Update: Police investigate shooting at 16th/Henderson; victim says it was accidental

(Added: WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)
5:56 PM: The big emergency response – police and fire – is for a shooting at 16th and Henderson. 16th is being closed to traffic for now, between Barton and Henderson, because police are looking for shell casings in the street. One person is reported to have been shot in the foot, per scanner discussion, in which the suspect was described as a medium-complexion black man in his 20s, 150 pounds, 5-8, not a stranger to the victim, (added: dressed in black plus a white shirt/T-shirt), last seen walking northbound.

6:04 PM UPDATE: The victim is described as a 25-year-old man, shot in the right foot.

6:30 PM UPDATE: Per scanner – again, with the caveat that it’s still early in the investigation – the victim is reported to have confirmed what police say a witness told them, that this was self-inflicted/accidental.

6:47 PM: And now from SPD via Twitter – same thing we’d heard via scanner:

7:27 PM: 16th is open both ways.

59 Replies to "Update: Police investigate shooting at 16th/Henderson; victim says it was accidental"

  • miws July 14, 2014 (6:00 pm)

    I think I heard this. Just figured it was a leftover firework being set off, as I’ve seemed to have heard one or two or so just about everyday since the 4th.



  • AmyB July 14, 2014 (6:02 pm)

    I’m at 16th & Holden, wondered what all the sirens were about. Hope no-one was actually hurt. Idiots with guns. :P

    • WSB July 14, 2014 (6:04 pm)

      Yes, one man shot in the foot. Have been updating.

  • Veteran Wisdom July 14, 2014 (6:08 pm)

    News Helicopter overhead now…

    • WSB July 14, 2014 (6:10 pm)

      Yeah, I hear at least one on the scanner.

  • miws July 14, 2014 (6:12 pm)

    Two choppers now

    • WSB July 14, 2014 (6:13 pm)

      Remember that scanner traffic is never official but … police say they’re being told the shooting was accidental.

  • Kristin July 14, 2014 (6:14 pm)

    At Highland Spray Park and there are two helicopters circling. Unsettling with all the kids here. Time to pack up and head home.

  • JanS July 14, 2014 (6:15 pm)

    as AmyB said…accidental? idiots with guns..

  • miws July 14, 2014 (6:16 pm)

    And one of ’em is Air 4! Just did showed an overhead shot showing my building!

  • Jody July 14, 2014 (6:18 pm)

    Helicopter buzzing right over head. I just wish “they” “We” could do more to clean this area up! It really could be a great little area, but there is way too much crime. We need people to start paying attention and help make solutions.

  • alki Resident July 14, 2014 (6:19 pm)

    Same place different day, time to install cameras in that location. It is a very busy area for cars. One of these days they will kill an innocent person. So sick of this.

  • Jody July 14, 2014 (6:20 pm)

    Accidental okay: but why in the world is someone carrying a loaded gun?!

  • Ca July 14, 2014 (6:23 pm)

    They are hovering over my area near 34th and Trenton…maybe looking for suspect too ? They are news crews

    • WSB July 14, 2014 (6:24 pm)

      Hi – please note, the helicopters are news helicopters, not police, not looking for a suspect. If this hadn’t happened during live news time on a slow day, they wouldn’t be here. And now, per scanner, the victim has just ‘confessed’ it was self-inflicted/accidental.

  • WTF July 14, 2014 (6:32 pm)

    That’ll teach ’em.

  • DarkHawke July 14, 2014 (6:32 pm)

    @Jody: Considering the area, the question really is, why wasn’t he being more careful WHILE he was carrying a loaded gun? If he’s a thug, hey, no surprise. If he’s a citizen, he should have been responsible enough to get safety training before he decided to carry, which hopefully he’s doing legally.
    If this does turn out to be an accidental discharge, Mayor Useless will doubtless wipe some sweat from his brow. He doesn’t need anymore victims during his “Summer Of Safety,” which is right up there with those “Summer(s) Of Recovery” and the “WIN” buttons of the ’70s on the Unwarranted Hubris scale

  • Kristina July 14, 2014 (6:36 pm)

    What pansies!!! A shooting… Big WOOP! This is nothing compared to Los Angeles! When everybody warned me about “WC being ‘dangerous'”, and have lived here for 4 years!

    Idiots with guns…REALLY? So we shouldn’t have cars now because it’s the car that caused the accident… LOL

    There’s crime and sadness everywhere…not just here!

