Truck-vs.-tree takes out a bit of Easy Street Records’ famous neon

ORIGINAL 9:54 AM REPORT: City crews are in The Junction right now, cleaning up a mess that started when a delivery truck took at least one big branch off a tree by Easy Street Records and West Seattle Optix – the branch, in turn, took out part of Easy Street’s famous neon sign (the north part; we’ll add another photo in a bit). No injuries reported – Easy Street staff tells us it was during breakfast early this morning, when they suddenly heard the loud crashing sound of the branch hitting the awning. There was some concern the branch loss may lead to the whole tree having to be taken down; city staff on the scene tells WSB that decision has to be made by someone else who will come out to evaluate it.

11:59 AM UPDATE: Added our photo of the neon – not too much was lost, as you can see. We also went back to check on the tree – no crews in sight and cars are being allowed to park by it, so we have to conclude that so far it’s not considered to be a safety hazard. Will keep checking.

2:56 PM NOTE: Via Twitter, Easy Street proprietor Matt Vaughan says the timing was unfortunate – it was just yesterday, he messaged, that Western Neon fixed the damage from last time a truck caused trouble with the sign.

4 Replies to "Truck-vs.-tree takes out a bit of Easy Street Records' famous neon"

  • JAT September 10, 2010 (10:24 am)

    I know delivery trucks are a necessary component of our economy, and that by needs they travel on every conceivable roadway, but goodness they seem to be operated with complacent carelessness. (How many million dollars did repairing the Pioneer Sq pergola cost?)

    Wake Up, slow down, pay attention, people!

    One other thing: treble damages for destroying someone’s tree.

  • RJB September 10, 2010 (10:46 am)

    Couldn’t the deliver truck use the alley?? Love the Easy Street neon…..totally bummed.

  • JumboJim September 10, 2010 (12:03 pm)

    Yeah right. You ever try driving a truck through one of those alleys? Between the dumpsters, passenger cars getting to the free Junction parking lot, etc. it’s near impossible. Delivery truck drivers do learn to watch out for trees and such or they don’t keep their jobs. I imagine this truck has a little damage and the boss won’t be too pleased…
    Quite a shame though – being a tree lover I can see that the wound on that tree is far too large to heal over easily. It could easily live another 10 years but rot will get in there.

  • miws September 10, 2010 (5:47 pm)

    Wow! Glad nobody was hurt, considering that seating often spills out a bit onto the sidewalk, when the roll-up door is open!



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