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    We live in an apartment and want to get some firewood for the winter. Half of a cord is way too much for us to store…does anyone know where we could get less wood at a reasonable price? Buying it by the bundle at places like Safeway is just too pricey!



    The scrap bin at Alki Lumber is good for kindling…it may be a little wet now…but its free.


    Hey Fering,

    If you’re still looking for wood, we sell it all winter long ( usually!) at our store at 9010 Delridge Way SW. We sell by 5 cu. foot cartloads for $25 or 10 Cu. Foot pallet loads for $50. Not as cheap as buying cordage, but much better value than the little $4-5 store bundles, the wood is bigger and usually better quality as well. Usually have seasoned Doug Fir/Alder and Cedar mixed. Currently we have only Cedar, but are picking up another load on Thursday so will have it here by Friday. We also keep it stored dry, so it’s usually very burn ready.

    Phone is 206-763-7625 – West Seattle Landscape and Stone supply and egreen landscaping



    That is great to know! We will definitely be by when our wood runs out.


    Fering, FYI, two cords being delivered to us at egreen/West Seattle Landscape and Stone supply Thursday. Seasoned, split fir.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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