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    I need to hear from someone a lot of someones, Who have found a very good roofing company. I have roof that needs to be re-roofed.I am talking sofits, gutters, face boards the works. I have had many bids they all came and walked on the roof. Not one mentioned the rotted sofits. When I showed them the rot they all said they would have to adjust their bid. So this tells me that this extra work would be that thing known as a surprise and would cost a lot more than the bid. So I am looking for a roofing company that will include the rotting sofits and all other plainly visible work, Some body who can step through a worm hole from the fifties that takes pride in what they do. Not one that just is out to take my money. Who out there knows of such a company.



    Although they are NOT in West Seattle, I would highly recommend Anderson Roofing from Issaquah!


    My wife and I had them do an estimate 5 or 6 years ago when we put a new roof on, and I was very impressed with their sales person. He even took the time to take a “core” sample of the existing roof surface.


    Sadly, hindsight being 20/20, we went with a local WS company that is no longer in business. Since then, I have seen at least one neighbor in the Arbor Heights area that has used Anderson Roofing.


    I think you would be quite happy getting an estimate from them.



    Seattle: 206-453-1922


    And don’t forget our own WS based Ventana Construction, who may have some suggestions for other QUALITY roofing companies.




    While our roof system is working out just fine, the lesson learned in our case is NOT to base the job on price alone. You are talking about a 20-30 year investment.




    i used West Seattle roofing a few years back and found them to be good.



    I have used Ascent Roofing twice now and recommended them to two other friends who have used them. The owner is a standup guy with integrity and I’d use them again in a minute. Got the best deal of the 3 bids on the first time and the best of 2 on the second time I used them. 206-242-7479



    My guy’s name is Marty, he is local. Love him and he is honest. He is doing it right now:) Thank god the weather has been pretty good.

    You have to pay for a dumpster, that is probably the biggest expense.

    Marty’s number is 206-588-9354




    We had Ace (now Berendt Roofing) do ours a couple years ago. Our roof wasn’t very old (less than 20 yrs), but had been flashed improperly and stapled down so we had rot in our fascia boards around the entire perimeter and were starting to lose shingles at an alarming rate. We decided to replace the roof because the rot was only getting worse and we didn’t want to end up needing even more repairs. We had a great experience with this company. They dropped the new fascia plywood off a few days beforehand so I could prime it myself. They were efficient and thorough and our roof looks great. They had a competitive bid and were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.



    I used John Michael Construction a few months ago and they are very good at what they do. I have a bad design issue that he was able to resolve and create a good fix. I’ve normally done all my all own roofing and I was happy with his cost and quality of work.

    John Michael

    John Michael Construction


    206 419 4556



    A 2nd vote for Ace/Berendt Roofing.

    They completely re-roof my house, fixed some bad spots & replaced/re-installed some failing skylights.


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