Quick, before the connection goes out again

The lights are flickering; the Internet connection is wavering … Sounds out there like This Is It — the wind wallop the weather experts warned about. The National Weather Service “current observations” say it’s gusting to 58 mph at Alki Point! (Look for “K91S” here, under the “GS” column for gusts, “SP” next to it for ongoing wind speed.) E-mail and online reports mention a variety of problems around WS already, including some sort of sinkhole at Northrop and Thistle, up the hill from Lincoln Park, and power outages in Westwood and at the Fauntleroy end of the WS Bridge. We might be too powerless to post later, so to speak, but please keep everyone updated by adding a comment to this post with a report from your ‘hood. (And if you want to know what’s up elsewhere, the RPIN appears to provide decent updates.)

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  • Kathy December 14, 2006 (11:39 pm)

    I just drove home to Alki down Admiral Way. It looks like power is out from west of Modern Care (49th SW) all the way down to hill until you get to Alki (59th SW). Our lights are flickering down here too, so don’t know how long we will have power.

  • Schulz December 15, 2006 (8:08 am)

    Woke up this morning at 530a and the power was out. I heard on the bus that the power has been out since 1am. I live where Beach Drive and the Fauntleroy neighbors meet up. Since I ride the bus to work, I started up Murray to Holly and then drove down Holly to turn left onto Lincoln at the Beach Drive intersection. Then I drove up Lincoln (tree down going up the hill) to turn left onto Fauntleroy. Started driving towards California intersection and there was a police car and cones set up. So I took a left onto one the side streets to meet up with California, but as I turned on my brights not to hit anything I came face to face with a large tree and down power lines. (Personally I have never seen anything like that up close. To the people in the homes I hope everything is all right and someone is taking care of the tree that is down across the road.) I got myself turned around and I came back to Fauntleroy. Went up another side stree and got to California. Street lights were out and so was all of the businesses around the intersection. Turned right onto Fauntleroy and headed toward the Alaska intersection. The lights seemed to be on starting around Raymond all the way to the bridge.

    Since I ride the bus, I normally take the 54 Express but that I safely assumed wouldn’t be airing due to the down trees. The 54 Local seems to be running a altered schedule, but still going from the Alaska Junction to Downtown. I rode the 21 Express, so I would say the 21 bus line is runnning on 35th.

    Hope all is safe with everyone and the power isn’t out long.

  • Shawn December 15, 2006 (9:51 am)

    Pretty much all of the power is out in Highland Park and Delridge. Last night there was a pretty bad flood at the bottom of Highland Park Way SW, but this morning it was dry.

    Some major street intersection signals are out as well. On our way to work we found the following without power:
    – Highland Park Way SW and W Marginal Way
    – 509 and E Marginal Way (had traffic enforcement officers directing traffic)

    Most of SoDo seems to have power, but there are a few pockets here and there without.

    Stay safe out there!

  • Holly B December 15, 2006 (10:32 am)

    Fairmount Avenue is entirely blocked by a 6 foot wide tree at the top (Forest Street) end of the ravine. Fortunately it didn’t hit any people or houses or vehicles.

  • gina December 15, 2006 (2:28 pm)

    At Hiawatha Park in the Admiral area, a large evergreen is down, roots and all by the wading pool area. Might be something interesting for all the kids out on early winter break to see.

  • Forest December 16, 2006 (1:13 pm)

    That beautiful poplar tree that smashed across Fairmount Avenue at the top of the ravine is still there and it is WAY bigger than 6 feet wide. It looks more like 30 feet across, counting all the gnarled trunks and pulverised branches.

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