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Two Chief Sealth High School updates

March 22, 2008 11:59 pm
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First, that’s a quick bit of video from tonight’s Chief Sealth Mariachi and Honor Choir fundraiser, the annual tamale dinner at which diners were serenaded by the student musicians; you can hear the CSHS mariachis in our clip. Find out more about Chief Sealth’s music program at its website.

Second, almost a month after the Denny/Sealth shared-campus vote, the School Design Team meetings — which are open to the public — are starting up again next week, 3 pm Tuesday at CSHS. Organizers say the next meeting will include a project update and “discussion of next steps.”

Pre-Easter seal


Yes, yes, we know, sea LION, really. WSB contributing photojournalist Matt Durham got these companion shots with marine mammal and canines eyeing each other from sea and shore at Lincoln Park. (Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site,

Drinkable Easter treats for West Seattle Peeps fans

hotwirepeep.jpgWhile out photographing outdoor sunrise services tomorrow (listed on our West Seattle Easter Sunday Services page along with every other WS service we could find), we’ll be stopping by Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) in The Junction for their Easter-season treat — Peep lattes. Really! Hotwire proprietor Lora provided the photographic proof. The ones with yellow Peeps have honey and vanilla; pink Peeps, strawberry and white chocolate; green Peeps, peppermint and milk chocolate. Lora says Hotwire will be open 7 am-6 pm tomorrow. (And if you’ve got a little one in tow, Hotwire’s having a Peep hunt – find the six Peep pix hidden around Hotwire, get your own Peep.) IF YOU’RE READING THIS POST-EASTER: Lora says the Peeps are “put away for the year” but other spring treats are now on the menu – including lavender mochas and rose lattes.

West Seattle Farmers’ Market, Easter Sunday “fresh sheet”

March 22, 2008 6:07 pm
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The libraries will be closed, The Viaduct will be closed 6 am-6 pm, but tomorrow, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market will be open just like every Sunday – southeast corner of 44th and Alaska — here’s the official citywide “fresh list”:Read More

Updates from real-estate and land-use land

Been gathering these most of the week, as other news kept getting in the way … So, it’s the Saturday “better late than never” collection of real-estate and land-use notes:

ANOTHER APARTMENT BUILDING FOR SALE: 9020 35th (map), $2,025,000 (here’s the listing). Right next door to the scheduled teardowns-to-mixed-use at 9030 35th. We always make a point of reporting apartment-building listings, because they’re often a prelude to some sort of future change, such as what’s happened here:


CONDO-IZED AFTER ALL: We’ve been watching the building shown above, West Aires at 6001 California SW (map), ever since it was up for sale last year for $2 million-plus. King County property records show it’s stlll owned by the people who bought it for under $1 mil in 2006, but they’ve apparently taken a new spin – selling individual units. Over the months, we’ve received several e-mails inquiring about West Aires’ status; each time we checked the city records for any sign of a condo-conversion application, but found none. Guess those aren’t always needed (or at least not always posted online), because as tipster Greg pointed out (thanks!), the shingle’s up and units are for sale. “Fabulous 2 & 3 bedroom condos,” says this listing.

FROM LAND-USE LAND: The permits have been granted for the 6002 Admiral teardown and the townhouses (permits at 6002 and 6004); that’s on this site, at 60th/Admiral:


Not far away, 2771 59th SW (across from Alki Elementary) appears in the latest Land Use Information Bulletin; comments will be taken till 4/2 on that teardown proposal for 2 homes and one 3-unit townhouse. Comments are also open till 4/2 for early design review on 4145 Beach Drive and environs; we mentioned recently that it’s getting an “administrative” review, which means no hearing — this page explains why (the developer wants a “departure” — exception — from setback requirements). And the same LUIB finally presents official notice of the upcoming 4/10 Design Review Board public meetings for the Harbor Properties proposal at 38th/Alaska and the Conner Homes proposal at California/Alaska/42nd, both hearings already mentioned here (with more details on the develelopments) when they appeared on the city website more than a week ago.

West Seattle scenes: 1st Saturday morning of spring

Not even noon yet, and so much has happened already. First, check out the throng outside West Seattle Thriftway in Morgan Junction just before its 9 am egg hunt (so big, we needed two angles – first the group on the south side of the storefront, then the north side):



We hopped quickly over to Alki to catch the crowd gathering at the start of Walk for Water – Seattle is one of two cities nationwide to host this World Water Day event:



Next stop, Delridge Community Center – one of West Seattle’s five city-run community centers, all of which had egg hunts at 10 am today – at Delridge, the crowd was broken into three age groups; here’s video of elementary-age kids on the run for their hunt:

Also at Delridge at 10 am, just yards away from the egg-hunt kids and their Easter baskets, older kids — a few dozen from Denny Middle School — were holding different types of collection containers: bright yellow bags for the Delridge Adopt-A-Street cleanup; the students joined North Delridge Neighborhood Council members in this morning’s effort:


Still more to come in West Seattle as the day continues; our West Seattle Weekend Lineup has the comprehensive list.

West Seattle Easter Sunday services list updated

March 22, 2008 10:46 am
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If you are thinking about attending church tomorrow and haven’t decided where yet – just wanted to let you know we’ve added updates to our as-comprehensive-as-we-could-make-it list of West Seattle Easter Sunday services; check it out here. (Thanks to Amy for the most recent addition – she noticed Freedom Church’s marquee at 35th/Roxbury had an added 6 am service tomorrow and e-mailed to let us know.)

Alaskan Way Viaduct may also be closed when NOT flashing …

viaductnotflashing.jpgUpdate on our previous promise to check the “Alaskan Way Viaduct Closed When Flashing” lights — the “test” promised by the city must apparently be an intermittent test, or else it’s not starting till later, because we checked on the lights along 35th, Fauntleroy, and Admiral between 7:10 and 7:45 am, more than an hour after the viaduct’s scheduled shutdown started, and none were on (photo at left is the one next to the West Seattle Golf Course entrance); the only notable orange light we saw was a lovely sunrise. Anyway, just so you know; if one of those signs isn’t flashing when you pass it today till 6 pm or tomorrow 6 am-6 pm, don’t be fooled, those are still the scheduled Viaduct shutdown hours. Also, at least as of early this morning, we also didn’t see the mobile signs that are usually set up at 35th/Fauntleroy and on Admiral. 10:35 AM UPDATE: OK, we have now seen flashing action – at least, the one on Harbor Ave just north of The Bridge was on when we drove by at 9:45:


Morning notes: Viaduct, West Seattle egg hunts

March 22, 2008 7:02 am
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VIADUCT REMINDER: The closure started an hour ago, continues till 6 pm today, then again 6 am-6 pm tomorrow. The Battery Street Tunnel is scheduled to be closed for the duration, all the way till 6 pm tomorrow. Inspection results are promised next Friday; we’re heading out momentarily to see how the “warning-lights test” is going.

EGG HUNTS: There are a multitude this morning around West Seattle, all listed on our Events page (which is also where you’ll find a link to our list of WS Easter Sunday services).