expected to recover.

30th SW had reopened when we checked around an hour ago.

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  • Concerned October 26, 2017 (7:11 am)

    Saw this going to work this morning. Due to the police presence, I thought it might be worse

    • Concerned October 30, 2017 (1:17 am)

      Worse? A man died over a cell phone that’s bad enough idk how much worse it could have went

      • Saddened October 31, 2017 (4:54 am)

        I’m under the impression you knew the victim as well….I did too. He was super close to my daughter and her boyfriend, her boyfriend and Rodney had been friends since childhood.  ..and you hit it right on the nail when you mentioned his smile and laugh…it was like a illness to those around him as his smile was extremely contagious. I am still quite confused about what happened, I have heard a few versions but regardless of the versions the POS beat literally the life out of him. It’s still surreal… I and I had a hard time getting news on this under the circumstances and the fact he was murdered you think there would be more news… I don’t want to make the family more upset but this needs to be solved quickly. Rodney touched an unbelievable amount of people in his young life, so he took not only the life of an amazing young man but he has made so very many feel  the true depth of sadness, I hope to hear that they get this guy and lock him up for good and #SDP pls do a good job and quickly…on a positive note I think they donated his organs, see right there is something Rodney would do without a second thought. As I have seen him do many many times before think of others before thinking of himself..It was an honor Rodney to have been able to call you a friend.

        • WSB October 31, 2017 (7:00 am)

          Police are not commenting so far and the medical examiner has not released the victim’s name nor cause of death (nor even that he has died), but we will have a followup when some information is available – TR

  • Thisplacestinks October 26, 2017 (8:56 am)

    Acquaintances outside at 4am..? When business is slow, they turn on each other- no honor among thieves. Please get these predators off the streets. 

    • Unfactual October 27, 2017 (3:42 pm)

      Where did you get your facts from? Literally none of what you said has any value in this thread. 

  • Bradley October 26, 2017 (2:51 pm)

    Westwood Village has really been negatively impacted by the Metro transit hub. We have seen the area become a haven of crime almost overnight after the Rapid Ride/Hub conversion. Even the local news had a segment last night at 11pm about how SPD is stepping-up patrols in WWV.

    • WSB October 26, 2017 (3:50 pm)

      SPD has been talking about the Westwood “emphasis” at almost every community meeting recently in WS, and we’ve reported it multiple times. However, this did not happen at Westwood Village – it was a couple blocks west. – TR

    • Concerned October 26, 2017 (7:56 pm)

      I agree Bradley. I live 2 blocks from this stabbing, meaning I live very close to WWV, and ever since the Rapid Ride came in, WWV has gone down hill. Though I will say this started happening when Nickelsville was at the bottom of the hill, but it definitely had been exacerbated from Rapid Ride. 

      I’m typing from my phone, so I’m not going to type specifics, but it’s ridiculous

      • H October 26, 2017 (8:54 pm)

        I live just North of the area and I agree with @Bradley and @Concerned. That Rapid Ride|Hub really hit this area hard. There is an influx of new homeowners in the surrounding neighborhood and some good ideas presented regarding the Urban Village so my hope is that it improves. The assault referenced in the story only happened a few blocks away – I believe just a block from a bus stop.

  • Rico October 26, 2017 (4:53 pm)

    Talk, talk, talk – the strength of the Seattle govt.

  • Saddened October 27, 2017 (9:25 pm)

    I am quite sure I know the victim from this tragedy..my prayers and thoughts go out to the victim, family and those who have been affected by this…as the victim has life threatening injuries and is not doing well at all…and I hope SPD can pls get this one right.

  • Concerned October 30, 2017 (1:10 am)

    Is the POS in jail dose anyone know? I don’t understand why they say he was taken for questioning normally It would say booked into jail or something of the sort this is a tragedy šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ victim was one of the nicest ppl I’ve ever known never had any problems with anyone always had a smile on his face and he is no longer with us the man should be in jail for Murder Rest In Peace rodnie 

  • David October 31, 2017 (11:46 am)

    Rodney is on life support due to the selfless act of being a donor 4 individuals will have a chance at living God Bless Rodney

  • Heartbroken November 14, 2017 (4:59 pm)

    This is terribly sad. I had occasion to meet this young man several years back.  He visited my home where his best buddies were staying. My heart breaks for his buds; and for his family.  Truly senseless.  God Bless him for sharing the love by donation.

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