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    In light of the Seattle Times article with additional details on the original molestation charges, should Mayor Murray resign?

    Original police report here.

    CPS assessment here.

    I predict this will be the end for Murray and he will resign by Tuesday afternoon.



    He’s done!



    We are so near the end of his term that i don’t know that resignation will matter..
    but i suspect this is the end of his effectiveness and that he can kiss any political career he still thought he could build goodbye…

    to be perfectly frank.. i think he could have gotten beyond rent boys.. very few straight politicians have been permanently derailed because they got caught with prostitutes.. of any age.. and i think that was basically the case he was well on his way to making when he blamed his victims…

    but… accusations of abuse of your foster kid? that crosses the creepy line and enters into abuse of power… and i don’t think he can get beyond that.

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    T Rex

    He should resign immediately. He stayed in office hoping the paperwork was gone, all the while knowing he was guilty. Now that the report has surfaced, he can no longer claim his innocence.

    The resignation does matter! To the victim and to the people of Seattle.



    It would be “nice” if our elected public officials face the same level scrutiny of people in certified positions that ordinary workers are subject to. Little things like background checks, physicals, drug testing, recertification, etc… They enjoy benefits that we would love to have like decent retirements, health plans & other benefits.


    Yes, he should.

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