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La Rustica to be closed for more than a week

September 22, 2007 10:40 pm
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Went by La Rustica tonight, still closed in the wake of yesterday’s fire; then we called and eventually got a recording that says LR plans to reopen Tuesday, October 2nd.

Last evening of summer

Fall begins in a few hours. Post-sunset scenes from Lincoln Park:


Mars Hill’s leader looks back at Hallelujahpalooza

Actually, in his latest blog post, Mark Driscoll calls the September 14th Alki event “baptismalooza,” while also giving a nod to “pajama blogger jihadists” whom he believes are posting from “the comfy confines of their mom’s house.” (We own this ourselves, thank you very much.) His retelling of the seal incident is pretty close to other accounts except for two things: we don’t remember “animal-rights activists” showing up unless he means the Seal Sitters, and his crowd estimate of 3,000 is about 4 times what we got at the scene. SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: MH’s WS pastor Adam Sinnett estimates that same crowd at 2,000 in his latest blog post, which also touts the congregation’s growth, mentions they are moving from “live” to “video” preaching (does that mean MD via video to all campuses? we can’t sneak in to see for ourselves, we’re way out of their demographics), and says they’re having a big bash this Wednesday 9/26 (neighbors take note).

Saturday scenes around West Seattle

Along Delridge, the North Delridge Adopt-A-Street volunteers have been busy this midday — we saw groups mostly in twos and threes, with bright yellow bags, taking the time to make their neighborhood a better place.


On the Alki promenade, the Evergreen State Barbecue Championship participants spent the morning setting up. This photo shows the stack of wood one team brought along. The barbecuers say they will be cooking all night, judging tomorrow; apparently one vendor will be selling food tomorrow, but the others are just there to compete (different health regulations, too). The video clip after the photo is a short walking tour going past about a third of the booths.


In The Junction, construction/excavation crews have taken down most of the graffiti-laden retaining wall at the back of the ex-Hollywood Video/future QFC-Office Depot-apartments megaproject on Alaska:


One other note if you will be out and about — the last leg of Erskine, going southwest from The Junction, is blocked off at the five-cornered intersection (7-11, Uptown, etc.), because of road work just to the west.

Desperately seeking “Singh”

This is one of the most unusual e-mails we’ve received lately. Someone who recently found WSB is wondering if anyone out there can help him figure out whatever happened to a waiter who worked at a now-closed Junction restaurant.Read More

Free, free, get them free

The new Seattle CAN (Climate Action Now) campaign asks us all to take a few simple steps, such as using energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs. You can get one free today by going to any of the following:
The WS kickoff event for Seattle CAN featuring Hizzoner, KC Councilmember Dow C, Sustainable West Seattle, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, the Delridge councils, Chief Sealth HS, performers, and a lot more, at Youngstown Arts Center, 9 am-1 pm (info provided by SWS includes notes about refreshments @ 9, the mayor speaking @ 9:30, and a biodiesel demo @ 9:45)
Public libraries around the city, including the four here in WS (Delridge, High Point, Southwest, West Seattle, all open 10-6 today according to those branch websites) – 1 PM UPDATE, we just stopped by the WS branch to get one, and the people manning the Seattle CAN table there told us they are there until 4.