Two notable posts on BDB

Pardon the redundancy if Beach Drive Blog is already on your list of regular stops, but BDB’s Rhonda has a must-read and a must-see on her site right now: first, her beef about bikes (we know we’ve got bicyclists in WSB-land, so we anticipate other sides to the story); second, a wonderful photo of the moon over a ferry the other night.

4 Replies to "Two notable posts on BDB"

  • Rhonda Porter July 2, 2007 (7:50 am)

    Thanks, WSB. Let it be known, I love riding my bike and even though I’m not a “pro”…I ride on the street.

  • Luckie July 2, 2007 (8:28 am)

    I switch back and forth, depending on the condition and busyness of the street. I prefer NOT to ride in a street like 35th, for instance, or on the currently ripped-up California. But when I am on the sidewalk, I keep the “sidewalk is for pedestrians” rule in mind, and think of myself as a guest in the pedestrians’ territory. It’s basic cycling ettiquette for a cyclist to slow down and be very aware of people on foot while on the sidewalk. If there are more than a few people on the sidewalk in a congested area, I get off and walk the bike.

  • Bill July 2, 2007 (9:00 am)

    If (we) cyclists want to be treated with equal consideration on the road, they (we) need to follow the rules. I’ll be the first to holler at a moron running red lights downtown or cruising high speed down a pedestrian walk. That said, I still think much more can be done to make this a more cycling friendly city.

  • Bill B July 2, 2007 (9:12 am)

    I cycle quite a bit in West Seattle (esp. the beach). Sidewalks should be kept for pedestrians and SLOW, patient bicyclists.

    I’ll add another similar frustration… How about people/cyclists using the wrong paths at the beach?!?! Why do families walking 4-wide complete with strollers insist on using the path clearly marked with a bike?!? (visa versa is true as well).

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