Pet store coming to Alki

Just discovered that All the Best Pet Care has rented part of the former Alki Market space next to Cactus, and the locally based folks who own the chain confirm it. They say they’re hoping to open by mid-July, depending on how the permit process goes; owner/founder Susan Moss adds, “We are SOOO excited  because West Seattle is such a vibrant community and the beach location we snagged is so lovely!” — and she says she has hired an Alki resident to manage the store. One more thing — Moss is looking for input on what would be ideal hours for the Alki store to be open; she says they were thinking 10 am-7 pm but wondering if the Alki-area lifestyle might be conducive to something different –leave comments on this post and we’ll make sure she  sees them!

16 Replies to "Pet store coming to Alki"

  • Sean June 6, 2007 (2:39 pm)

    How many pet stores are we going to have in West Seattle? I mean, I have two dogs and love them and love the little pet stores. I’ll come shop if you open, I was just saying. As for the hours, definitely 7 pm. Next to Nature is open until 7 three days and until 9 other three days. Mud-bay is open until 9 too. So, later the better. Thank you!

  • Robert June 6, 2007 (3:12 pm)

    It is surprising to me that West Seattle can support so many pet supply stores. Wouldn’t it just be a shame if Petco ends up building that store at Charleston Cafe property and then has to shut it down a year later due to poor sales?

  • ML June 6, 2007 (3:23 pm)

    With all due respect to critters, how about a market for people (back) down here. It says a lot about a place that can support so many pet stores but not a neighborhood market.

  • Aidan Hadley June 6, 2007 (5:30 pm)

    Amen to Sean, Robert and ML. We don’t need another pet store anywhere in West Seattle. How about some more diversity in our shops?

  • Luckie June 6, 2007 (5:57 pm)

    West Seattle needs another pet food store like it needs another nail salon. I miss the market on Alki.

  • Marci June 6, 2007 (6:26 pm)

    No more pet stores….sorry I think this is a real shame….

  • GenHillOne June 6, 2007 (6:44 pm)

    Sorry, agreed. I actually need Petco and NTN for different items, so use both but don’t know how our area can support all of these. I’ve always wondered why the elusive TJ hasn’t gone to the Alki Market space…dedicated parking and what I call “destination” shopping – the kind that you’ll bother with a little extra hassle (summer at the beach traffic for instance) to get what you’re looking for. Bonus for those walking Fido along the beach though I guess.

  • Deliboy June 6, 2007 (8:31 pm)

    They’ll get decent walk-in traffic, but I hope they don’t count too much on selling larger items. I also think we’re at the saturation point, at the very least.

  • Ali June 6, 2007 (8:38 pm)

    Oh my – you all said exactly what I was thinking! Another pet store in West Seattle?! Come on. How many pets are there? Seriously. Do we now have more pet stores than grocery stores? This is crazy!

  • TD June 6, 2007 (8:44 pm)

    Yuck – I thought I had heard that a sushi restaurant or a Italian restaurant wanted that space – another pet store – give me a break. I love my fish – dont get me wrong but I do not need 9 places to purchase flakes within a 7 mile radius.

  • Jiggers June 6, 2007 (8:57 pm)

    We need more pet stores,donut shops and coffee houses around don’t you get it.

  • dq June 7, 2007 (8:31 am)

    i miss the ol’ market too….
    i wonder what kind of market research these folks did before deciding to go into the space? (that’s not meant to sound critical, just curious based on all of our responses)

  • Angela June 7, 2007 (10:31 am)

    Ditto, Amen, not another one…

    We also shop at Petco (all the time) and NTN ocassionally, but geez, just how many pet stores do I need to buy the same food month after month for my four furry felines? Sure, I throw in an occasional fluffy mouse and some ‘nip, but everyone has that.

  • cami June 7, 2007 (5:12 pm)

    Alki-area lifestyle? Stay open later and close in the winter. I wish them luck. There are a lot of dog owners in the neighborhood, not to mention the dog walkers.

  • Amy June 7, 2007 (8:10 pm)

    Disappointing news for that space. I would much prefer a market in the neighborhood.

  • steve June 8, 2007 (9:53 am)

    They wont live for even one winter! Why cant someone give us a convenience store, we know the beach cant support a real market, we didn’t take care of that when we had a chance… BUT a convenience store would do gangbusters all year long! I would love to see that, to me pet food on the beach is a bad idea… unless they sell frozen pizzas, beer and pop and… you get the picture.

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