Update: Highland Park’s Dorsol Plants cancels council run

Just a few hours ago, we mentioned that with Michael Taylor-Judd‘s entry into the City Council race this year, West Seattle has two council candidates. Not any more. Former Highland Park Action Committee chair Dorsol Plants just sent this announcement:

After much thought and consideration, it is with great sadness that I am withdrawing from the 2011 City Council race.

The month after I filed, my grandfather suffered a stroke and after a hard fight, eventually passed away. I can’t begin to describe how much of an inspiration he was to me and the impact his passing has had on my family. My concern is that I will be unable to both uphold my obligations to my family and conduct a campaign worthy of my supporters and the citizens of Seattle. For this reason, I have chosen to withdraw from the race at this time.

This was not an easy decision to reach, and I only felt comfortable making this decision after meeting with a number of the other candidates running for City Council. I did not undertake my run for city council in 2009 or this year out of ambition to hold public office, but a desire to serve my community and to see much needed changes brought to Seattle. We can never be a complete community while some of our neighbors fear to walk their streets at night, lack access to safe and regular transportation choices, and families lack the security of a living wage jobs.

It would be arrogant to assume I am the only one who shares these values, and the coming race will serve as an amazing backdrop to continue the conversations necessary for Seattle to progress. I will continue to work in my capacity as a private citizen within our community and with our elected officials to help bring that change.

We reported Plants’ now-ended run five months ago. (WSB photo above is from last night’s 34th District Democrats meeting)

2 Replies to "Update: Highland Park's Dorsol Plants cancels council run"

  • miws January 13, 2011 (1:20 pm)

    First off, Dorsol, my sincere condolences to you and your family, in the loss of your Grandfather.


    Secondly, I don’t recall ever meeting Dorsol in person, but from what I’ve read here on WSB over the years, regarding Dorsol’s involvement in HPAC, West Seattle in general, and the other ways he has been involved in and contributed to the community, and being a Military Veteran he is the epitome of a “Good Citizen”.


    Though I’m disappointed that Dorsol is pulling out of the Council race, considering his ethic, I’m not surprised that he’s doing so, if he feels his current personal life circumstances would not allow him to perform to his constituents, and his own, expectations.


    Take care, Dorsol. I’m sitting here with the Sharpie® in my hand, waiting to fill in the little bubble on the ballot, if when you run again!



  • Michael Taylor-Judd January 13, 2011 (2:07 pm)

    I owe much of my decision to run this year, and the encouragement to fight for those same values, to Dorsol and my work on his campaign in 2009.
    He is one of the best and brightest we have in West Seattle, and I hope I can be as articulate as he has been in the course of my run for Council.

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