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Emphasis patrols, graffiti vandalism, and a one-block crime study @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

From last night’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting @ the Southwest Precinct:

WHERE POLICE ARE FOCUSED: Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis says their current emphasis patrols to get a step ahead of car prowlers include The Junction and Morgan Junction. As he has said at earlier community meetings, they made progress in former hotspot Highland Park over the summer. Data helps them figure out the hotspots – so if it happens to you, even if nothing is taken, please report it. And, he reiterated, please reduce car prowlers’ incentive by keeping stuff out of your vehicle.

Capt. Davis also said police are patroling Roxhill Park and some other area parks, as well as keeping an eye on certain people and places. He made mention of last week’s arrests near South Park, after officers spotted a stolen car linked to multiple West Seattle robberies.

By the way, court documents show that the adult suspect arrested in that incident, 19-year-old East Admiral resident Ayub M. Rage, is now charged with one count of second-degree robbery and one count of attempted second-degree robbery for two incidents last Thursday – a holdup at the Admiral 7-11 and an attempted holdup at the 41st/Admiral Chevron. His bail is set at $75,000, though prosecutors had requested $200,000.

Also discussed last night: Read More

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Two stolen-car cases

In West Seattle Crime Watch – two stolen-car cases:


15TH/ROXBURY: This one unfolded over the past hour or so, on the city side of the 15th/Roxbury intersection – thanks to everyone who texted about it. The van in our photo above was stolen, police say; when they tried to pull it over,its driver and passengers jumped out and bolted, leaving the van on 15th, just north of Roxbury. So far, no luck finding the suspects.

FAIRMOUNT PARK: We got a note this afternoon mentioning a green Civic, damaged and seemingly abandoned, at the end of the alley that runs along the west side of Fairmount Park Elementary:


The e-mailer asked if we had heard about a stolen car like this one. No – but we found it on the SPD Twitter feed @getyourcarback, and advised them to call it in to police, which they did, reporting back later that SPD and the owner had arrived. We do not know where it was stolen from, because @getyourcarback does not cross-reference to case numbers or addresses, but it was taken somewhere in Seattle.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Reader reports, robbery suspect update, and tomorrow’s Block Watch Captains Network plan

4 reader reports, one followup, and a look ahead to a meeting you might want to attend Tuesday:

TRUCK AND TOOLS STOLEN: HWLP says thieves took their truck last night from Arbor Heights, near 35th/104th – despite its alarm system – and while the truck was found via its tracking system, its starter and door locks are broken and “all my power tools are gone as well as all my hand tools and tool bags, along with most of my material used for everyday repairs, (copper fittings/ brass fittings/ nipples, etc.), many thousands of dollars worth.” The truck is “in police impound where they are searching for fingerprints” and HWLP can’t work without it or the tools.

AUTO THEFT, BREAK-INS: From Sebastian in the 4500 block of Delridge Way SW:

I live in a new housing community across from the Delridge soccer fields. One of my neighbors had this car stolen that was parked on Delridge and 2 of my neighbors had their cars broken into last night that were parked in our small private parking lot. We’ve lived in North Delridge for 2 years, and this is the first time we are aware of break-ins and car thefts in that area. Just wanted to make residents in that area aware of what is going on! My neighbors have alerted the police about all of these incidents.


Just wanted to say my mail box was broken into last night on 25th SW/Juneau off Delridge. We own a security box and they ripped the hinges clean off. This isn’t the first time I’ve walked out to my car in the morning to see neighbors’ boxes open. Please beware if you live in the area.

ANYBODY MISSING THIS CAR? Spotted by Debra at 28th/Yancy today – missing all four wheels, she says:


We checked @getyourcarback and didn’t see the plate among the thefts listed there.

FOLLOWUP ON ROBBERY SUSPECTS: The lone adult suspect in a West Seattle holdup spree, a 19-year-old East Admiral resident who was among those arrested after that pursuit and crash in South Park last week, remains in jail, with bail set over the weekend at $7,500. He does not appear to have a felony record, at least in this state. Tomorrow is the charging headline if he and three juvenile suspects are to continue to be held, for now; we’ll continue following up. The robberies in which they are under investigation happened last week at the Admiral and Harbor Avenue 7-11s and the 41st/Admiral Chevron. Probable-cause documents say the Chevron robbery was thwarted by the clerk, who refused to hand over any money, asking, “Is this a joke?”

