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    Looking for some help here. I like eating out. I am an omnivore. I eat meat BUT I want some veggies with my meal.

    I am trying to eat healthier at home, which includes Fish or other meat, some carbs like brown rice or black beans and lots of veggies like a cup or so of broccoli, brussels sprouts etc.

    There are lots of great options in West Seattle for eating out but I can’t find a place that serves a generous portion of veggies with your meal. Most entrees I have had recently include 3 wilted green beans as the “seasonal vegetable.

    Who can help me find a place that is not strictly vegetarian but can provide plenty of the green stuff?





    Dinners at JaKs come with a large salad and a heaping helping of broccoli. That’s the only place that comes to mind right now.

    It’s mostly an a la carte world.



    I appreciate that Elliot Bay’s standard sides include chef’s-choice vegetables and a lovely quinoa salad. I don’t remember them being skimpy, but they’re definitely not filling half the plate with vegetables.



    JaKs was the first place I thought of, too. Lots of Thai restaurant’s have good all-veggie dish options.



    it’s not west seattle but i had lunch at the aussie steak house in south center today and had a really nice serving of veggies with my mahi…

    you can ask for no starch and double veggies just about anyplace you eat out now



    LEE’S ASIAN thy the Buddha Vegetables



    Thanks all, i am encouraged by these ideas! I will start with Jaks tomorrow night.




    JaK’s will let you sub your potato side with extra veggies (i.e. broccoli and carrots) as well. Not that I would ever do that but some of my low-carb eating friends went that route last time I dined there. The UFO counts as a veggie to me! Lee’s does sell sides of steamed broccoli for a few bucks, or try the grilled veggies at Buddha Ruksa too. Pretty basic but good for ya and excellent paired with the crispy garlic chicken of course!




    I know that you are looking for restaurants that serve a good wholesome plate of veggies, however, I’d like to let you know that my newly opened clinic on California Ave is now a pick up site for Tiny’s Farm organic veggie boxes. Great way to support your local farmers, decrease carbon footprint, get seasonal veggies and a chance to introduce veggies to your food regime you might never go out and buy at the store. Let me know if you are interested.



    I’m interested, Rgior6; could you post the link?



    Here is there website –

    Looks like you can also order there products from Amazon Fresh –

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