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    Smokers…. yes you that still do this ugly habit…STOP throwing your butts out of you car windows… tossing them in the dry brush in parks the woods and yes even your own neighborhoods….. with dry weather upon us you blacken our freeways, hills and forest put firefighters in danger cause mile long back ups …threaten our homes our lives with destruction from fire… your carelessness hurt and destroy and the litter you create…… its time for our city’s and our state to start going after you for burning our State and your litter is an eye sore everywhere one goes… selfish @!#$%^&@!@#$*% use your ashtray if you don’t have one get one or don’t smoke if you can’t put it out and depose of it properly…..

    I vented enough for now… time for a laugh…http://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2017/07/08



    I too am tired of finding their butts in my yard, even causing small fires in the lawn at times.  And…

    Just last night I returned home from a trip visiting relatives.

    One stay was with family that smoke in the house and now EVERYTHING I had with me contains the stench of their cigarettes; slippers, suitcase and laptop satchel, ALL my clothes and couple of hats. The worst of all was sitting in the airport and on the plane having to smell that nastiness in the cloths I was wearing. I couldn’t escape it!!

    Right after taking my seat I offered an apology to those on either side of me in case they too were going to be bothered by the offensive odor.

    After arriving home and loving-up the cat, my sole focus was to wash all my cloths and set everything else out on the deck to air-out overnight. Checking on the outside items this morning was a drag, as soon as I opened the back door I was smacked in the nose by the lingering yuckiness that I’ll have to figure-out some was of getting rid of…any suggestions? 




    The only thing I’ve found to eliminate smoke smell is ozone. You can rent an ozone machine and put it in a room with everything that smells for a day. The smell will be gone. It isn’t wise to spend any time breathing it so take care. I have used it to deodorize apartments that reek of smoke. Works every time!



    Sbre: you could try baking soda, too-buy one of those giant bags at Costco. It is a natural deodorizer- I use it on my sweaty gym clothes. 20 Mule Team Borax might also work.



    The un-washables try FEBREEZE and the things you can wash. just a good old washing in the washer should get rid of the smell.



    There used to be a sizable fine for throwing cigarettes out of a car window. Unfortunately, litter violations are on a long, long list of laws that are no longer enforced in Seattle. We ceased to be one of the most “livable” cities some time ago…



    sbre — I learned this from a friend who played music in bars when they were still smoky: Just hang the item outside in the breeze! I didn’t believe it would work. It does. Good luck!

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    sunlight is the best fabric refresher around



    I once bought a really nice winter coat at a rummage sale. When I got it home, I realized it was saturated with that nicotine smell. I had to hang the coat outside all summer to get rid of it. It did eventually deodorize so I could wear it.



    back to Waynster’s original point..

    isn’t it time we all started cleaning up our own messes?



    Thank you to all who’ve offered solutions. The non-washable items have been living on my deck 24/7 since returning home midnight on Friday and it does seem to be working, s-l-o-w-l-y, and I augment the process by whacking and sweeping them with a broom periodically.

    Fabreez is a last-resort if they don’t ‘come clean’, and something I wouldn’t have thought of, thank you ‘good’.

    JoB~You are correct, it’s WAAAAAAAY past time we start cleaning-up our own messes, but sadly a lot of us are left to take care of the mess left by the lazies and inconsiderates that roam amongst us.

    Like grandma always said just before kissing me on the forehead…”Remember who you are and how you are being taught, and only do those things which will make me proud of you”.

    Grandma is watching!!!



    Oh, sbre- I LOVE THAT!



    sbre.. grandmas must have a rule book.. mine said the same thing ;-)



    I littered once as a kid and a stranger in a car saw from a block away and yelled at us, calling us “pigs”. I was so ashamed, I never did it again. When I moved here, I used to use my grocery bags to pick up trash on the sidewalks and at the beach. I don’t have those bags anymore and there is so much more trash everywhere. It seems everyone drops whatever everywhere.



    There are hiking trails I don’t go on anymore because so many people are leaving trash. The last time I did Rattlesnake Ledge I brought a garbage bag. It was full by the time I got back to my car. So gross.

    I did smoke once upon a time, but not in my house because the smell gets into everything.



    newnative, one time around 25 years ago, I was coming back to West Seattle in my ’67 VW Beetle that had the factory sunroof (which I pretty much always had open unles it was raining). I was eating a burger and fries, (yeah, I know), I think that was likely from By’s Burgers on 4th S.

    Along the Spokane St viaduct between the 4th S and 1st S on-ramps that were there back then, the wind blew some of my napkins out through the sunroof. I tried to grab them but to no avail.

    I felt bad because I would never litter and not only did it likely appear to the people in the other cars that I had done so but probably reinforced by them seeing my hand reach through the sunroof as I tried to grab them.


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