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    Contemplating a total kitchen remodel this year. It’s on the honey-do list now. Anyone have a good experience with a contractor and/or designer you can recommend? We’re planning on going to the remodeling expo this weekend to get started on the process.



    Be sure and check out Valley Line cabinets (tacoma), I feel they are the best “value” in cabinetry around.

    (depending upon your budget and total design)

    Wiesman’s in the Admiral Junction will generally match or beat any other appliance dealer; and they are a longtime WS business and supporter of local events and charities.

    Do you have any desire to do any or all of the work yourself?



    Ed Novion: 551-5161. Thrilled with his work. PM me for details.



    If you want a turnkey project, Potter Construction is very good.



    We used N’Compass Construction this summer. Drew 595-9808 and Stefan 799-5302. They did everything for us designed, built and and kept us informed every step.



    Dana Henrickson of DMH Design does great work:

    DMH DESIGN LLC Planning and Design

    PO Box 16211

    Seattle, WA 98116

    (206) 355.5059



    Longtime WSB sponsor Ventana Construction does kitchen remodels as well as other projects – see their website:

    (link about kitchens and baths is on the right side)

    They also have free monthly no-strings-attached workshops at which you can talk with the pros. Next one, in fact, is this Thursday (see the WSB Events calendar); this spot on their website explains how to sign up.

    Caveat, we have never personally worked with them. But we do take the opportunity to issue reminders about WSB sponsors when we can, to support local businesses who are in turn supporting community news/information/discussion.

    Good luck with your project, however it turns out!



    Ditto on Ed Novion. He did our kitchen, which was a complete tear out, redesign, and build. It’s fantastic and he was a pleasure to work with. And Bliss Kolb, 938-0119, a West Seattle wunderkind, for cabinets.



    Ed and Bliss, Ed and Bliss! After Ed and team (including Bliss) did the major remodel of our kitchen and bath, we invited Bliss back to build custom bookshelves, cabinets and bench and our front room. High quality work, and we couldn’t recommend him any higher.

    I need to check out Ventana – we have small projects we’d like to tackle and the education sounds great. Thanks TR/lowmanbeach



    Go local – Ventana Construction. We are currently working with Ventana. After collecting estimates we found them to be in the mid-range on price but superior in quality based on reviewing their past-projects. They have been great to work with and you won’t mind having them in your home. Check out their website and you will be impressed.



    I own a local Remodeling company, Double Diamond Remodeling, Inc. I can be reached at 206 935 0617 office, or 206 713 6606 cell. I specialiize in residential Remodeling, and primarily work in West Seattle.


    Thank you all for some direction on this project,your personal recommendations are coveted, keep them coming. We will be going out to the walls on this and I plan on doing some of it myself. It’s a smaller kitchen, and a good design is important, though layout probably wont be too different from what we have now. Will keep your recommendations to follow up on.Thank’s TR. Did enjoy speaking to the Valley Line Cabinet folks at the Puyallup show. Disappointed in the show though, low exhibitor turnout, probably should have gone to the show at Seattle Covention Center (same weekend).



    Jimmy Fuda of Yankee Construction (206) 310-4986 has done a few Kitchen remodels with the help of Berg Construction. has pictures of the work he’s completed. Great guys! Always a pleasure to have around the house!



    Hey G-Man –

    I went to Ventana’s last Dec. workshop and, for me, it was definitely worth my time. I got some great baseline knowledge about the process – I’m not a construction DIY’er, nor have I used a general contractor before.

    They offered the contractor viewpoint, along with an architect’s. I walked out with more confidence to determine how and if to proceed. I’ve also got great handouts to refer to now as well.

    PDieter – thanks for the heads up about Valley Line. Had not heard of them. Choices can be a little overwhelming, but are good!



    One thing to ask the contractor is about the subs that they use (ie, for electrical, plumbing, etc)…how often they’ve worked with the subs and such.

    Also, you might to ask about background checks they do or do not perform on the workers. I was surprised by one of the construction companies (recommended here in this thread) when I asked if they did criminal background checks on the workers, and they said ‘no’. They actually sounded surprised that I even asked such a question. In some types of businesses (ie, taking my car to a mechanic), then I probably wouldn’t care…but if people are going to be in my home and around my family, then I wouldn’t want any of them to be convicted criminals.

    Just something else to consider.


    Check out Ncompass Construction! They are local here in West Seattle. Really nice guys. Great work. They also do design. You can contact either Stefan at 206-799-5302 or Drew at 206-595-9808.



    Would definately recommend N’Compass. They remodeled our kitchen 4 years ago and I love it. They kept us well informed, stayed within budget and kept it clean. Call Drew or Stefan. Yes, they are local.



    Try They are in West Seattle and would be happy to come out and provide you with a free estimate.



    Gotta give a thumbs up for Ncompass too they all live and work in West Seattle.



    Granite General Construction, located in West Seattle does home remodel, built new, and commercial work. In business since 1978 and has a small crew that has been with the company for many years. They just finished a total kitchen beautiful remodel in Sammamish. They work with owners who want to do part of the work. Their number is 206 935 6494.



    WS Feldt does beautiful work. They specialize in older home remodels too.


    Thank all of you very much for your continued recommendations, this blog is great, very generous. Valley Line will be coming out this week to measure for cabinets. Was surprised to learn they will drive up from Tacoma and do that for free, and no commitment. Home Depot wants $100.00 to come out and measure, but return it if you sign with them. I actually enjoyed talking to the Home Depot cabinet guy, seemed to know what he was talking about. Havent spoken to a remodel contractor as yet, will be making some calls soon though. Nothing signed yet. Thank’s again all.



    Good to know about Valley Line and Home Depot. I haven’t gotten that far, so it helps me too G-Man.

    May all your kitchen dreams come true and within budget!


    Not wanting to rain on G-Man’s or anyone else’s parade…but IMHO it is unfortunate that West Seattle folks consider using Home Depot for any service or product that is available from the numerous WS or greater Seattle based small cabinet shops. Using Home Depot is a quick way to export money out of West Seattle/Seattle. The small local cabinet shops that make their product in-house are where real quality and personal attention are found and are part of the solution to our economic woes. Just some food for thought…



    No More Same Old Same Old, said

    “IMHO it is unfortunate that West Seattle folks consider using Home Depot for any service or product that is available from the numerous WS or greater Seattle based small cabinet shops.”

    True, but I wouldn’t steer people away from *talking* with Home Despot’s people. I’ve gotten some great information and even a whole list of smaller and local shops that can also do the work. (I was surprised but very pleased by that last one! I’m sure it’s not common.)

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