TOMORROW – WEST SEATTLE BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS’ NETWORK: You don’t have to be a Block Watch Captain, or even in a block watch, to attend this monthly meeting full of helpful, illuminating information. 6:30 pm Tuesday (October 25th), the WSBWCN agenda has expanded – in addition to the Southwest Precinct‘s Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon, two more guests are planned, precinct researcher Jennifer Burbridge to talk about this year’s Public Safety Survey (taken it yet? and Jake Hellenkamp from Seattle Neighborhood Group to speak briefly about a new crime-prevention project in eastern West Seattle. (2300 SW Webster)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Two stolen cars

10:57 AM: We have just received reader reports about two stolen cars you are asked to help look for:

SILVER HONDA CIVIC: Russell says his brother’s 3-door silver Civic, license #AZH2263, was stolen from 13th/Webster this morning. He adds, “Also, he is a construction worker. There was a copious amount of hand tools and power tools. Possible that people will be pawning his tools soon.”

BLACK AUDI Q7: Received by text: “Our Black 2015 Audi Q7 was stolen last night (Saturday) sometime between 11pm and 7 AM (Sunday) from the North Admiral neighborhood (45th Ave SW). The license plate # is VM8672.” One distinctive thing: “Right rear lower door panel was missing showing white plastic panel attachments.”

Call 911 if you see either car.

UPDATE: The Audi’s owners texted to say that thanks to this post, it’s been found.

FOLLOWUP: West Seattle robbery suspects arrested after South Park-area pursuit

10:51 AM: Last night, we brought you first word that a short pursuit by Southwest Precinct officers in the South Park area resulted in arrests linked to robberies in West Seattle. Police have just released more information via this SPD Blotter post:

Eight suspects were arrested late Thursday afternoon in a stolen vehicle after a short pursuit by officers in South Park.

Just before 4:00 pm officers saw a silver 2006 Hyundai Sonata that matched the description of a suspect vehicle used in a robbery in West Seattle earlier that morning. The same vehicle description also eluded officers when they attempted to pull it over on Wednesday. Officers attempted to stop the Sonata, but it fled from the marked patrol vehicle. Officers attempted to pull over the car using emergency lights and sirens, but the driver of the Sonata kept driving at a high rate of speed until the driver lost control and struck a curb, causing the vehicle to stop near the intersection of South 96th Street and Des Moines Memorial Drive South.

Officers quickly arrested the eight individuals inside the car, which turned out to be a reported stolen vehicle from Kent. The Seattle Fire Department also responded to evaluate and treat the suspects that were exhibiting the effects of drug consumption. One of the suspects was transported to Harborview Medical Center from the scene and the remaining seven were transported to the Southwest Precinct. Three of the suspects were later transported to the hospital for drug related issues. The Hyundai was impounded from the scene.

Detectives responded to the Southwest Precinct and began their investigation. The suspects are believed to be involved in a series of robberies of convenience stores in West Seattle. The driver, a 19-year-old male, was later booked into the King County Jail for robbery and eluding. A 17-year-old male was later booked into the Youth Services Center (YSC) for robbery and drug charges, and a 15-year-old male was also booked into YSC for robbery.

The remaining suspects, two juvenile females and three juvenile males, were released to the custody of their parents.

We’re working to find out which robberies are believed to be linked to these suspects.

11:13 AM: Just talked with Det. Mark Jamieson at SPD. Two of the cases happened yesterday – a robbery at the 7-11 on Harbor Ave., and a holdup attempt at the 41st/Admiral Chevron. Detectives are still looking into others. The 19-year-old suspect does not appear to have a felony record, at least not in this state; he wasn’t booked into jail until early this morning, so his bail hearing might not be held today, but we’ll be tracking the case.