    Enjoy the sun while we have it :-)

  • Enrique July 14, 2014 (6:37 pm)

    Draft dodger?

  • Kristina July 14, 2014 (6:39 pm)

    Glad it wasn’t fatal

  • Jody July 14, 2014 (6:39 pm)

    DarkHawke, you make a good point. I’m not a gun person, so carrying a loaded weapon hanging out in the park or neighborhood, does not make sense to me. But, everyone has their story.

  • miws July 14, 2014 (6:42 pm)

    Considering the area….


    This is right in front of my building. Does that make me a thug?


    Besides some kids living in this area, I hear kids out playing in front of the Salvation Army a lot this time of year. Thug, or “citizen” (hopefully carrying legally!) a little different trajectory, and an innocent kid could have been hit.



  • 935 July 14, 2014 (6:46 pm)

    +1 Kristina
    Favorite post of the day.
    Might as well outlaw to sun while you’re at it, as it causes skin cancer. LOL

  • alki Resident July 14, 2014 (6:48 pm)

    Kristina- Why would you compare White Center to LA? You’ve only lived here 4 years. You weren’t here for the worst of it when Steve Cox was cleaning house. Gangs are in our area now and yes ,its dangerous.

  • idiots with keyboards July 14, 2014 (6:49 pm)

    Kristina, thanks for displaying your ignorance for all of us to read. Idiots with guns should be concerning to everyone, and no one should be called a “pansy” for showing concern for a discharged firearm during rush hour on a busy street.

  • the crazy uncle July 14, 2014 (6:51 pm)

    Well I guess I’ll be avoiding people that walk funny for a while.

  • Philosurfy July 14, 2014 (6:57 pm)

    Saw the victim limping down 16th with a friend, thought he might have injured himself playing basketball at the Salvation Army. Turns out he’s just a gun-safety failure!

  • timetoleave July 14, 2014 (7:06 pm)

    i think thugs are posting.
    so there.

  • From 17th July 14, 2014 (7:43 pm)

    It’s not that helpful to make comparisons to other places when thinking of how dangerous our neighborhood is or isn’t. It’s always easy to find some place worse or better—“oh jeez you think WC and LA are dangerous, well you should try living in Baghdad, Palestine, etc.! Blah, blah blah.”

    The reality is that when someone gets hurt/victimized, they and their loved ones are in pain. And while there is crime and there are also a lot of great things going on in WC too. We all need to think and act in ways to make our community better and more caring.

  • DarkHawke July 14, 2014 (7:52 pm)

    @miws: Do you carry illegally? Are you in a gang? Are you lookin’ to rob or assault someone? If you answered “no” to all of the above, congratulations! You’re a citizen like most of the rest of us. As for what’s happening in your neighborhood, it’s been only 8 days since the last shooting incident near you: https://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/police-investigating-shots-fired-call-in-south-delridge/ So, no, you’re not living in the safest area in the city. Then again, you’re not living downtown, so things could be MUCH worse. If I was living where you are, I’d feel much safer if I did carry, legally of course.
    And of course, if someone gets shot, it hardly matters if the bullet was intentionally fired or not, or if who fired the gun was legally carrying or not. Which goes back to my original point.

  • zclrhles77 July 14, 2014 (7:54 pm)

    Mama always said, Never play with guns.:)

  • miws July 14, 2014 (8:09 pm)



    Well thank you! What do I win?


    So, no, you’re not living in the safest area in the city.


    So, pray tell, just where is this utopian “safest area of the city”?



  • Jaysee July 14, 2014 (8:16 pm)

    I heard the ghetto birds up in the sky and immediately turned on the police scanner app on my phone. Not good. A bunch of us here in the Barton St. Lofts are starting a block watch. Are you in the hood and want to join?

  • JanS July 14, 2014 (8:18 pm)

    @Kristina….no one said that we should take all guns away…stop with the Faux News, right wing gibberish. My “idiot” comment was because he shot himself in the damned leg. If it was a legal carry, so what? He needs to be more responsible about carrying, or maybe he might have “accidently” shot someone else. . And then to hand the gun off to someone else? That smacks of illegal carry, a stolen gun.

