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West Seattle scenes: West Seattle HS Prom Night @ Cafe Revo

(photos by Christopher Boffoli)
Prom Night often starts with a nice dinner … and tonight, more than 40 people headed to the West Seattle High School prom chose to have theirs at Cafe Revo (WSB sponsor) in the Luna Park business district.

There was a surprise twist, according to what Cafe Revo’s Sofia Zadra Goff had told us earlier: “2 of the students are bussers at our restaurant, so we are going to make it a really fun night. All of the staff working tonight are dressing up in prom attire from the ’70s and ’80s (when our proms would have taken place) to surprise Diana and Holly, who work for us.”

The prom, by the way, was at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club. Tonight also was the WSHS All-School Reunion; next week, it’s graduation time on Thursday.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car break-in; duck theft on cam

Two Crime Watch stories to share. First, from Tara:

… my truck (was) broken into tonight at the junction. I was having dinner and was parked in the lot behind West 5. One hour later, I returned to our truck and the driver’s side lock was broken into and my backpack was stolen. I’m a teacher and my classroom keys were inside, along with my Seattle Public Schools badge. I’m so upset. Since there wasn’t anything valuable, I’m thinking the thief/s will probably get rid of it quick and I’m hoping everyone could keep an eye out for it.

Tara says it’s a gray backpack. Meantime, Ron at Lowman Beach wrote to call attention to his latest post in the WSB Forums — it links to what he says are surveillance photos and video of someone who was caught not only stealing something from his famous duck display by the park, but also prowling cars in the area. Here’s his post with those links.

Happening now: Skylark’s 3rd birthday celebration

Skylark Cafe and Club (WSB sponsor) in North Delridge, just south of The Bridge, where tonight is a birthday party, marking the club/restaurant’s third anniversary. The bands start at 9; good dinner crowd here now, including Team WSB, and some DJ’ing … that’s Charlie at the board (below left), husband of proprietor Jessie SK, who we asked to pose out front (right)with the sign that marks the momentous birthday in three different ways. Momentous because it’s not easy to be a small businessperson these days, let alone one that not only runs a restaurant, but also hires live bands four nights a week. Actually, some live music just started — DJ Baba Jamess on tabla, accompanied by a violinist; at 9 pm, it’s Deepsleep Narcotics Company; at 10 pm, local faves Stevedore; then at 11 pm, it’s Apple War. Jessie tells the story of the first three years’ highlights in this post on the Skylark “blog”; if you haven’t checked out the main Skylark website lately, the calendar’s just been redone – see it here. We have a soft spot for Skylark not just because they sponsor the West Seattle Weekend Lineup, but because to our knowledge, it remains the only restaurant to mention WSB on its menu (we get a nod on the tater tots because of this semi-legendary WSB post from almost two years ago, in which we asked folks for their idea of “West Seattle dishes to die for”). Anyway, the party goes till closing time — happy birthday, Skylark! ADDED LATER: DJ Baba James using Washington place names as lyrics – didn’t you just know Walla Walla has always belonged in a song?

Police action on Alki: Report of someone “brandishing weapon”

We happened to be barely a block away when the police cars passed us, lights flashing, motors gunning. They’re on 63rd just south of Alki, right behind Cactus. Not sure yet what’s up – Patrick is out of the car and checking, we’re about a block west. Will update as soon as we have news. UPDATE: Here’s what’s happening – police responded to a report of someone “brandishing a weapon.” No one’s been hurt, no report of shots fired, but somebody said they saw someone with a gun, so the police rushed here fast. They’re still searching.

7:38 PM UPDATE: The police have all cleared the 63rd/Alki scene. We’re heading north/east on Alki Ave now and haven’t seen where they moved on to (or maybe they just dispersed).

SATURDAY MORNING NOTE: In comments, “Arborheightsdad” says the person who “brandished” (showed, according to his story and what we also had heard unofficially) the gun was found. We don’t have information so far regarding what if any charges that person will face but will be checking. ***Minutes later – police have published a full report at SPDBlotter; we’ll publish a separate update atop the page.