10:51 PM: The adult suspect won’t have a bail hearing until Saturday. Two juvenile suspects went to court this afternoon. Documents say one is 17 and an Admiral resident; he is accused of being one of two who allegedly held up the Admiral 7-11 twice this week – early Tuesday and early Wednesday. During the Tuesday holdup, the police report says, this suspect was wearing a mask, possibly a “white Halloween clown type.” His alleged accomplice in both robberies is a 15-year-old from Tukwila.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car stolen with child seat, tricycle inside

8:05 AM: Codie woke up to find the family car gone:

Sometime between 1230 am and 530 am, my 4-door 1997 black CR-V was stolen from in front of my house on 4th Ave SW near Roxbury [map] … it is the only transportation for 2 people who work. My daughter’s car seat, and purple “new from Value Village” Schwinn tricycle both in the back seat. My husband is supposed to be at work right now. It is very basic and plain. Please, we do not have the money for another car.

Plate information to come. The tricycle was for Codie’s 3-year-old daughter, who “is going to be crushed…she was so excited about that bike.” The theft been reported to police, so if you see it, call 911.

9:29 AM: Here’s the plate – AUA5782.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Arrests linked to robbery investigations; package thief on camera; graffiti vandalism

First, a developing story:

Southwest Precinct police “may have cleared seven robberies” from the past month after taking seven people into custody south of South Park late today. We’re expecting more details tomorrow, but here’s what we know, after asking SW Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith about it at the start of tonight’s Alki Community Council meeting:

While SPD has a “limited pursuit” policy, they had been looking for suspects in connection with more than half a dozen recent robberies, including some in West Seattle. One of the precinct’s newest officers, he said, spotted a stolen car that they had linked to suspects through video footage. According to SPD’s Twitter feed, the sighting was made near Marginal/Cloverdale (in the South Park area). Via scanner, we heard the pursuit that ensued (a West Seattleite also reported to us that he saw it); it ended south of South Park when the vehicle crashed, according to Lt. Smith, who said no one was seriously hurt but one person was taken to Harborview per department policy in situations like this. Most of those taken into custody, he said, were juveniles. Again, Lt. Smith stressed that this is early information; we expect to find out more about this tomorrow (if it doesn’t appear on SPD Blotter sooner).

Also in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight, two reader reports:

PACKAGE THIEF ON CAM: Chad sent these images and a report:

I had a package theft today at 1:04 PM. My home is on the 4000 block of Myrtle ST. at the end of a dead-end street. Fed-Ex package delivered to my front porch this afternoon at 10:30. At approximately 1:00, a couple (male and female) prowled our street. As my neighbor was leaving his house by car, he noticed their Black Nissan in our dead-end and made sure they took note of his presence. They left the street. Apparently they stopped at the bottom of the street at California and pretended to be lost. My neighbor went about his business. The couple must have noticed that a) there was a package on my doorstep, and b) my neighbor had left as they returned and at 1:04 stole the package from my stoop. (Above and below) are the images of the woman stealing my item.

If you recognize this car, or this woman, please do call the police to let them know. I have reported this information to the police (Reference report T16010551).

The vehicle is a black (updated) Kia Optima.

GRAFFITI VANDALISM: We’ve received two reports in two days of extensive graffiti/tagging vandalism – which unfortunately isn’t rare, but we’re told a church is among the targets, and Lincoln Park was hit too, according to one tipster. Please report to police to help them potentially zero in on the vandal(s) – and, they advise, take photos of it and then paint it over.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Garage burglars on cam, & more

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

CONDO GARAGE BURGLARS ON CAM: A condo resident at Alki and Bonair [map] shares the report and images:

After using bolt cutters to steal a key storage lockbox, burglars repeatedly gained access to the Alki Bonair Condominium parking garage over 4 days before we became aware and were able to change the entry locks. This resulted in the theft of several items. One of the thefts was recorded on video at 11:45 pm Sunday 10/16 and photos are attached.

Please be on the lookout for two white males mid-20’s with reddish brown hair and beards. One was photographed with bolt cutters clearly protruding from the top of his backpack and wearing an oversized letterman’s jacket.

CAR BREAK-INS: If you’re looking for more proof of the police declaration that car prowls remain the top problem around here – Keri e-mailed tonight to warn people that the area around the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) in The Triangle is still getting hit. She mentioned at least two recent incidents, one that police were investigating when she left tonight, plus “last Friday, a friend of mine had her window broken and a bag with personal information, etc. taken.” Police reiterated again just last night at the WS Crime Prevention Council, don’t leave anything in your car, anywhere. Busy parking lots are far from immune from car prowlers, who manage to do what they do without much notice.