    And…Maybe you miss LA…

  • JanS July 14, 2014 (8:20 pm)

    @MIWS….I remember a few years ago someone from near me ( Admiral District, folks) had their car broken into. Their comment about moving to this area because it was supposed to be safer in the north end of the peninsula cracked me up. Crime happens anywhere, not just in the poorer neighborhoods :-\

  • DarkHawke July 14, 2014 (8:31 pm)

    @miws: You seem to be taking offense where none was intended. Is there some problem you have with me pointing out that there are safer (and less safe) neighborhoods than this area of West Seattle/White Center?

  • kam July 14, 2014 (8:55 pm)

    Me and my girl friend had just walk pass their on or walk very close to that time! Now ask me again why i carry a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • buckwheat July 14, 2014 (9:01 pm)

    What happened to the summer of safety?

  • Kristen July 14, 2014 (9:03 pm)

    WSB–Remind us when the monthly safety meetings are with the SW precinct? I want to start getting those on my calendar so I can attend.

    • WSB July 14, 2014 (9:14 pm)

      Third Tuesday, but the next one is in September – no meetings in July/August. Best thing you can do in August is get a Block Watch going if you don’t have one already and have a Night Out event on August 5th – Block Watch Captains Network can help, http://wsblockwatchnet.wordpress.com – also look up Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon – TR

  • Bradley July 14, 2014 (9:14 pm)

    @Jody: Nearly half a million (488,000) of your fellow Washingtonians are licensed to legally carry loaded and concealed firearms for protection. “Why in the world is someone carrying a loaded gun?” Because carrying an unloaded gun is just silly. By the way, I’m sure this guy who shot himself in the foot was carrying his gun illegally because he: A) gave the gun to his friend to run off with, and B) must have been fumbling with it carelessly in order for it to discharge into himself, which an experienced and trained, responsible gun owner would never do.

  • miws July 14, 2014 (9:23 pm)

    DarkHawke, no offense taken.


    But, you still haven’t told us where these safer areas are….



  • Jason July 14, 2014 (10:20 pm)

    I believe the comments about idiots with guns was more about the individuals not the guns themselves, Kristina went a very weird direction with a typical response to a gun debate, only there wasn’t one happening. In fact, the ‘idiots’ comments actually support the notion of ‘guns don’t hurt people, people hurt people.’
    Either way, I’m usually on board to brush off some of the events as isolated incidents but it does seem like a higher volume of violent criminal activity around here lately, am I just imagining it? Is there usually an increase in summer months?

  • m July 14, 2014 (11:00 pm)

    @ alkiResident – “same place different day?” Really? Are you a resident of Alki or are you a resident of Highland Park?

    @ DarkHawke – “considering the area?” I’ve lived in the “area” for 7 years. What should I be considering? What neighborhood do YOU live in?

    @ Jaysee – where were you on Saturday when we organized a neighborhood clean-up of our block where you live? Did you get the flyer we posted on your door? We had a much larger turn-out than we allowed ourselves to hope for (including some people from your complex) & we all worked hard for 3 hours! Did you see the transformation of the traffic circle in front of you? We learned that there are more people invested in our block than we had realized before this. There will be more events happening on our block soon (the National Night Out on August 5, another block-wide clean-up, planting in the traffic circle) & we’ll keep you posted. Would love to have you join us & let’s talk about that Neighborhood Blockwatch you have going because some others of us have been slowly pulling one together for the past year & a half – we could use more interest and momentum so we would love to coordinate our efforts with you. We potentially have some exciting things in the works for our block that we’ve been pursuing with the City. I’ve fallen in love with our neighborhood all over again.

  • iamleaving July 14, 2014 (11:32 pm)

    The violence is worse to me too. I’ve lived better places and I am going back.

    i give up. Too much stupid.

  • alki Resident July 14, 2014 (11:48 pm)

    @M- How does it matter where I live? Ive lived all over West Seattle all of my life and that area in question has been plagued with violence lately. Block watches are not going to prevent crime from happening nor will it keep thugs from shooting each other.

  • DarkHawke July 15, 2014 (1:31 am)

    @miws: That’s easy – the places you almost never hear about on the news: Magnolia, Sand Point, Ravenna, View Ridge, and where I used to live, an unfashionable nook at the top of Queen Anne hill. And no, of course no place is 100% safe (well maybe Broadmoor!), but not so much with the shootings in any of those places.
    @m: I live less than half a mile away from this incident, and there’s been at least one shooting MUCH closer to me than that in recent months. I feel *relatively* safe where I am, but I’m much more wary and aware than I used to be. I’m not carrying yet, but I probably should. Better to have it and not need it.