Skillet update: They will NOT be in West Seattle this Sunday

Seems to be part of the upshot of the situation on which we reported earlier, but we’ve just confirmed it – since their backup trailer was the problem, they’re taking their main setup to the Mariners’ game instead of bringing it over here. So again, NO Skillet in West Seattle this Sunday; we’ll check on subsequent Sundays later.

West Seattle SIFF party at Admiral Theater, report #1

June 5, 2009 5:48 pm
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That’s the nautically themed cake that Junction-based Vertu Cakes has created for the informal open-house-style party under way right now – till 6:45 – at the Admiral Theater, on the first night of the first-ever West Seattle screenings for the Seattle International Film Festival. Film #1 is getting out in about 20 minutes, and #2, “The Admiral,” starts at 7, but even if you’re not going to the movies, the doors are open and there are appetizers, sweet treats (in addition to the cake), and general festivity here at West Seattle’s historic moviehouse. SIFF director Carl Spence (a West Seattleite) has just arrived and is talking with Admiral operator Jeff Brein and entertainment director Dinah Brein-McClellan, and we’ve heard there’s been a sighting of the Seafair Pirates (who we spotted preparing their invasion plans over in one of the old Huling lots). More to come. 5:56 PM UPDATE: The pirates are invaded and are promoting the “Seafair Pirates Film Festival.” Mysteriously absent an actual date, time and venue, however.

ADDED 6:17 PM: Oh dear, the Pirates have just absconded with Carl Spence. Video/photos shortly. But at least the ceremonial ribbon-cutting happened first. Here’s a shot of their arrival:

So if you hear or see the Pirates plundering some other area of West Seattle, you know where they came from. Party continues till 6:45.

ADDED 6:39 PM: Before we make our getaway (headed next for the Skylark third-anniversary party), video of the Pirates making their getaway — last seen westbound on Admiral toward Alki.

Mayor signs tax break for live-music venues

June 5, 2009 3:59 pm
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News release from the city:

Mayor Greg Nickels this week signed legislation authorizing
an admissions tax exemption for live music venues in Seattle. The
exemption becomes effective in July. The current admissions tax is 5
percent on every dollar of ticket sales. The exemption will benefit
venues that have live music on a regular basis.

“Seattle has a great tradition of cutting-edge music that gives our
city its soul. But in the past few years, we’ve seen six of our live
music venues close and only one open. With this legislation, we are
making it easier for live music venues to not only get started, but also
thrive in Seattle,” said Nickels.

The tax exemption will provide an incentive for business owners to
offer live music in Seattle, enhance the city’s cultural appeal, and
bolster economic development in a variety of neighborhoods.

The city estimates that up to 65 live music venues will take advantage
of the admissions tax exemption. To be eligible, a live music venue
● Have an established certificate of occupancy of less than 1,000
● Host or present live music on average at least three times per week
on a regular schedule;
● Hire on average at least 16 musicians per week; and
● Have committed no more than three violations of any one or more
civil or criminal laws concerning public health, noise, licensing,
taxing or permitting in the calendar year preceding or during the date
the admission tax is due.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: SIFF and Skylark Birthday edition

June 5, 2009 3:50 pm
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wswllicon3.pngLast reminder – 5:30-6:45 pm tonight, be at the Admiral Theater for the (free!) party celebrating West Seattle’s debut as a Seattle International Film Festival venue – free treats and fun – full details here, along with details on the Skylark Club and Cafe (WSB sponsor) third birthday party tonight. Other weekend highlights include the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s bike tour, fundraising fun for ArtsWest, Transitional Resources and the Community School of West SeattleGardenFest at SSCC … Holy Rosary‘s centennial begins with the Homecoming Mass and Lunch … the big Open House at Mural Apartments (WSB sponsor) … a weekendlong Plant Sale to raise money for Furry Faces Foundation with pet adoption added on Sunday … more than FIFTY events ahead in the full West Seattle Weekend Lineup, brought to you by Skylark Cafe and Club:Read More

Seattle Parks Superintendent Tim Gallagher plans community meetings

June 5, 2009 3:09 pm
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Just announced by the city Parks Department:

Seattle Parks and Recreation will host four public meetings for
community members to meet with Parks Superintendent Timothy Gallagher.
The purpose of the meetings is to give the community an opportunity to
talk with Seattle Parks and Recreation about how the agency is meeting
the needs of neighbors.