Meantime, partly good news (though it would be better if the thefts had never happened) – a stolen boat and stolen car, both found:

STOLEN BOAT FOUND, ONE MONTH LATER: Last month, we published this report of a boat stolen near 14th and Elmgrove. Last night, we heard from Alyssa, who reported that “our boat was found on Delridge. Both motors and battery were gone… but thankful to have it home. Hitch was still locked when it was recovered.”

STOLEN CAR FOUND TWO BLOCKS AWAY: Tuesday morning, we received an e-mail report about a car stolen in Sunrise Heights. Before we got the chance to publish it, we found out the owner located her own stolen car – spotted two blocks away while she was out walking her dog.

We hope crime doesn’t happen to you … but if it does, after you’ve reported it to police, please let us know so we can share a community alert – (if urgent, text/voice 206-293-6302).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Exposer alert

This reader report e-mailed today is from someone who wanted to anonymously alert West Seattle neighbors:

Yesterday morning when I was walking my dog on SW Henderson between 31st and 32nd Ave SW [map], a Caucasian man pulled up in a silver Nissan (not sure of the model) and asked for directions to Delridge and Holden. I started to give him directions from there when I noticed movement in his lap; it took another moment for me to realize that he was touching himself while I was talking. I stepped away from the car and he continued to stare for another moment until he drove away. I took down the license plate of his car and a description of the driver, and I’ve filed a report with the SW Precinct.

We’ve sent a followup question about the driver’s description and will update with the response.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglars on camera; abandoned bike; WSCPC tomorrow; taken the survey yet?

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: For the second time this week, a townhouse near 26th and Brandon has been broken into, and this time, the victim says, they have photos of the burglars as they entered the yard:


After entering via that gate, the victim says, “they used a neighbor’s ladder to get into my third-floor window and then left through the front door, through the neighbor’s yard.” They were last seen reported to have been “jumping into a dark-colored Acura.” While the images don’t show their faces, the victim hopes someone might recognize them by what they were wearing. If you have any information, contact SPD and refer to case 16-375915.


Bill says, “This bike has been at the Lander Street entry bike rack at the Admiral Safeway for some time now.”

And two reminders:

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL TOMORROW: 7 pm Tuesday is your monthly chance to bring crime/safety concerns directly to local police, and to hear from a guest speaker – this time, the topic is law-enforcement training, which factors directly into how fast agencies can hire new officers and put them on the street. All welcome, Southwest Precinct, 2300 SW Webster.

PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY: If you missed the weekend announcement – the citywide survey that will shape micropolicing plans is now open for a second year. It’s scheduled to remain open through November but if you have a little time, answer it sooner rather than later –

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Gunshot victim turns up at hospital

The gunshots heard near 30th/Roxbury early Saturday had a victim. There was no “assault with weapons” response because no one was found at the scene, but thanks to a tip from Tim, we were able to follow up today, and confirmed with King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West that a shooting victim showed up at Highline Hospital around 1:30 am Saturday. Sgt. West says, “He had multiple gunshot wounds. He had been driven to the hospital by a friend. The victim was later transferred to Harborview and is in serious but stable condition. He is a 30-year-old Seattle man. The shooting appears to have occurred somewhere near SW Roxbury and 30th Ave SW. Just prior to the victim showing up at Highline Hospital, SPD received numerous 911 calls of gunshots being heard in the area.” She says they don’t have any information about the circumstances of the shooting, or any description of the person(s) who did it. If you have any information that could help with the investigation, call 911.

UPDATE: Police response at 14th/Roxbury

10:11 PM: Police and fire are responding to a house near 14th and Roxbury. It’s an “assault with weapons” call on the SFD log but we haven’t heard whether there’s a victim. We are hearing that police are blocking off traffic in the 14th/15th/Roxbury area, so please avoid that area TFN. More to come.

