Pointlessness at the Polls, the aftermath

-We’ve been watching the additional ballot counts roll in each day since voting ended on Tuesday. The tunnel option has held steady at 70% no, but replacement-a-duct has lost ground day by day … on election night, it was at 55% no; tonight, that’s up to 57% no.

-Speaking of the viaduct, we know a bit more about exactly when it will be shut down next weekend for the big inspection. At least it won’t be out of commission the entire weekend.

3 Replies to "Pointlessness at the Polls, the aftermath"

  • Burienite March 16, 2007 (6:37 pm)

    If you haven’t read what Dow Constantine has to say about what’s next and things we need to do now to start fixing the Alaska Way corridor traffic issues, it’s worth a read

    All those things see pretty logical no matter what ends up being the ultimate end solution for the viaduct.

  • ivan March 17, 2007 (7:32 am)

    And just so there’s no mistaking Dow’s intent, he says unequivocally that all the improvements he calls for must be implemented *before* the Viaduct comes down.

    Give it up, Viaduct-haters. That ought to take 20 years at least. DOT will repair it, and we’ll drive it.

  • Admiral Resident March 17, 2007 (7:43 am)


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