Everyone is invited to the meeting, including those who are regular
users of parks and those who participate in Parks sponsored programs and
activities, as well as those who have never visited a community center
or taken a class with Parks.

At the meeting, visitors will have the opportunity to:
· Meet the staff who work at the community and have one-on-one
conversations about what is working, and what can be improved.
· Talk with the Superintendent about your ideas for building
community relationships, and making sure Parks programs and services
respond best to the needs of those living in the community.
· Get updates about what’s new at the centers.

Meetings will be held at the following locations:

· Northgate Community Center,10510 5th Ave. NE.
Tuesday, June 9, 7 p.m.
For more information, please contact Pati Maxwell or Tim Pretare at
(206) 386-GATE(4283) or pati.maxwell@seattle.govor
· Van Asselt Community Center, 2820 S. Myrtle St.
Monday, June 15, 6:30 p.m.
For more information, please contact Kyle Griggs or Daryl Look at the
Van Asselt Community Center at (206) 386-1921 or

· Jefferson Community Center, 3801 Beacon Ave S.
Tuesday, June 16, 6:30 p.m.
For more information, please contact Doreen Deaver at (206) 684-7481 or

· South Park Community Center, 8319 8th Ave. S
Wednesday, June 24, 7 p.m.
For more information, please contact Antoinette Daniel at (206)
684-7451 or

West Seattle Crime Watch: Officer hurt in struggle with suspect

Checked with the Southwest Precinct today after receiving a few notes asking about a significant police presence at the 35th/Henderson (map) Gasco station around 9 last night – triggering an “aid response” Fire Department call – and happening just about the same time as the power outage, which certainly dominated attention for a few hours. Lt. Ron Smith tells WSB that officers responded to a call about an apparently mentally disturbed man “who was attempting to carjack a car from (the) gas station. When they arrived, the suspect was out of control, and unable/unwilling to follow commands from the officers. A struggle ensued, and the suspect was Tased and brought under control. One of the officers suffered an minor injury with exposure to suspect’s blood.” Lt. Smith says the suspect was booked into King County Jail.

June programs at West Seattle’s Camp Long

The official announcement – you’ll find many of these in our Weekend Lineups every Friday, too, but here’s an all-in-one-place reference:

June at Camp Long

Call 684-7434 to reserve your place in one of our programs!

Bug Exploration!
All Ages

Let’s explore the bugs and slugs of Camp Long ! Will we find a Satyr Anglewing, Spring Azure, Hover fly mimic, “Gold Bug” or a Spotted Leopard slug? Join us in carefully collecting, observing and learning more about the lives of these sluggers and 6-leggeds that account for 4 out of every 5 animals! Please register by June 12. Instructor: Stewart Wechsler
Course 40561 June 13 Sat 2 – 4 p.m.
Adult Fee $8, Child Fee $6

Father’s Day Mucking at Me-Kwa-Mooks
Ages 5 and older

Dads, you know your family always loves seeing sea creatures when the tidal blankets are removed. Sea stars, moon snails, mossy chitons, Oh my! We might see naked nudibranchs, clothed crabs and armored chitons and if we are lucky maybe a little giant octopus. It is a -3.4 low tide; come early and have lunch at the beach. Those attending must be able to walk on slippery rocks. Be sure to wear waterproof boots. Please register by June 19. Instructor: Gretchen Graber
Course 39639 June 21 Sun 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Adult Fee $8, Child Fee $6

Bike Maintenance for Families
Ages 8 and older

Get ready for a summer of biking with a well maintained bike, ready to roll! Join avid biker Jason Goodman, in learning how to maintain your bike in good condition and learn some great biking routes in West Seattle that connect you to your favorite parks! Jason will also introduce you to his sturdy homemade bike bags.
#43263 6/27 Sat 10 a.m. – Noon
Activity Fee $7

First Saturday Free Walks
Ages 8 and older

Lend a hand in your community park. Help with; forest restoration, trail maintenance, invasive plant removal, planting and weeding. Volunteers meet the first Saturday of each month (the second Saturday on holiday weekends) to help beautify the park. Please join us! Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please RSVP by calling 206-684-7415.

