West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen instruments; off-leash-area alert; bike found – stolen?

At this week’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, police said car prowls remain rampant. And we have more to report here:


INSTRUMENTS STOLEN: Maggie e-mailed that image along with her report that this happened in The Triangle:

My partner and I are musicians who were traveling through Seattle this week, visiting family, and had our car broken into and all our instruments stolen. Among the stolen gear was a rare parlor guitar, handpainted with no maker/label, from the early 1900’s. We are hoping it will surface at a pawn shop or music store somewhere so we can get it back… any help getting the word out would be so appreciated.

OFF-LEASH AREA ALERT: Two readers reported seeing/hearing evidence of multiple car prowls in recent days at the Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area, and the police-report map confirms it.

DETECTIVE AT WSBWCN NEXT WEEK: Also on the topic of car prowls/thefts, Seattle Police Detective Scotty Bach is the guest at next Tuesday’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting, sharing expertise on prevention and deterrence. 6:30 pm (April 26th) at the Southwest Precinct, all welcome.

One more reader report:

BIKE FOUND – STOLEN? From Steve, the photo and report:

Early in the morning of April 19th, a bike appeared in the alley behind 63rd Ave SW on the North side of Admiral. It is a Raleigh M20 Aluminum frame Mountain Sport Bike (2005?) with Shimano cranks and shifters.

Steve shared additional details that the owner would know – if this is your stolen bike, let us know and we’ll connect you.

6 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen instruments; off-leash-area alert; bike found - stolen?"

  • Alki Resident April 21, 2016 (6:43 am)

    Theres been car prowls at Westcrest for many years. Yet its too much if a hassle to install cameras, which would potentially deter the criminal.  Pretty pathetic

  • Semele April 21, 2016 (9:33 am)

    Monday, around 7:15 or so, I pulled up to the parking lot (on Cloverdale?) and EVERY single car had their windows broken. Probably at least seven cars. it had to have just happened before I arrived. I walked around and all of the cars had their glove boxes rifled through. I did pass one car as I came down the street and it’s most likely it was the culprits. I had to be the bearer of bad news to people I ran into at the park. 

    It’s a bummer since it’s the only close place to take my dog where she can run and play fetch since I don’t have a yard. It doesn’t matter whether you have anything visible in your car either. Cameras might help defer but these guys seem to be pretty bold.

    • Bob April 21, 2016 (10:45 am)

      Well it looks like I will never go there again. Not worth my time or hassle if my car will get broken into. The city sucks.

  • AUDREY April 21, 2016 (1:13 pm)

    It is a shame that our dog lovers are being victimized. The city does nothing, and at times like this it infuriates me that cameras cannot be installed, yet city fat cats make over $300,000 year.  Will not one of these overpaid executives donate a portion of their citizen paid wages to help out, how about the King County Council take a little wage break and help us out? 

  • Steve0 April 22, 2016 (8:54 am)

    Gatewood also got hit Tuesday Night. Multiple car prowls and they stole a neighbor’s car.

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