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Click! closure just till the weekend

January 22, 2008 11:49 pm
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With other West Seattle businesses remodeling, posting “for rent” signs, pondering moving, etc., the folks at WSB sponsor Click! Design That Fits thought you might like to know that their closure this week is just temporary – they’ll be open again on Saturday (with new artwork from Brad Strain).

Myrtle Reservoir park meeting: Toplines and handouts

January 22, 2008 9:23 pm
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More than two hours of lively discussion later, we’re back from the Myrtle Reservoir park meeting. The potential “skatespot” in the new park is now proposed as a 10,000-square-foot (less than a 10th of the park’s size) facility in the northeast corner (at 35th/Willow) — but there’s no money for it in the Myrtle park budget, so if the Parks Department ultimately decides to go ahead with it, they’re going to have to figure out how to pay for it (some of the youngest skatepark supporters at the meeting suggested a fundraising campaign). While we work on our full report, we’ll be posting links to the park-design options (and other documents shortly), since Parks Department project manager Virginia Hassinger was kind enough to send us advance copies late today and told the crowd we’d have them up soon. ADDED 9:45 PM: OK, here are PDFs of the four items from the Parks Department, representing the drawings shown at tonight’s meeting. We will show the design alternatives inline in our writeup in the morning but since this is a big park space, these links are the best way to take a closer look (plus you can zoom in on PDFs if you want): Park Concept Alternative A here, Park Concept Alternative B here, Park Design Issues here, Park Site Conditions here. (Note that Alternatives A and B are not “either-or” — just two possibilities, and the final product could have features of both, and/or features not seen in either.) Next steps, discussion details, and more, coming up in the full report.

Design review set for teardowns-to-apartments on 35th


This just appeared on the list of upcoming Design Review Board meetings — 9030 35th SW (map) has been added to the agenda for the February 14th Southwest DRB meeting that was already set to consider Fauntleroy Place. This proposal would replace the two 85-year-old houses shown above with what the city project page describes as a “new 4-story building providing 3,000 sf of retail and 33 apartments with parking for 38 vehicles.” Apartment buildings already bookend this site, by the way.

Tuesday scenes from around West Seattle

Freedom Church (35th/Roxbury), midday today, the funeral of teenage shooting victim DeChe Morrison; photo e-mailed (thank you!) by Patrick:


As mentioned previously, police had a significant presence around the church, for reasons including the fact no one’s been arrested yet. The Southwest Precinct reports all was quiet; in the late morning, we noted groups of officers a close, but discreet, distance from the church, including these motorcycle officers at 35th/Barton:


Switching gears, we have two shots from this morning’s nearly simultaneous sunrise/moonset. The southeastward view is from Bill “at the top of Southern”:


And here’s the westward view, from Robert Stever:


Thanks to Bill and Robert for those photos … any time you have one to share, from the sunrise to the sunset to the fender-bender down the block, send it our way.

Exotic cat capture followup: What it was, what’ll happen to it

400px-serval_portrait.jpgFollowing up on the capture of the suspected serval in West Seattle (sighting first reported here Friday; capture reported here Saturday; photo at left shows a wild serval, haven’t seen one yet of the actual capturee): We just heard back from Don Jordan, director of the Seattle Animal Shelter, who gave WSB the full scoop on what happened, and what will happen next:Read More

New driver licenses available in West Seattle starting today

As mentioned here last month, today’s the first day that “enhanced driver licenses” are available in our state, for people who want to be able to travel to Canada without a passport when new ID requirements kick in next week. The West Seattle driver-license office next to Westwood Village is one of only 11 statewide where it’s available. By the way, if you’re going to that office to get one of these or handle any other business — you can get an update on current waiting times by clicking the “Seattle-West” link on this page.

Fire callout at 4042 55th SW

January 22, 2008 10:31 am
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Thanks to WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli for checking this out (map) – big callout for starters but it was called off relatively quickly so nothing big, but in case you heard the sirens, we’re letting you know.

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 notes

35TH/ROXBURY: Reminder that you will see a significant police presence there much of the day because of teenage shooting victim DeChe Morrison‘s memorial service @ Freedom Church later this morning (as reported here last week).

READER REPORTS CAR BREAK-IN: From Melissa in the 9700 block of 41st (map):

I thought our little neighborhood was immune, but no. Our dog went a little bonkers at about 10 pm Monday night. That must have been whenever was taking my cellphone and binoculars and rifling through our cars was doing so. My husband went out at 5:45 this morning to find my door still open. I wonder if our dog’s barking scared the thief off?

Two early-morning mini-alerts

-Major car ice (no surprise since temp’s in the 20s); prep your scraping arm.
-Looks like another morning moonset in the making (big bright full moon in the western sky now).