June 6 Sat 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Frink Park FREE
All Ages
A small piece of the Lake Washington Boulevard , Frink Park is one of the best living examples of how one individual’s commitment can change a community and create a common bond. Ten years ago a group of neighbors founded the Friends of Frink Park and have been influencing what this restoration looks like. Location: 398 Lake Washington Blvd S. Please register by calling 684-7434.

Location: Frink Park
Course 41410 June 6 Sat 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Herring’s House FREE
All Ages

The former Seaboard Lumber site has morphed into an intertidal habitat at the oldest known Duwamish Village Site. Join us with binoculars to spot the osprey and eagle nests in the neighborhood. Then we will venture to the Duwamish longhouse to tour: Where History Comes Alive. Meet at West Marginal Way SW and SW Alaska . Please register by calling 684-7434.

Location: Herring’s House Park
Course 39642 June 6 Sat 2 – 5 p.m.

Tot Treks and Tyke Hikes

Tot Treks
Ages 2 – 3

Adults – share nature with your children! In a local park where the grass and ferns grow, beneath the tall, old trees, is a special place for you and a child to explore. Learn effective and fun outdoor activities and ideas for other times and places. Please arrive 10 minutes before class time and wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Up to two children can be registered with each adult. Sorry, no strollers.
Activity Fee: $7 per adult/child pair. $3.50 for each additional person

Dashing Dragonflies
Course 39664 June 9 Tue 10 – 11 a.m.

Barnacles, Sea Stars, Crabs, Oh My!
Course 39621 June 23 Tue 10 – 11 a.m.


Thank the Earth for Your Birth FREE
All Ages
Celebrate someone’s birthday at Camp Long and give Mother Earth a present, too! Spend some time with your human, plant and animal friends. Bring your party to the park. Gather your friends, do restoration work for an hour or two then come inside to celebrate a birthday and your day’s accomplishments. You can have your cake and weed it, too.
Please call 206-684-7479 for more information

Camp Long First Saturdays Work Party
Free All ages, families
Leave your family legacy at Camp Long by helping restore a patch of native habitat in the park. Make friends while you help preserve a future for ourselves and our native plants and animals. Please register by calling (206) 423-0762.
Location: Forest
June 6 Sat 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium

Join fellow Seattle-ites to crochet, knot and twist recycled fabrics into artwork. Mandy Greer will host an ongoing series of participatory art events throughout Seattle in June. For the full calendar of events, visit the Matter Matrix Mother Blog . See the artwork at Camp Long in West Seattle

June 15 thru July 31 Camp Long is open Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Meet the artist and witness the creation of the artwork. Greer will be installing her artwork near the Polliwog Pond 11 a.m.-2 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, June 15-July 9.

The project culminates in a performance produced by Greer in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Zoe Scofield. The performance will take place near Polliwog Pond at Camp Long on Thursday, July 16 at 6:30 p.m.

This artwork commissioned with Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art Funds administered by the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs in partnership with Restore our Waters.

For more information about ways to protect and improve Seattle’s urban waterway, visit the

Restore Our Waters webpage at

West Seattle Crime Watch: May property-crime statistics

Earlier this week, we linked to the official Seattle Police release of crime statistics from the first 4 months of this year. Since then, we’ve learned the Southwest Precinct compiles even more specific – and fresher – reports each month, and Lt. Steve Paulsen has just shared the West Seattle-area “property crimes” report for May. The map above, showing where residential burglaries happened last month, is just one part of it. The entire document is a PowerPoint you can see here in its entirety (we converted it to a PDF) – or, just read the highlights: Last month in West Seattle, there were 100 car prowls, almost the same as April (101), but significantly up compared to 74 in May 2008; as for auto thefts, last month there were 32, up from 29 in April and 28 in May 2008. (Notably, though, June through May, the auto-theft totals are down from the same period a year earlier: 503 for June ’07 through May ’08, 417 for June ’08 through May ’09.) Residential burglaries are down: 50 during May, compared to 68 in April, and 56 in May 2008. Lots of numbers but if you prefer to see all the charts and maps for yourself – it’s all here.

