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Firefly Cafe and Creperie

  1. bangles
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    I love supporting new, local restaurants I w. Seattle. We just tried Firefly. Fresh ingredients, thoughtfully combined with vegan options that leave you feeling fully satisfied (I say this as a carnivore). Try the brie crepe or the pear vegan crepe. They were really quick too! We'll be back.

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  2. Ate there today. So grateful for their opening! Outside of wishing them the best, I am going to reserve comment until I've been back. And I will be back!

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  3. In case anyone missed it, they announced on their Facebook page that they ran out of food, and expect to be back open on Tuesday with more food.

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  4. Rebecca
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    I love crepes and am really excited to try this place! I'm not gluten-free, but am curious about what a gluten-free crepe tastes like. Thanks for the update, Sue. I'll go later this week.

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  5. Saw on FB that they're now actually opening Wednesday (not today) with more food and some streamlining of procedures. the anticipation is driving me crazy. :)

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  6. finally gave it a shot.. REALLY great food, but the overhead fluorescent lights just suck any life and atmosphere out of the place.. I just wanted to get in and out.. Lighting is SOOO important to the vibe of a place.. The owners would be wise to take a visit to Cafe Fiore in Admiral Dist and see how its done. The FOOD itself is outstanding at Firefly.. just gotta get the vibe right!!

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