Columbus Day observance today: What you need to know

BANKS: Most if not all closed
MAIL: Regular delivery, no; Express Mail, yes.
SCHOOLS: Open (public schools had Friday off for a “professional development day”)
LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Open (including courts)
PARKING: Regular weekday rates/hours
TRANSIT: Regular

3 Replies to "Columbus Day observance today: What you need to know"

  • beef October 13, 2008 (1:42 pm)

    why the professional development day in quotes? Doesn’t putting it in the quotes make it seem like it is not on the up and up?

  • WSB October 13, 2008 (1:49 pm)

    SOP to use quotes for terminology that is that of another agency or entity – I should find a link for that term so that those interested in what a PD day is can follow it.

  • PSPS October 13, 2008 (7:58 pm)

    Yikes! I spent all day going from client to client downtown, just parking wherever I pleased. I used a 3-minute passenger loading zone for about an hour and never bothered to plug any meters. Truck zones, “consul vehicles only,” I used them all.
    And here it is, after the day’s work, and I read this. I guess I was lucky I didn’t get any tickets.
    I was surprised to see the Cushman making the rounds near Jefferson Square in the late afternoon. Now I discover that this wasn’t a “parking holiday.”

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