Skillet Street Food update: OPEN despite Public Health action

This appeared in today’s bulletin from the King County Public Health Department – earlier this week, the popular mobile-food operation Skillet Street Food was closed while operating near Safeco Field. Inspectors cited these reasons:

Operating without valid food business permit or plan approval
Potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures
Inadequate facilities to control temperatures of potentially hazardous foods
Handwashing facility not working
No available hot water

We’re checking to see if it means no Skillet in West Seattle this Sunday. They’ve been operating for several weeks in the Seattle Lutheran High School parking lot, 11 am-2 pm on Sundays. 12:06 PM: Just got this note from Josh Henderson at Skillet:

we aren’t shut down…. were down for that evening…they reinspected the
next day and we were good to go…

unfortunately, we had an issue with the one trailer, and had to in an emergency use a trailer that is finished being built, but not approved. We had everything on ice, however the trailer not being approved just was the clincher. We got very very unlucky… but oh well…we love the peeps from the HD, they gotta do what they gotta do.

So…open for biz as usual…

Followup: Why 3,000 West Seattle homes/businesses lost power

(Thursday night photo by Christopher Boffoli)
As you probably know by now, even if you weren’t affected, 3,000 West Seattle homes and businesses were without power for up to five hours last night – mostly in north and northeast West Seattle. Here’s our as-it-happened coverage from last night; this morning, we checked with Seattle City Light‘s Scott Thomsen to see if a specific cause (aside from “weather”) had been nailed down, and here’s his reply:

We believe it was caused by a tree crossing two phases of a feeder, which creates a short circuit and throws the breakers. Our crews followed the full length of the line looking for damage. As they cleared each section, they brought it back to service. They did not find any damaged equipment.

(Wondering “what’s a feeder”? Thomsen’s explanation: “Feeder lines take electricity from substations into neighborhoods. They typically carry enough electricity for 3,000 to 4,000 homes and businesses.”) Again, everything’s back to normal today, including the Admiral Theater, which starts Seattle International Film Festival showings this afternoon – and is site of the free fun West Seattle SIFF celebration to which you’re invited, Seafair Pirates and treats and more, 5:30-6:45 tonight, hope to see you there!

Tickets on sale for West Seattle Hi-Yu White Rose Reception

June 5, 2009 10:51 am
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That’s one of our photos from WSB coverage of last year’s West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival White Rose Reception (since then, of course, new courts have been chosen – check our Hi-Yu archive for all the coverage) – and Deena Mahn from Hi-Yu has just sent word about this year’s event:

West Seattle Hi-Yu cordially invites you to the 2009 White Rose Reception. This event is for women only and is a celebration of past and present Hi-Yu royalty and candidates. All are invited; festivities will begin at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 30th, at Fauntleroy Church, UCC, 9260 California Avenue SW. Come to share your Hi-Yu memories or to learn about our community festival. Past royalty are encouraged to wear or bring their sashes and memory scrapbooks. For tickets or information please call 935.5113 or visit our website.

Schmitz Park Elementary librarian Judi Lybecker’s retiring: Celebration on June 9

June 5, 2009 10:28 am
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Schmitz Park Elementary parent Nancy Beckett sent that photo and this story to go with it:

Judi Lybecker Schmitz Park Elementary Librarian is retiring after 20 years.

We are hosting a celebration on Tuesday, June 9th from 3:30 to 4:30 at the Schmitz Park Elementary Library Current and past students, parents, friends and family are invited to attend and say goodbye and send Judi off on her next journey.

Judi Lybecker has been the librarian at Schmitz Park Elementary for 20 years and she is retiring at the end of this 2008-2009 school year. She shared the job for the first 17 years and then became full time 3 years ago. Her favorite part of being a librarian has been matching children to books that will get them excited about reading. Judi says that computers have brought the biggest change to libraries over the last 20 years.

