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    Grrr…Each one has a drawer or two that won’t close because of a metail rail slipping, bolt slipping, etc. I give up!

    Is this something someone can do for $50?

    angelescrestk at



    OP, Have you tried IKEA’s customer service? I know firsthand some of their gear can be frustrating, but they stock all the parts and have staff to help customers with issues.

    NO I do not work for IKEA, just a customer over the years.



    I would have used their customer service, but I think the inside rail needs to be secured, and that would mean dragging the whole piece back. They are fixable, I know. We’re lacking tools.



    The West Seattle Tool Library has all the tools that you’d probably need for that and even folks to give you advice, if desired. All the tools are free to use, though donations are suggested.

    This Thursday from 6-9pm, we’ll also be hosting The Fixers’ Collective, which is a fun group that gets together to fix things – everything from espresso makers to chainsaws to IKEA furniture. Their main purpose is both to inspire curiosity about how things work as well as to encourage folks to repair items rather than throw them away.

    You can check out both groups online:

    Hope that helps!



    if you didn’t find someone.. call me

    one thing i have plenty of are tools

    and the know how to use them

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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