Morgan Junction Festival – don’t just drive by!

We almost skipped up the Morgan Junction Community Festival, because if you drive by on California, it looks like almost nothing is happening. Luckily, we drove by again on our way back from the Farmers’ Market, and realized all the booths are set up on the BACK (west) SIDE of the “future monorail memorial park” site (formerly Fauntleroy Auto Repair & Video Vault), almost out of view of those passing by on Cali. And it’s a nice collection of booths: wide variety of community staples from the WS Herald to the Log House Museum to Megawatt (taking advance orders for the 2007 WS Calendar!) to Furry Faces Foundation to the Morgan Community Association (natch), plus local faves such as Bird on a Wire Espresso and Sugar Rush Baking Company, and even the new wireless broadband service that’s been putting up towers around WS, Clearwire (the salesperson who’s there says they’re “live” in many WS spots now and can check your location on her map). On the Cali Ave side, there’s entertainment (the WS Big Band was doing a great job when we dropped by; here’s the rest of the day’s slate). If you see this before 6 pm tonight — go check it out!

2 Replies to "Morgan Junction Festival - don't just drive by!"

  • The House September 18, 2006 (10:17 pm)

    Ok, I’m tired of you talking up Clearwire like it’s something new. Sprint and Verizon both offer wireless high speed Internet ALREADY!!! Sprint and Verizon are not offering Wi-Fi, but high speed wireless Internet access anywhere their networks work. That means that you can sit at your house in WS and get it today from them (I use Sprint’s all the time). If you want more info, e-mail me!

  • Administrator September 18, 2006 (10:33 pm)

    Sadly, the Sprint website tells me there’s no service in my area. The Verizon website refuses to recognize my address. The nice Clearwire lady showed me a map that featured exact coverage points from the towers they’ve got up so far. We’re not jumping in to anything yet but we’re going to keep looking to see if there’s some way to break the surly bonds of Comcast!

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