She has observed that students are reading longer books now since the arrival of the Harry Potter 300+ page books. Before the Harry Potter books, authors and scholars thought that younger kids would not read 300+ page books and now there lots of them.

She noted that TV and video games have affected students attention spans, however, they are still checking out books as they always have done over the years. Judi’s advise to parents is not worry so much about what kids read as long as they are reading and it is age appropriate. When asked about her favorite children’s book she quickly replied that it was and is “Anne of Green Gables”. This book was her best childhood friend when she was growing up because she moved often. Judi loves to read and she enjoys lots of different types of books including Sookie Stackhouse books. She says that working at Schmitz Park Elementary has been a wonderful and she has enjoyed working with all the children, parents and staff.

Announcing the rest of the Summer Movies on the Wall slate

June 5, 2009 10:01 am
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Last night’s power outage coverage pre-empted a few things we’re getting to now – among them, the final two movies chosen for West Seattle Outdoor Movies on the Wall this summer (official website here), six consecutive Saturday nights, July 18-August 22 at dust, in the courtyard between Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) and Dr. Wolff. These are movies number 4 and 5:

That’s “National Treasure,” announced by Hotwire’s Lora Lewis for August 8th. Now, the August 15th movie, one of the hugest hits of the millennium thus far – the first “Pirates of the Caribbean“:

Adding those to the slate of movies already announced earlier this week (here and here), the full slate is:

July 18 – “The Princess Bride”
July 25 – “King Kong” (1933 version)
Aug. 1 – “Footloose”
Aug. 8 – “National Treasure”
Aug. 15 – “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”
Aug. 22 – “Cars”

WSB and many other fine West Seattle businesses co-sponsor the series, which is a great way to get out of the house on warm nights and have a fun time meeting other West Seattle neighbors, as well as supporting the nonprofits who benefit from the raffles and concessions. Big thanks again to everyone who suggested movies for consideration; keep an eye on the official West Seattle Movies on the Wall site, WSB of course, and on Twitter, follow @wsmovies — see you there!

West Seattle restaurant news: Porterhouse to Blackbird space

(2008 photo by Christopher Boffoli)
Often the first sign of an impending restaurant is its application for a liquor license. That’s the case with a discovery we just made overnight: Nine months after Blackbird closed at 2329 California SW, that space is the subject of a liquor license for The Porterhouse. A little research, including the names on the license application, leads us to the information that those same people operate The Porterhouse up in Mount Vernon — described on its website as “21 and up” with a focus on beer as well as food. (Here’s the website.) Of course, what they do in MV may or may not be what they do in WS; we have a message out to see what more we can learn. (9:39 am: We’ve got an appointment to chat with the proprietor this afternoon, so look for a followup.) 2:16 PM UPDATE: Just talked with proprietor Silas Reynolds (who is a West Seattle native, it turns out) – writing a separate followup in a bit but one major point to note here: This will NOT be 21-over only like their Mount Vernon place; he says it will be family-friendly.

“Spring Into Action” Friday 6/5 at Highland Park Elementary

Announced this week:

Highland Park’s

Springing Into Action
June 5th @ 6 PM
Free dinner & Giveaways
learn Native American art
info about new recycling guides by ECOSS
learn the benefits and care of WORM BINS
with West Seattle’s own

This is happening at Highland Park Elementary School.

Next Koran class at First Lutheran Church of West Seattle starts July 9

June 5, 2009 1:16 am
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From Pastor Ron Marshall at First Lutheran Church of West Seattle:

JULY 9, 16, 23, 30: READ THE KORAN IN FOUR WEEKS, First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, 935-6530, – Have you wanted to know for yourself what the Koran says in a world where Islam is mentioned nearly every day in the news? Then make plans now to join this four-week guided reading led by Pastor Ron Marshall — who’s been teaching this class four times a year since 2003. The $50 registration fee includes an authorized translation of the Koran for your keeping. Worksheets and other background handouts from Islamic scholars will be provided for each class session the week before. Call now to register or make inquiries. Enrollment is limited.

We interviewed Pastor Marshall about his unique class last year; see the story here.