10:23 PM: Per scanner, police have gone in and determined there’s no victim. They’re now trying to sort out whether the call was a hoax.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Street robbery, burglaries, bike thefts, and a new survey

In today’s edition of West Seattle Crime Watch, four incidents found in SPD’s online files, plus a reader report:

STREET ROBBERY: Checking the SPD online records, we found this incident from Wednesday (October 12th). Police were called to North Admiral at 12:44 pm after someone called 911 to report a street robbery. The victim told police he was near Admiral and California, walking to a friend’s house, when he noticed someone walking behind him. The victim was talking on his phone when the person behind him came up, grabbed it out of his hands, and ran. He chased the robber to Ferry SW, asked for the phone back, and then was knocked down and hit by the robber, who ran away southbound on 42nd SW. An area resident “heard a commotion,” the police report says, came out of her residence, saw the victim, and called 911. The robber was described as a “Hispanic man, 19-20, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, short brown hair, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans.” Police searched the area but didn’t find him. The victim was reported to have suffered scratches to the knee.

BUSINESS BURGLARY: Another one from SPD online files – a Harbor Avenue business reported last Tuesday that it had been burglarized the previous Friday night/Saturday morning, and the burglar(s) had gotten away with money from a cash drawer.

PARK BURGLARY: Also sometime last Friday night/Saturday morning, an online report says, someone broke into the Camp Long Lodge by smashing a kitchen window. Nothing was taken.

SHED BURGLARY, BIKE STOLEN: One more report from the online files: A storage shed in the 3200 block of Belvidere was broken into last Saturday night or Sunday morning, and a bicycle was stolen. No description of the bicycle.

READER REPORT, BIKE STOLEN: The photo and report are just in, from Brad:

Stolen around Oct. 3 or 4 from a bike rack at our apartment building at 2312 California Ave. SW. It’s a KHS Urban-X with 26-inch wheels.

Call police, and let us know, if you see/have seen it.

PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY: Seattle University researchers have just launched this year’s survey to collect information about crime and safety concerns around the city, so that SPD can update its neighborhod policing plans. The survey will be open through the end of November, but don’t procrastinate – if you have a little time, answer it now. It’s at, available in seven languages – Amharic, Chinese, English, Korean, Somali, Spanish, Vietnamese.

SCAM ALERT, AGAIN: Fake ‘City Light’ caller, but ‘very convincing’

The utility-bill scammers just don’t quit. We heard Wednesday night from another Junction business that got the call and wanted to warn you not to fall for it:

We received a call from someone (Wednesday) saying they were from Seattle City Light. The person on the phone said he was given a work order to disconnect our power due to unpaid bills.

The person knew we are set up with automatic pay with SCL and he said our payments for the last two months didn’t process due to something that went wrong with their processing system. He said we needed to immediately pay a certain amount of money or our power would be disconnected in the next half hour.

Long story short, this ended up being a scam but the person on the phone was extremely convincing. We were hoping you could spread the word about this new scam so nobody gets taken.

As a City Light spokesperson said in a 2014 alert, the utility “does not call, email or visit customers demanding immediate payment to avoid shutoffs. Anyone who falls behind on payments will receive at least two written notifications before the shutoff process starts.” If you are concerned about your account status, call an SCL customer rep at 206-684-3000 – don’t deal with the person who called you out of the blue.

West Seattle Crime Watch: See the thieves who took palm tree, supplements

In West Seattle Crime Watch, thieves caught on camera taking unusual items:

PALM-TREE THEFT: Martin returned from a trip and discovered this early-morning tree theft on his security video:

“Just ripped it right out of the wet dirt and took off with our palm,” he says. It happened near California and Juneau. “If anyone can identify person or vehicle, please contact SPD and reference tracking # T16010221.”

REPEAT PACKAGE THIEF: Hannah says this thief has hit their apartment building multiple times:

That image is from a September theft; the one from 4 am this past Monday wasn’t usable, but this time, she says, the thief “stole a bunch of nutritional supplements. I didn’t know you could pawn protein powder and digestive enzymes and such. If anyone sees a bag of supplements from Baseline Nutritionals dumped anywhere, I’d love to have some back.”

