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    Ms. Sparkles

    I emailed management about these issues on 1/9/17 & asked to speak with a manager this morning; I never received a response to my email and no one was available to speak with me this morning, therefore I’m in compliance with WSB rules.

    While I was underwhelmed with the final product of the remodel on Saturday, and displeased with the having to use 1/2 lockers on Sunday, I was planning on waiting until the end of the month (and a response to my email voicing these issues) before I decided if it was time to move on. However when I arrived for my class this morning to find that there were absolutely no lockers left, it seems fate made the decision for me and I immediately canceled my membership. My family had been members since 2003.

    Reading on the blog about “Try it Tuesday” and seeing the membership sales promotions as I walked through the still unfinished Y was just too much as I was informed there were no lockers left in the Women’s locker room- but then having a staff member suggest I use the day lockers; not only do they not work (they don’t lock), they are of no use if you want to shower after your workout. Why even suggest this?

    Buyer Beware: If you’re looking for a Jim where you can shower after your workout and have a secure place to store your stuff while you do, the WS YMCA cannot accommodate you. If you just want to work out and don’t need shower facilities or to store your valuables, then this may be the gym for you.

    Excerpt from my email to Y management on which I never received a response:

    “The check in and out process is frustrating and cumbersome; why can’t it be how it is at the Down Town Seattle and at Morgan Family in Tacoma? There you scan your own card and bring your own lock.

    Replacing the check in process (and necessarily the associated lockers) would also partially address my second complaint- the lockers at the WS Y are too narrow, and the locking mechanisms are glitchy. I’m perplexed that the remodel didn’t include new lockers; I have been present twice when a child has locked themselves in a locker while a panicked parent had to send someone out to the (often) overwhelmed front desk to get a key. Get rid of these run down traps already!

    My third complaint is about the locker room. I am astonished that management decided to remove 50+ lockers to make room for the Queenax system, which only accommodates 10 people and requires the added expense of an instructor present at all times- even during open session. For the additional fees for the TRX and Pilates classes to cover the operating costs of this room, the planned target market is going to have to not care about the lack of space in the locker rooms.

    Next there’s the fact that instead of adding another, or expanding the current, fitness room, they added a conference room in addition to the community kitchen and meeting room. Is there really enough demand to sit and talk that requires both? The classes I attend in the fitness room are almost always cramped, so the need for another, or bigger room was obvious.

    Whose idea was it to put in combo day lockers? Again if the demand for small lockers outside of the locker rooms was there, why complicate things with combo locks that don’t actually work? Why not install basic lockers where people can use their own locks? These lockers, if they ever work (they currently do not lock), are a headache waiting to happen for the staff when people forget which locker is theirs, or their combination, or both and need a master key to retrieve their items.

    Lastly for the complaints, this is more operational than remodel related, but why aren’t there enough towels? Why are they, when they have them ready, hoarded behind the front desk? Why aren’t there enough to keep the locker rooms stocked WHILE laundering the used ones?”



    Ugh Ms. Sparkles this sounds incredibly frustrating. I, myself, left the Y in November after they had raised rates but never bothered to inform me of it. When I spoke with management they pulled up my file and upon checking my information they read off the wrong address and it had been wrong for almost 3 years, after no attempt to refund money or offer a solution (as they had updated my picture more than once, you think they would have asked if ALL information was correct) I left the Y and joined the corporate LAF–but I’ll say, they always have towels, the lockers are sufficient and their facilities are well kept (not to say that every gym doesn’t have its downsides) but LAF met more of my needs. I hope you find a new place to workout, sad to hear that their remodel doesn’t serve the needs of its members.


    Ms. Sparkles

    Thanks for the validation Greystreet. Ironically Y management just responded to my initial email. The Executive Director (Sutton) wrote:

    “Suzzanne forwarded me your email. Let me know when you’ll be by the WS Y, would love to talk in person so I can understand some of your concerns better and respond to them directly”

    I was perturbed by it taking 4 days to get such a vague response – especially when my email was VERY specific. My response:

    “Too little, too late; I cancelled my membership yesterday when there were NO lockers available. I filled out the “Membership Hold & Cancellation Form” with very specific comments regarding why I was ending my membership.

    My first email was also very specific- it contained all the information you needed to understand my concerns and respond to them, you just declined to do so.”

    To my surprise his response was immediate this time:
    “Ok. Thanks for letting me know.”

    – Seriously?!? It’s one click away from telling me not to let the door hit me on the way out… I guess they’re very confident that they don’t need my business.


    2 Much Whine

    Wow! So what do you do when Safeway is out of lemons? Turn in your membership card and only shop at Met Market? I love the new Y and all their great improvements. I kinda miss the racquetball courts but haven’t used them in years so I think using them for improvements to the child care area were a good idea. I also love the fact that they have lockers outside the locker room AND after one failed attempt I figured out how to use the lock. I didn’t get mad, I figured it out. By the way, what’s so hard about handing someone a card to scan. It takes 5 seconds. Why does that frustrate you? I’m sorry they didn’t immediately get back to you when you sent your note, with the remodel and all I’m sure they’re just sitting around waiting to respond immediately to hate mail. Not much else to do. And how did you expect them to respond to your 6+ complaints? “Oh, we’ll be happy to install larger lockers, get rid of Queenex and let you scan your own card, is there anything else you’d like?”

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    Try the West Seattle Health Club. We left during the Sam Adams mess, but we’ve been back for about 18 months now, and it’s really great. Great staff, clean, plenty of room, working equipment, lots of classes, easy parking, wonderful pool area, very reasonable price.


    Mr Aaron

    Why do you call it the Sam Adams mess when he saved the club from being sold in bankruptcy from Bob Padget? The club would have been gone. We all forget that. The landlord, who owns the club now, would not fix anything on the building as promised and the billing company bounced checks to the club. How is that his fault? We are quick to blame and had no idea what was going on.

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    It’s not perfect, but I love the West Seattle Y. I am there almost every day. The staff is friendly and accommodating. My child with special needs is supported. Sure, I’d love some other changes, but they did a good job with the funds they were able to raise. I think of it as a vital part of our community. I am happy to support it and help make it better.

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