New Viaduct Vote catch phrase

One result of a No/No viaduct vote might be the so-called retrofit. Viaduct, The Blog coined a new catch phrase for it: “Repair & Prepare.” LATE AFTERNOON UPDATE: Just read at Friends of Seattle that the 34th District Democrats decided this week not to endorse the rebuild (so did they go pro-tunnel, or No/No?).

2 Replies to "New Viaduct Vote catch phrase"

  • Dawson February 17, 2007 (7:52 pm)

    Yes, let’s spend money in a futile attempt to repair something that would otherwise fall down. Tear it down. Put in a surface street. Put in a new viaduct. Do something, do it right and lets move on.

  • Sophie Senturk February 27, 2007 (7:12 pm)

    I’m a no/no person. The tunnel option for me is ridiculously unintelligent and the rebuild is just as nearly unappealing.
    By not choosing either and tearing down the old viaduct it will give us so much more money to invest in better ways of transportation, it will make us less dependant on the viaduct, it’ll open up the waterfront, AND will not cost taxpayers.
    Not to mention that the other options, if done, wouldn’t be usable for years! By the time the new tunnel or viaduct is done, I won’t even have the same job!

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