Update: Seattle Police car involved in collision at 48th/Andover

In case you wondered about a big police presence in the Genesee area this past hour – Seattle Police are trying to sort out a collision involving one of their cars and an SUV (not pictured) near 48th and Andover. No serious injuries, we’re told, and nobody had to go to the hospital. We don’t know anything at this point about the circumstances of today’s crash, but commenters brought up safety concerns about this intersection back in April, when a crash left a car upside-down.

P.S. Thanks to the WSB’er who texted us about the SPD involvement – otherwise, this was noted only as a “motor vehicle accident” on the Fire Department log, not an indicator of unusual circumstances, and we might have missed it. Text or voice: 206-293-6302 any time.

6:50 PM UPDATE: More info has just been published on SPD Blotter:

A female officer sustained minor injuries in an intersection-related collision today in West Seattle.  At approximately 12:26 p.m. today a Southwest Precinct patrol officer was driving her marked police car eastbound on SW Andover Street approaching 48th Avenue SW, an uncontrolled intersection.  At the same time a civilian-driven passenger vehicle was approaching the same intersection northbound on 48th Avenue SW.  The two vehicles collided in the intersection and both drivers sustained minor injuries.

The civilian was treated and released from the scene by fire department medics.  The officer was transported by police vehicle to an area hospital for follow up evaluation and treatment.  Both vehicles sustained disabling damage and were towed from the scene.

There were no citations issued at the scene pending further investigation and collision reconstruction.

Traffic Collision Investigation Squad detectives responded to the scene and continue to actively investigate. 

20 Replies to "Update: Seattle Police car involved in collision at 48th/Andover"

  • Bornonalki August 22, 2013 (2:08 pm)

    Heard the impact while out in my yard. Ran out to see if people needed help surprised to see the police already there as they were involved! Appears the officer did not yield the right of way and T-boned the SUV. Police cruiser heavily damaged, SUV air bag deployed but appears damage to vehicle not as bad as to the cruiser. Driver of the SUV was heard to say she had glass in her eye.

    At last count there was 7 officers and cars present.

    Maybe this will finally help us get a round about at this intersection as it has a history of numerous accidents.

  • enough August 22, 2013 (2:30 pm)

    Yeah, bad intersection. A lot more traffic going through these so called residential streets than what it was designed for (SFH in the 1920’s/30’s). Time to do something to improve safety for drivers, peds, and cyclists. I have tried working with SDOT and as everyone probably already knows they look at accident history before they do anything. Reactive approach. But maybe we’ve hit some number they have in mind so changes can be made?

  • cjboffoli August 22, 2013 (2:43 pm)

    That does seem to be a particularly trouble prone area:
    47th & Andover: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjboffoli/8653031240
    46th @ Dakota: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjboffoli/5727597111
    48th & Dakota: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjboffoli/4366022591
    48th & Dakota: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjboffoli/4345142692
    47th & Andover: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjboffoli/5356694544

  • sean August 22, 2013 (3:14 pm)

    Yes bad intersection, I’ve seen several collisions there and at 47th and Andover.

  • Julie August 22, 2013 (3:23 pm)

    Living on 48th I can say that people like to fly through and treat it like an arterial because there are no traffic circles. We asked the city to add traffic calming and they declined at the time due to busing for the elementary school. I think it’s time for a few stop signs.

  • J August 22, 2013 (3:48 pm)

    Almost every intersection on Dakota St. and Andover St. between 46th and 52nd can be considered dangerous. They are the sites of numerous reported and unreported collisions. Thankfully none with fatalities, yet.
    Vehicles speed down these two streets because they are wide open and have few parked cars unlike many other residential streets. And yes, the SDOT uses the “hardly any accidents” and school bus excuse for not installing any type of traffic guidance. The school should be the biggest reason to have stop signs or traffic circles. With construction soon to begin at Genesee Hill, it’s time for SDOT to become proactive.

