More to the job than firefighting: Ex-Huling broken window cleanup

Thanks to Chris for the tip about that BIG broken window (tarped over in the second photo) at the ex-Huling/Gee sites on the south side of SW Alaska, east of Fauntleroy Way. Police were leaving as we got there, so we’re checking with the precinct about whether this involved a break-in or “just” a break, and will add that info when we get it. (Not only was the crew from Ladder 11 helping clean up and secure the scene, two of them subsequently spotted us in a mortifying bit of car trouble across the street minutes later – got stuck on an unnoticed curb while trying to make a fast getaway — and saved us with a push. Thanks, guys!)

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  • Farmersfriend January 26, 2009 (10:53 am)

    AS if that place didn’t ripp off enough people, they continue using our resources even after they are gone. How can Steve Huling even show himself around town? I say we demolish the place and make it a covered farmer’s market for our year round farmer’s market!

  • Lindsey January 26, 2009 (2:39 pm)

    I second that! I live near there, and am so sick of the empty lots. I’m relatively new to the area, so I’m unaware of any plans to turn it into something useful. I’d love to have something of neighborhood interest added our lovely area. Maybe the WSB can tell me what’s going on with that property…

  • WSB January 26, 2009 (3:15 pm)

    I should point out, after re-checking the property databases, that the site in question is not OWNED by the Huling family. It was the former site of a Huling/Gee business location BUT it is owned by Robert Rogers, along with the parcel immediately west, bordering Fauntleroy. And it’s been for sale for quite some time. Sale price now down to $4.3 million, originally listed at $5 million:

  • Gina January 26, 2009 (3:59 pm)

    C’mon all you WSB readers! Our next fund raiser should be to buy this lot and plant it with daisies. ;)

  • marty January 26, 2009 (5:26 pm)

    You deserve a BRICK today!!!!!!!!

  • austin January 26, 2009 (5:37 pm)

    Maybe someone was trying to get in to turn all the lights off.

  • sharonn January 26, 2009 (8:21 pm)

    Many people in the Fairmount Community and West Seattle in general want the properties in the Triangle District to be transformed into a viable and a vibrant business district. It’s disheartening to see this vandalism. The increase in tagging on Alaska east of Fauntleroy, boarding up of broken windows and the appearance that property owners are ignoring routine safety of sidewalks, leaf clogged drains never cleared and no maintainance hopefully will not become the norm. This is valuable property and all of your neighbors care about your property and our neighborhood appearance.

  • WScondodweller January 27, 2009 (11:10 am)

    I agree that this valuable property could quickly and easily become a target for vandalism and crime. It is well known that once the criminal element sees signs of neglect in an area, it becomes “fair game” to destroy at will.

    With such a large number of unoccupied properties in the immediate triangle area, it is vital that the community stays vigilant and demands that owners keep the properies looking presentable.

    Recently our condo complex at 35th & Alaska had a break-in and the motel across the street is well-known for the drug traffic there.

    With the triangle on the verge of becoming the West Seattle gateway, we cannot allow it to take on the appearance of a slum.

    It is time to update the window dressing in the area and actually look like the gem we truly are.


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