SHARE bus-voucher-money protest moves back to West Seattle

They started with a sleepout in Mayor Nickels’ North Admiral neighborhood – they then moved on to the non-West Seattle abodes of several city councilmembers – and tonight, SHARE says, they will be back in West Seattle, sleeping outside Councilmember Tom Rasmussen‘s Beach Drive-area home, and by the shore nearby. From their news release:

Mr. Rasmussen lives on a small street. Our protesters will (divide) into two groups. Some will sleep outside of his house while the majority will sleep on the strip by the beach one block away.

SHARE says its main point of contention is a request for $50,000 from the city for bus vouchers; the city has said it would provide the money if SHARE promised not to close its shelters, a promise SHARE has said it cannot make because of funding challenges.

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  • Mike October 12, 2009 (12:27 pm)

    Good thing that camping at Alki beach is not legal. They can be told by SPD to move along.

  • Brian October 12, 2009 (12:37 pm)

    Hey, I want $50,000 too!!! can I camp out on someones lawn???

  • jiggers October 12, 2009 (12:41 pm)

    Have fun, it’s going to pour hard tonight.

  • WSB October 12, 2009 (12:45 pm)

    Mike – on further review I note that Councilmember Rasmussen actually lives more in the general Beach Drive area than Alki so I’ve amended the copy and am not entirely sure what public shore area the SHARE people mean (we’ll be checking) – could be either Cormorant Cove or Weather Watch Park areas – TR

  • Kelly October 12, 2009 (1:55 pm)

    Pardon me for asking…but exactly how are all these people getting from one campout to another if they don’t have any bus money?

  • KT October 12, 2009 (2:12 pm)

    Doing a lot of good isn’t it? How to win friends and influcence people.

  • mama o\'four October 12, 2009 (2:43 pm)

    Mr Rasmussen is a public server with a public office. He is also a private citizen with a private residence.
    Know the difference and leave him alone.

  • Paul in Gatewood October 12, 2009 (2:53 pm)

    I agree. Demonstrate outside City Hall but leave him alone when he’s not working. I really don’t understand what SHARE thinks this sort of stunt accomplishes to help Seattle’s homeless.

  • Gina October 12, 2009 (3:14 pm)

    Hope they checked the tide table.

  • Pete October 12, 2009 (3:35 pm)

    The people from SHARE need to grow and up start doing something productive – not hassling our elected officials by invading their personal space. This type of immature intimidation needs to stop. It does nothing but turn people against the organization and against the people they purport to represent.

    Also, they seem to miss the fact that Seattle spends more on the homeless per capita than any other major city in the U.S. So, if you are going to try to call your government out for not spending money on the homeless, you are in the wrong area. In fact, a LOT of the people that SHARE purports to represent come from other areas of the state and country precisely because our city and county governments spend so much on the homeless and offer services that you will not find in any other major city. Proof positive that no good deed goes unpunished.

    No offense, but I don’t pay taxes so some guy from North Dakota can come out here and demand a free ride.

  • Meghan October 12, 2009 (3:37 pm)

    I think this type of personal harassment of a public official (not to mention his/her innocent spouse, children, and neighbors) is disgusting, heavy handed grandstanding. I would never give another dime to an organization that promotes it, no matter what their mission.

  • Westie October 12, 2009 (5:28 pm)

    1. I didn’t know what SHARE was before this, now I don’t like them due to their temper tantrum politics. Not impressive leadership.
    2. I’m going to vote for Rasmussen next chance I get.

  • GenHillOne October 12, 2009 (5:55 pm)

    Small might be an understatement – he lives on a very, very small street. It’s also steep. Pretty sure there’s no sidewalk either, so camping is in the middle of the road or on his property. Hope none of his neighbors need to get in or out of THEIR homes. Not impressed SHARE, count me out.

  • JH October 12, 2009 (6:58 pm)


  • My2Cents October 12, 2009 (9:18 pm)

    Give them a one-way train pass to Mexico – it’s warm there and there’s lots of fresh fruit to eat.

  • D Kramer October 13, 2009 (2:17 pm)

    Guys if it’s not too much can you please show some compassion for some of my fellow homeless persons?

    I personally protested the protest at direct expense to my housing such as it was.

    Every single one of the councilperson’s who have had the homeless sleeping outside their doors have known about this protest for weeks. I personally wrote them asking to please intervene to prevent SHARE from violating the rights to privacy, political philopsophy, and freedom of speech of those homeless being told you have to camp out at these persons homes when SHARE says or you have to get out of the SHARE housing -(which the City of Seattle paid SHARE $300,000 for!!)

    I have absolutely no feelings of sadness over the harassment of the public officials when they did absolutely nothing to prevent the homeless themselves from being forced to do this protest. This is the first time in history that I have knoweledge of in Seattle in which a vulerable group of persons has been made to protest by threats to their housing. This needs to be stopped.

    SHARE needs to be held accountable if it is to receive any more City money. The City can not morally keep funding an organization which violates the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of political philosophy and freedom of privacy of their very persons it alledges to serve.

    But the real problem of transportion needs of the homeless remains. The games of SHARE at the expense of the homeless were a shame that Seattle did nothing to stop – but the need is real.

    Now I am a lets get it fixed kind of girl. The homeless are suffering because of these games. The most compassionate thing for me to do I think is to ask you guys if you want to help with the solution despite the way I was personally harassed by Scott Morrow himself when I dared to speak against this protest.

    Is there anyone out there who has the time and the patience to please step up to the plate to help the homeless in Seattle — by volunteering and making a commitment for the next 18 months to help with the grant writing and requests funding from sources apart from the city of Seattle for SHARE? I heard that the city has offered to fund classes and training for SHARE to learn this skill set so that they could diversify their funding and that SHARE did not avail itself to the opportunity.

    Now this would take someone with a heck of lot of patience because SHARE is resistent to not just relying on the City as its main funding source – but the time has come for this to be done!

    I suspect it would be a great job for a retired teacher – accountant or lawyer who maybe has at least 15 hrs a week to give to the task.

    Your would know that you are helping the least of the least – and in this helping Jesus. And rumor has it the pay for such things in the next is worth the costs. For those who believe in reincarnation shit this might make you the Bill Gates of the next life for all you know.

    Any takers anyone please?
    For the time of games is over – Now is the time to make the differences that need to be done to get the results needed.

  • D Kramer October 13, 2009 (2:34 pm)

    For those who think they have what it takes and can make the commitment to help SHARE with its grant writing needs – please contact SHARE directly.

    This could be the most unforgettable volunteer gig of your life if you have the patience to see it through.

    (206) 448-7889

    For those who think it is wrong to force people to protest for shelter housing that the city itself is helping to fund- Please feel free to write the city coucil – And let them know you want SHARES games using the homeless as pawns to stop.

    Also if you feel strongly that no one should be forced to attend church based on a list the Scott Morrow comes up with and not on their personal choice – please also write and support the freedom of religion.

    Protests are like sex – They should be fully consensual!!;;;;;;;;;

    Let Civil and Constitional rights not be taken away from our homeless by any organization – inclusing SHARE! For first they take the rights away from the least and the next you know – it is your very own rights that have gone out the window!

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