  • Genesee Hill August 22, 2013 (5:59 pm)

    Those intersections are SUPER dangerous ONLY if you are a brain dead driver. They are UNMARKED.

    Darwin’s theory in action…

  • sbre August 22, 2013 (6:12 pm)

    In a couple weeks I’ll be starting my 9th school-year driving a BIG bus, and I’ve yet to meet a round-a-bout that I couldn’t make it around or sometimes over (but just a little bit).

    That particular reasoning (“not adding them because of buses”) does not hold water in my book.

  • rich August 22, 2013 (6:34 pm)

    This city is full of uncontrolled intersections. I grew up in NYC and never saw one until I moved here. They are dangerous, and most people I’ve talked to either don’t know that a particular intersection is uncontrolled or don’t know who has the right-of-way. I always slow down as if there were a yield sign.

  • Mike Flora August 22, 2013 (9:03 pm)

    We have several problem intersections here in Arbor Heights. Biggest problem is that it seems most people seem to think any East-West street is an arterial and they do not need to slow down at intersections. Not so bad where the traffic circles are located but I’ve seen many close calls and almost been hit myself more times than I can count. BTW: my understanding is any time a vehicles airbags deploy most insurance companies will automatically total the vehicle.

  • Rara August 22, 2013 (10:17 pm)

    Yep, so glad I just moved from that exact corner. Always was afraid they were going to end up in my yard and hit one of my children. We asked the officers at each accident about a traffic circle and they brushed us off like it was no biggie. Every few months there’s a bad accident. There’s a blind spot where the neighbors hedge is. Be cautious.

  • Mike August 22, 2013 (11:25 pm)

    People need to understand you need to slow down and look before running through the intersections. About 2 years ago now, I was traveling on 48th and as I was about to cross Dakota, an SPD car came over the crest and blew right through the intersection speeding. No lights, no siren, never yielded (and there is actually a yield sign for those on Dakota before you cross 48th). It’s amazing, even those you’d think would be aware just seem to not pay attention. Luckily I do look and I didn’t get t-boned by the SPD car.

  • Jack Loblaw August 23, 2013 (5:38 am)

    I wonder if speed and no lights/siren on the police car were involved in this accident ? I frequently see police cars speeding down residential streets without their lights or siren on. As I understand it they must obey the speed limit unless they at least have their warning lights on.

  • KJ August 23, 2013 (6:32 am)

    Just wait until they build the 680 student elementary school at Genesee/Dakota and 50th! Talk about heavy traffic.

  • Bus_rider August 23, 2013 (8:20 am)

    Now is a great time to ask the Mayor for some safety action. Get all your neighbors to write in or call and make your needs public. It is election time! Use your leverage. Asking the police won’t get you anywhere

  • k2 August 23, 2013 (2:55 pm)

    @Rich, totally agree, Seattle is THE worst city I have ever lived in for right of way indications, all these back street neighborhoods have no signage, just a giant grid with no controls.

  • Mike August 23, 2013 (10:46 pm)

    k2, you don’t even need signage, people need to follow the LAW. If you come from out of state I assume you never took a traffic safety course here. If you did, you’d have learned about unmarked intersections. The LAW is there to help prevent events like the one in this article.


    “At an intersection where there is no stop sign, yield
    sign, or traffic signal, drivers must yield to vehicles in
    the intersection and to those coming from the right.”

  • WS August 23, 2013 (11:12 pm)

    Thank you Mike. I fully agree with the sentiment that people need self accountability, not more “protection” from the government every time something goes wrong. Know the law people and learn how to drive.

  • M. August 23, 2013 (11:12 pm)

    Exactly correct, Mike.

    Uncontrolled intersections are NOT dangerous, it’s the drivers who fail to be prepared to stop and yield the right of way that are dangerous.

  • Someone August 24, 2013 (9:30 pm)

    The driver of the SUV had the right of way since they were on the right.

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