TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Pre-holiday Monday updates

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:21 AM: Good morning! Quiet in the early going as we start the week leading up to the three-day 4th of July holiday weekend. We’ll take a closer look at holiday changes as the week proceeds, but, for example, if you’re working Friday (July 3rd), keep in mind that Metro will be on a Sunday schedule that day.

8:41 AM: It’s been a very quiet commute, at least in our area. Our occasional reminder: If you see something along the way that might affect how people are getting around, please let us know, when you can do so safely/legally (if you’re commuting solo, a text or call when you get to your destination, for example) – 206-293-6302 is our around-the-clock hotline – we monitor a variety of sources and yet sometimes an incident of significance doesn’t show up in those channels, and one call/tip makes a difference. Thank you!

2:44 PM: Thanks to Sam for sharing info about this in comments, saying it’s affecting the bottom of Admiral too:

We’ll be heading over to check, and will also watch for updates from SDOT.

3:51 PM: Our crew checked and didn’t spot any sign of trouble, at least at the Admiral/Avalon surface under the bridge. No update from SDOT re: bridge surface itself.

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  • Sam June 29, 2015 (2:18 pm)

    Afternoon traffic quick heads up:
    Westbound Admiral down at the bridge entrance appears to be covered with some substance making the pavement darker and slippery. A pickup truck behind me did a tail spin 180 on that ramp and continued in reverse before other cars arrived.

    I continued to the bridge seeing a van stopped on the shoulder at 99 with a man checking the rear tires. Front wheel drive would swing in that curve for sure.

    I called 911 to report the accident and the road condition. Maybe you can go check it out, the road surface is weird at the bottom of Admiral.

    seattledot ‏@seattledot 38m38 minutes ago
    Substance spill in center lane of EB West Seattle Bridge from Avalon to mid-span. Crews are en route. Use caution.

    • WSB June 29, 2015 (2:42 pm)

      Thanks, Sam.

    • WSB June 29, 2015 (3:53 pm)

      We checked – all clear, at least under the bridge Admiral/Avalon. Please let us know if anybody spots anything ON the bridge … SDOT has not updated, otherwise.

  • Sam June 29, 2015 (2:41 pm)

    Oops! correction this was going ‘Eastbound’.

  • ChefJoe June 29, 2015 (4:38 pm)

    Lol, could hit people on the outbound. Still, odd indeed.
    So, @seattledot @SeattlePD just saw a guy doing Yoga in the North Bound lanes of the Battery Street Tunnel. Causing major delays. #Odd
    4:07 PM – 29 Jun 2015 · Details

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