WSB site note: New page with info on our many RSS feeds

If you read WSB via RSS – or are interested in doing so – we apologize for having our various feed links scattered senselessly around the site – till now: We just added a page to the tab-navigation bar under the sunset header, labeled simply RSS – it’s got direct links to our main feeds and instructions on where to find the links to the many other ways you can use RSS to read WSB (you can get a feed on the fly for any individual comment thread or forum thread, for example). Not sure what RSS is? Here’s a pretty good explanation.

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  • Mark Ahlness January 31, 2009 (4:06 pm)

    I really hope more people start to take advantage of rss. In a world where you just don’t have the time to go from several blogs to several news sources to several other web sites, several times a day to stay current…. it only makes sense to have one place to go that aggregates them all.

    I started a feed for the WSB some time ago when I couldn’t get my news reader (Bloglines) to find WSB’s feed. It’s still there as a reliable option for folks, a feed for blog posts, through FeedBurner:

    Thanks, WSB!

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