West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 Three auto thefts, 1 with a reward

ORIGINAL REPORT, 3:35 PM: Since so many stolen vehicles are found relatively close to the theft location, we offer the chance in West Seattle Crime Watch reports to get the word out around the peninsula, in addition to the police bulletins over the radio and via Twitter. Today, two thefts to report – just blocks apart. First one comes from someone whose neighbor’s truck was stolen from her garage Saturday night near 39th and Andover:

She is offering a $300 reward for information that leads directly to the recovery of the vehicle. The thieves entered through the alley into the back yard. They opened a gate that had an eye hook lock on the inside and then went in through the side door of the detached garage to access the vehicle. They also had to open the electric garage door, which is not quiet, to get the truck out. There was nothing valuable inside the truck and no windows on the outside of the garage for them to see what was inside if they were walking by. The theft seems highly suspicious because of the extremes that the theives went to to gain access to an old truck.

The truck is a white ’92 Nissan pick-up with red interior. There is a silver, metal knob on the steering wheel that is often referred to as a “suicide knob” or a “granny knob.” The license plate number is B12695R. If you see the vehicle, please contact the police or e-mail livelife1286@gmail.com.

Just blocks away, a car theft late last night or early today, reported by Bob:

10:00 PM and 9:00 AM this morning. Car was an ’89 red Subaru Legacy with Ore plates. Stolen from 44th Ave SW between Dakota & Andover.

ADDED 6 PM: Got word of another one, from Chris:

My neighbor’s truck was stolen sometime this morning around 7:30 am. it is a 1980 Toyota truck with a white canopy w/ rack. Lic # B30651H stolen from 23rd ave sw and sw Barton st. If found, please call 763-4027. Thank you.

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  • wsn00b January 30, 2013 (5:57 pm)

    These thefts are getting silly. I didn’t see it reported via WSB but according to the seattle crime map there was a car prowl on our block 2 weeks ago. Not sure which neighbor’s car. Hmmmm.

    I’ve gone as far as ensuring that both our cars (one daily driver, one n-aiii-ice sports car) are always parked inside – day or night. Garage has an upgraded non-HomeDepot-grade lock (similar ot our main door) and a door open sensor on the garage side door. Garage door has a roll up sensor. Both are hooked up to our security system. Bright lights outside both entrances. Only thing missing is a set of motion sensing gattling guns. I keeed I keeed – about that last sentence. My last name does not rhyme with LaFear.

  • McGruff January 30, 2013 (8:44 pm)

    Curious thefts; the youngest car was 21 years old. I’m not saying these are beaters, but the Blue Book on them can’t be that much. Could they be being stolen to order for parts?

  • Melissa January 31, 2013 (12:31 pm)

    It seems like most of the car thefts are for a joy ride rather than for the parts. It sucks having to constantly be paranoid about the possibility of your car being stolen. Especially because its happening in broad daylight too…

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