West Seattle development updates: New projects along California SW and Delridge Way, plus a Design Review doubleheader

Eight development notes plus a photo:

EARLY DESIGN GUIDANCE SET FOR REVIVED JUNCTION PROJECT: Three months after we reported that 4532 42nd SW was active again, six years after demolition of the biggest building on the site, its new plan is on the Southwest Design Review Board schedule. As noted here in March, that new plan is for a six-story building with 84 apartments and 70 underground parking spaces, along with 3,350 square feet of commercial space. It’s set to go to the SWDRB at 8 pm July 2nd, Senior Center of West Seattle, right after this next project …

DESIGN REVIEW UPDATE FOR AEGIS LIVING: A week ago, we reported that the online files for Aegis Living‘s 80-unit memory-care/assisted-living center at 4700 SW Admiral Way showed it would go through Administrative Design Review – no public meeting. Since then, a listing showed up for a 6:30 pm July 2nd public meeting with the SW Design Review Board. We sought clarification from the city planner on the project, Holly Godard, who replied that the project WILL go before the board. The error/dual listing is unexplained, though, and even resulted in this apparently erroneous notice in the city Land Use Information Bulletin. The July 2nd public meeting seems to be for real, so if you’re interested in this project, mark your calendar. And send e-mail comments to holly.godard@seattle.gov.

Now, updates from two arterials. First, California SW:

NEW CALIFORNIA SW PROJECT: A mostly empty lot – just a storage building on its alley side – at 5431 California SW is proposed for three live-work units fronting California, with a two-unit townhouse building behind them, and two single-family houses behind that.

THIRD DEMOLITION IN TWO BLOCKS IN TWO WEEKS: The house at 4031 California SW came down last week, less than two blocks south of the 3811 California SW and 3829 California SW teardowns days earlier:

Thanks to Bryce for that photo. A two-unit townhouse and one single-family house are planned on the site.

CALIFORNIA/CHARLESTOWN FOLLOWUP: We reported last Friday night that Intracorp said it was about to get going on the ex-Charlestown CafĂ© site. The announcement didn’t have specifics on the exact demolition timetable, though; project spokesperson Dan Swallow has since told WSB that it’s expected one week from today (June 9th). **UPDATE, WEDNESDAY MORNING** As we’re covering in a separate story, the teardown is under way NOW.

Lots of redevelopment along Delridge Way, too. From north to south, three projects to mention:

4107-4111 DELRIDGE WAY SW: These two addresses are proposed for a three-unit rowhouse fronting Delridge and two single-family houses behind. (Side note: Records show that in 2008, this site was proposed for a six-unit “cottage housing” redevelopment.)

5013 DELRIDGE WAY SW: Land-use proposal for a five-townhouse building, with ground-level carports, on a vacant lot; the site plan shows the entrance will be via one curb cut on Delridge.

8139 DELRIDGE WAY SW: This house will be demolished, with four single-family houses scheduled to replace it.

FINALLY – THE WHITTAKER, FROM THE SKY: Local pilot/photographer Long Bach Nguyen, who often generously shares images via WSB, just sent this new aerial looking southward over the construction site at 4755 Fauntleroy Way SW:

We pinged a project spokesperson today to see if there’s anything new on this project (future home of 400 apartments, Whole Foods Market, other TBA retail, and 600 underground parking spaces), but haven’t heard back yet.

7 Replies to "West Seattle development updates: New projects along California SW and Delridge Way, plus a Design Review doubleheader"

  • Dan June 3, 2015 (12:32 am)

    What construction are they doing on Delridge and Oregon? I can’t find info on it.

    • WSB June 3, 2015 (12:46 am)

      Which direction? On Delridge itself? Or just uphill a bit? Several things on the map.

  • Jess June 3, 2015 (9:10 am)

    It looks like a group finally bought and started finishing the construction of townhomes on SW Yancy and Avalon now as well.

  • dcn June 3, 2015 (12:42 pm)

    It seems strange that 8139 Delridge SW could be converted from one single family home to 4. The property is 7611 sq ft, so that would leave each new sub-divided plot at less than 2000 sq ft. That area is zoned for low rise (according to the map that WSB linked to yesterday), so I wonder if they are really going to be more like townhomes.

  • dcn June 4, 2015 (7:00 pm)

    Thanks, TR. They are detached, but with almost no yard and shared pedestrian access to Delridge and the alley. It will be interesting to see if they put 4 box-style houses all crammed on that one site.

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