  • JayDee July 15, 2014 (6:20 am)


    It’s called Magnolia. ;-)

  • M July 15, 2014 (7:19 am)

    @ Alki Resident – I asked where you live because the name you use implies you may live in a different area than my neighborhood where this happened. I thought that, if you didn’t live in this neighborhood, you may not be aware of the incredible community connections there are here and a momentum amongst us that is building. Those things don’t necessarily make it into the news to give a balanced portrayal of our neighborhood. I do sometimes feel discouraged and worried when these incidents happen because they do sometimes shake my sense of security.

    I believe differently than you about the benefits of block watches. The Seattle Police Dept. website says this about block watches: “Block Watch is a program based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime. Block Watch has been shown to be an effective deterrent against crime at the neighborhood level.”

    I believe there must be truth in this because the Police Dept. makes a tremendous effort to encourage and assist people to be involved in block watches. They devote an entire section of their website to block watch programs. I’ve been to many neighborhood safety meetings with Seattle Police and/or King County Sheriffs in various neighborhoods in Seattle (Highland Park, Phinney Ridge, Leschi) and there is always an emphasis on block watches being an effective response to and deterrent against crime. On a few occasions when I’ve called 911, I’ve been advised to either work to develop or join my neighborhood’s block watch as one way to address the issues that I’ve called about.

    I am not naive about the problem issues in my neighborhood. I understand, too, that shifts happen gradually and in fits and starts. It’s an evolutionary, ongoing process that will always require neighbors’ attention, commitment, and cooperative actions. That’s happening here right now.

  • Robert July 15, 2014 (7:58 am)

    what do you expect when all you see on television is gangster training films ? this crap the kids are subjected to on television and video games ,nothing but violent kill-em all shows that hollywood turns out by the thousands, no wonder the kids of today are doing what they are.. they have no concept of honor or community pride, only gang ties.

  • KT July 15, 2014 (9:48 am)

    The SPD twitter feed says it all about why we have the problems we do in Seattle with guns – “Man wounded by gunfire at…admitted he shot himself in the leg…he handed gun to 2nd man, who ran off”.

  • Smarter than you July 15, 2014 (10:08 am)

    Lol WC has ALWAYS been bad idk why you guys still complain about it. The world today is horrible not just over here; but my suggestion is; if you keep complaining and can’t stand the crap that goes down in the hood, move out of it. Hahaha and WC is NOTHING to LA!

  • annon July 15, 2014 (11:34 am)

    I can tell you all personally I know this person.. he is my brother. He is okay now just in a lot of pain and has to rest for a few weeks. It was accidental! Nothing on purpose.. I get that people are stupid… things happen. He did give the gun to the other person and he did run! I’m very thankful to still have my brother today. I’m also glad no one is seriously hurt.

  • Eric July 15, 2014 (12:18 pm)

    So let me get this straight. Guy shoots self in foot. Guy gives gun to other guy. Other guy runs off with gun. Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

  • NotOnHolden July 15, 2014 (12:39 pm)

    Annon – I’m glad your brother is going to be okay, perhaps he could use this experience to set an example and teach others about responsible gun ownership, like not giving a gun that was just fired to another person that would run off with it. That is so beyond messed up and frightening that guns change hands so damn easily.

    My son rides his bike down 16th and I walk with him all the time, this is our neighborhood and I really do not want to see anyone else shot purposely or on accident.

  • Someone July 15, 2014 (7:37 pm)

    I know this kid too. Not 25, not even 21 if I remember his age right. The kid is a dip. Glad he’s okay of course, but it doesn’t surprise me. He’s telling everyone that some random stranger shot him. Umm…..

    Peace and love

  • Eric July 16, 2014 (5:34 am)

    Now telling people he got shot by a stranger? What’s he trying to develop “street cred”? That fact that he gave the gun to someone who then ran off with it, should come under some kind of criminal investigation

  • MotorMike July 16, 2014 (1:22 pm)

    If anyone who lives in the neighborhood is still reading this and would like to meet other neighbors then you should come to the night out bbq Tuesday August 5th from 6-8pm. We’ll be set up on 17th ave between Henderson and Barton.

    We also are have a listserve https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!forum/swhighlandparkbw as well as nextdoor.com to communicate

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