HAPPY RETIREMENT! Teachers Nancy Hallberg and Peter Junkerman

After decades of teaching, those two West Seattleites are moving to the next phase of their lives. The announcement, from their family:

This month, two longtime (37+-year) educators are retiring from the teaching world.

Nancy Hallberg (who helped facilitate the White Center Heights Elementary musical instrument drive a few years back) is retiring from her position as the librarian at WCH, where she dazzled the students, introducing them to Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss, encouraging them to find a passion for reading and exploring their talents.

Peter Junkerman is retiring his beakers and stepping into a life free of lab experiments after 35+ years as a science teacher. He spent the last 10+ at Chief Sealth International HS as the IB Chemistry teacher; and his career revloved around igniting the fire of learning, pushing students to find new ways to think about the environment, molecules, and the world around them. He has earned the distingushed honor of being a “Junkerman” as told by the Urban Dictonary:

a very awesome teacher, or someone who is really good at teaching other people

Karl: i don’t get this problem
Hamda: just call over the teacher, he’s a total junkerman, he’ll help you out.

They plan to spend their lazy days of retirement traveling, walking in Lincoln Park, and reading for pleasure. Hanging out with their kids and grandbaby will keep their days interesting.

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  • Colleen June 20, 2017 (10:10 pm)


  • michelle sullivan June 20, 2017 (10:23 pm)

    He was one of my favorite teachers( Mr. Junkerman) now I get to call him my friend (Peter) I hope the two of you much happiness in your retirement!!!!

  • Elle Nell June 20, 2017 (10:28 pm)

    Excellent!! Enjoy 🌺🌼🌸 

  • Alki Resident June 20, 2017 (10:30 pm)

    I don’t care who you are, this picture rocks. Congratulations, happy retirement.

  • Kris June 20, 2017 (10:40 pm)

    What a great photo of two wonderful people!! Congrats to both of them!!

  • KD June 21, 2017 (2:18 am)

    Yes.. where did you two pose at, which spot? Thank you for being contributors to society by teaching generations. πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Gatewood gurl June 21, 2017 (4:59 am)


  • Joshua C June 21, 2017 (6:08 am)

    Congratulations to two wonderful people and professionals!  Nancy and Peter set the bar very high on what it means to be educators. 

  • pjk June 21, 2017 (7:25 am)

     Congrats, Nancy (and Peter) – appropriate location for a retirement photo for an Alki kid!
     Patricia Kloster, also an Alki kid (at heart)!

  • Parent June 21, 2017 (7:56 am)


          My son is a sophomore at CSIHS.  He told me that out of all of his teachers, he has learned the most from Mr. Junkerman! Enjoy your much deserved retirement!! 

  • Bonnie June 21, 2017 (8:12 am)

    That is an awesome photo.  Congrats!  My kids go/will go to Chief Sealth and I do wish they could have had Mr. Junkerman.

  • Aly June 21, 2017 (8:46 am)

    So happy for the two of you, your lives as educators was never dull and certainly this time will afford you even more wonderful adventures ahead! “Wish you health, wish you wealth…”

  • Patrick J Johnson June 21, 2017 (10:22 am)

    Well done Nancy and Peter!  Educators are the foundation of our society.  You made a difference in the lives of many young people both here and abroad.     Ah!  Traveling, reading, walking, and spending time with family and friends is a wonderful way to enjoy one’s time as you move into the next phase of an already wonderful life.  I am delighted to be part of the family.


  • Erin Roth June 21, 2017 (10:52 am)

    We will miss you at White Center Nancy!! Congratulations and enjoy retirement! 

  • KD June 21, 2017 (11:52 am)

    Where, exactly on Alki??

    • Eliza Webb June 21, 2017 (2:04 pm)

      The photo was taken in Maine – which looks very much like our own local coastline :) 

  • Nancy A Conyers June 21, 2017 (12:08 pm)

    Peter and Nancy, 

    It’s been a pleasure knowing both of you; Junkerman, you’re da kine teacher/colleague.   Will I be seeing you in the sub ranks or will you be joining the Wangerin “nope” life???   Love ya!

    Mz. C

  • Jim and Luanne June 21, 2017 (12:33 pm)

    I worked with Peter and Nancy in New Delhi, India and they were great professionals and fun people! The education profession is losing two superstars.  We wish them all the best for their retirement but know that no moss will grow under their feet. I wonder what they already have planned?!!  XOXO

  • Jeannie and Charlie June 21, 2017 (3:14 pm)

      Congratulations to two great people who deserve only the best that life has to offer!  Have fun traveling and please come to the cabin or Kalamazoo for a leisurely visit anytime!  We love you!

  • Ina Shepard June 21, 2017 (3:41 pm)

    I had the pleasure of working with Peter for the past 3 years. I am sad to lose my SCIENCE DAD. happy retirement to you both. love the pix!


  • Lynn June 21, 2017 (11:05 pm)

    Thanks for being you and bringing all that to the class room. All three of my kids got to enjoy learning from you. 

  • Marcy Johnsen June 22, 2017 (9:59 am)

    Congratulations to you both! Thanks for your dedication supporting and educating the children of this community!

  • Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program June 23, 2017 (10:12 am)

    Congratulations, Nancy, from the whole Page Ahead team!  We’ve enjoyed partnering with you to help kids experience the joy of reading and wish you the very best in the adventures ahead.

  • T Chief June 24, 2017 (9:34 am)

    Two of the best people I know! Way to go guys! 

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