Update on Link – West Seattle’s next big construction project

You might have noticed that trailer just east of Lien Animal Clinic. It’s not for the construction project that Lien wrapped up recently (which by the way has an open house 10/25) – it’s for Link, the Harbor Properties mixed-unit project slated for this site on the other side of Lien (38th & Alaska; map), which formerly held West Seattle Montessori School (WSB sponsor, now with a new campus) and a Huling Brothers shop:

We checked with Harbor Properties today after a commenter asked if Link was still supposed to start construction in “early fall.” Emi Baldowin from HP says, “Exxel Pacific, the general contractor, is setting up trailers, hopeful for an anticipated start within the next few weeks,” and they’re still finishing the paperwork to get the project going. Link’s second and final Design Review meeting was one year ago (here’s our report). It’s a 200-unit apartment project with ground-level retail; Harbor is the company that built Mural (WSB sponsor) across from Jefferson Square, apartments over retail including Wallflower Custom Framing (WSB sponsor) and Fresh Bistro. 11:07 AM UPDATE: If you want to hear more from Link’s developers in person, Fairmount Community Association president Sharonn Meeks says they’re scheduled to make a presentation at her group’s next meeting, which is scheduled for 6:30 pm October 21st at Providence Mount St. Vincent (4831 35th SW). She adds that her group would like to thank Harbor having the contractor, Exxel Pacific, “tidy up, mow and (do) tree trimming” around the future construction site.

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  • Meghan October 6, 2009 (7:20 am)

    This is great news. It shows that developers are finally feeling confident that the economic recovery is really under way. The latest housing numbers are very encouraging, so over the next 12 months, we’ll see more and more delayed projects start up again (including hopefully the Whole Foods project). Perhaps Fauntleroy will be an inviting, attractive street some day, not a sea of parking lots and ugly buildings.

  • wseye October 6, 2009 (9:16 am)

    Somehow, I’m doubtful. After October 15th this would be classified as wet weather construction, which is more difficult and expensive. And then there is the economy… getting funding for a project like this would be difficult at present, especially with other projects in the vicinity stopped in mid-construction.

    But please – prove me wrong, I want to be wrong! This would be a good development. Harbor Properties does a good job integrating into the community.

  • Bob October 6, 2009 (9:21 am)

    I second that. This is great news! I know that some people have a problem with the density that these projects will be bring to WS, but I am very excited about it. Density brings great restaurants, shopping, culture and community . . . all of which are worth a little extra traffic.

  • Sage October 6, 2009 (9:24 am)

    We shouldn’t forget that projects can get “underway” and still not get finished anytime soon. See Whole Foods site, 35th& Avalon project, numerous projects downtown, a couple vacant lots around Morgan Junction, etc. That said, I’m surprised and pleased to see this is still apparently moving forward! The leasing #s on Mural aren’t too impressive so far, so it wasn’t a given they’d want to put 200 more units online.
    @Meghan – You a realtor or mortgage broker by any chance? Because it’s hard to imagine how you could imagine “very encouraging” housing #s unless you had a professional interest in seeing just that.

  • DW October 6, 2009 (9:41 am)

    There was a recent article in the Puget Sound Business Journal that talked about this project. Basically, it sounded like Harbor’s funding is a good deal more sound than some of the other developer.

    Also, according to the same article, Mural is almost 80% leased.

    Here is a link.


  • Sage October 6, 2009 (12:07 pm)

    @DW Thanks for the link. Interesting especially re: Mural’s lease rate. I had heard the #s were very poor, but it sounds like the info was mistaken or changed.

  • WSB October 6, 2009 (12:30 pm)

    I haven’t asked them about the lease rate myself (and a disclosure reminder, Mural is a WSB sponsor) – will remember to ask when we do a Link followup – but anecdotally, I was driving through The Junction after dark last night en route home from the Junction Place Park meeting, and noticed that a lot of units in Mural (at least the floors you can see while driving southbound on California through the business district) had lights on and appeared to be occupied – TR

  • ellenater October 6, 2009 (2:05 pm)

    Our scattered family lives (partially) at Mural. The apartments are, in fact, mostly rented. They are also great people to work with. It’s a very fun, active, and friendly building. And there are always a nice variety of people in the elevator. I like Mural a lot.

    More of our scattered family will be moving in to Altamira (above QFC) shortly. They are pre-leasing now. My impression is, they have seen a lot of interest too.

    I know a lot of people don’t like these new projects, but I do. I love the walkability factor. For me, it’s West Seattle at it’s best. I’m glad they are apts. versus condos, also…

  • Jamie October 7, 2009 (4:20 pm)

    Ok call me crazy but am I the only person here that is not happy about this 200 unit apartment building?!?!?!? Hasent there been enough of these condos and apartments going up in west seattle??? I mean its pretty sad for the fact that I look out my window that looks out on to california just south of the junction and the trafic is all the way down and past the riteaid. But lets keep building! What about parking!!!! I live next to 3 nails places and the people that work at these places take up all of the peoples parking who live in these apartments and dont have a spot in the garage. Not to mention that they stock you and wait for you to leave in your car.Even if its to run out to your car there they are waiting to see if you are leaving. Just because there are 4 spots right out side my place that isnt labeled 2 hr parking so they take it from 9am-7pm and leave the people who LIVE in the apartments to drive around sometimes for almost an hr looking for parking and you finally find one just to turn around in another 2 hrs to move your car! Thats crazy!!! My mom just got a ticket because she droped me off at work and was watching my 2 kids ages 2yrs and 7 months old. Do you think that its fair for her to grab the kids and drag them out every 2 hrs??? I’ve looked into the zone thing but the city says its not worth it and that it would cost to much! So with all of this said what about a parking garge instead!!!

  • dawsonct October 8, 2009 (11:42 am)

    So, let me get this straight Jamie, you are against greater density (apartments and condos) which, as ellenater points out, increases the walkability and livelieness of a neighborhood, yet you live in one of those apartment buildings?

    Replacing outdated, cheap-ass construction and parking lots with places to live and work sounds like a great idea to me.
    My guess on the timing is that demolition and excavation are phases of a project that may actually benefit from wet weather.

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