Shell at T-5: Updates including protest & concert today/tonight

We’re now in what had been reported as Shell’s window for heading north to drill offshore in the Arctic; as of this writing, the Polar Pioneer is still at Terminal 5, and the drillship Noble Discoverer is still in Everett, but one support vessel is reported to be on its way to Alaska. That’s the first of several related developments, including events in West Seattle today/tonight:

ARCTIC CHALLENGER HEADS NORTH: This barge, intended to help in case of a spill, had been in Bellingham but is now on the way to Dutch Harbor, AK, reports Alaska’s KTUU, quoting a Shell spokesperson.

SPILL-RESPONSE PLANS UPHELD: As reported Thursday by, three federal judges upheld an approval of Shell’s spill-response plans.

SIX LABOR GROUPS SIGN ‘SHELL NO’ LETTER: This announcement lists OPEIU 8, SEIU 6, UAW Local 4121, UFCW 21, UFW, and Pride at Work/King County Chapter as signatories to a new letter opposing Shell‘s presence at Terminal 5, although, as a preface acknowledges, “We recognize that other labor unions have a position of support for this Oil Rig here.” The preface continues, “We respect their decision, but we feel compelled to speak today given the stakes of climate change and the immediate and long term effects that this has on all people in the US and around the world.”

NEXT WEST SEATTLE PROTEST: According to this frequently updated webpage, picketing is planned at/near the five-ways intersection west of the low bridge this afternoon (Friday, June 12th), 4-6 pm.

FLOTILLA HQ AT DON ARMENI: Organizers are continuing to plan for a “rapid-response” kayak-flotilla protest once they get word the Polar Pioneer is readying to leave. They’re using Don Armeni Boat Ramp as home base and have also set up text messaging to alert potential participants when it’s time.

FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT ON THE BARGE: A lineup of DJs and musicians are being promoted on social media as #BringTheBoom – Party Protest on the Sound tonight on the barge off Don Armeni, 4-9 pm.

5 Replies to "Shell at T-5: Updates including protest & concert today/tonight"

  • ChefJoe June 12, 2015 (8:06 am)

    So now the plan is to disrupt local port-like resupply and repair operations to prevent the drill rig from leaving (because running behind a projected window is impossible?).
    “If the fleet does not leave by the end of June, Shell will lose the entire drilling season (i.e. we gain a year). They only need be delayed for another 20 days. The more work on and movement of the fleet can be delayed, the longer our existence on Earth may be preserved. “

  • Connie June 12, 2015 (12:12 pm)

    Please tell me how having another concert on the barge which disrupts anyone living along Harbor Ave and up in the Admiral area does anything to disrupt Shell process? Again it alienates folks that probably were supporters to begin with.

    There is no city permit for either a concert tonight nor for setting up a staging area including a tent taking up boat and trailer parking at Don Armeni Boat Ramp.

  • wscommuter June 12, 2015 (9:14 pm)

    This kind of stupid makes my head hurt. A remarkable mix of zealousness and arrogance … truly hard to find that special combination other than on the far right and far left fringes.

  • Shellshock June 12, 2015 (10:48 pm)

    [BREAKING: Community picket line at Terminal 5 assaulted by ILWU worker in vehicle, 1 of the victims arrested by port police. Stay tuned for updates. (June 12th, 2015 6:20pm PST)
    PLEASE DONATE to bail fund]

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