P.S. Early re-reminder – bring your neighborhood concerns directly to local police @ the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting next Tuesday (October 18th), 7 pm, Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Gatewood hit-run; North Admiral, Seaview car prowls

8:18 PM: Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:

HIT AND RUN: This unfolded in Gatewood late in the day, according to neighbors; we have not yet been able to confirm with police whether anyone was arrested. Neighbors say a red pickup truck hit a moving car on 35th near Holden [map], and sped away through other parts of the neighborhood, to the southwest. The three people in the car were unhurt, but, our tipster tells us, they were visiting Seattle from Kansas, in a rental car on the last day of their vacation, due to fly home tomorrow. Our tipster says the hit-and-run pickup went by their house so fast, “it sounded like a plane was going to crash.” Some pieces were left behind, including a bumper. Neighbors called 911 and reached out to help the shaken visitors. ADDED 9:35 PM: A Gatewood resident reports almost getting hit by the same truck at 41st and Rose, seeing two people ditching it a few blocks away, and tracking them to Lincoln Park. Police weren’t available immediately – the person took photos (here’s one) and provided them to SPD – but they did show up at the ditched truck, our tipster says, describing it as “badly damaged and filled with a lot of tools and oddly enough, 2 pumpkins.”

(back to original report) CAR PROWL: Robin reports:

Someone prowled our Prius in North Admiral (Sunday) night. This is probably our 5th prowl in the past three years. We seem to get hit every 6 months. They get into a locked car without breaking the windows and rifle through our console. Nothing of value stolen except change.

AND A DOUBLE CAR PROWL: From Danielle at 46th and Findlay [map] in Seaview:

Early Friday morning, my car and my fiance’s car that are parked out in front of our home were broken in too. The thieves spent a decent amount of time going through everything. They went through every piece of paperwork in both glove boxes, and went through compartments in the vehicles we did not even know we had. They left the doors of the cars all open, and our neighbor let us know at about 7am on Friday. They stole ipods, phone chargers and a passport (which was found by a neighbor). The passport was found in a puddle behind the Cal Rey apartments at Raymond and California. The neighbor contacted us to let us know she had it. … No other cars on the street were broken in to that night. Just ours.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Parking-lot auto theft; mirror vandalism

11:14 PM: Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR: That’s Will‘s 1995 green Nissan 200SX SE, stolen between 4 pm and 6 pm Sunday from the Westwood Village Staples parking lot. License plate AHM5994. Call 911 if you see it.

(8:13 AM UPDATE: A WSB reader reports spotting this car and reporting it to police, who have shown up at the scene. Awaiting word of a reunion. 11:05 AM UPDATE: Unfortunately, no reunion yet. Car was taken again from the site on Puget Ridge where it turned up. If you see it, call 911!)

(back to Sunday night report) MIRROR VANDALISM: Mark wonders if others found their car mirrors damaged over the weekend: “We found our car had the driver’s-side mirror smashed off … and I also see another car across the street had identical damage.” They’re on 45th SW in The Junction and have filed a police report.

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 car prowlers, 1 on (clear!) video

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports today – both car prowls in Gatewood, first one caught on video:

That video is from C on SW Webster in Gatewood and happened two hours ago:

At 1:15 pm a red sport car (Pontiac?) pulled up next to my contractor’s truck. A white man, late 40’s, 6 feet tall, 180 lbs, medium length dark blond hair, with black wraparound sunglasses and wearing a gray hoody sweatshirt and jeans got out of the car and opened the contractor’s truck. He shuffled in there a bit and got out with something. I walked toward him and asked him if I could help him.
He turned back to his car, saying that no, I couldn’t help him. He then sped away, going south on 39th.

The item he took was just a paper notepad of no value but I just want people to be aware of that red car – that means trouble.

C says a review of earlier video shows the car went by twice before the incident. If you have any idea who the suspect is, call SPD and refer to 16-363849.


Just want to alert neighbors that my car was broken into last night out in front of my house. I am 37 weeks pregnant and had 2 packed hospital bags ready to go in the trunk that they stole. There was nothing of value in them except to me (including a baby book with photos and a letter to baby) so I wish the thieves would just return the bags!

Something like that might be unceremoniously dumped somewhere, so please look around.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Child’s bicycle stolen; hit-and-run; 2 more reader reports

Four reader reports tonight in West Seattle Crime Watch:


My son’s bike was stolen off our porch last night. It was locked with a heavy cable lock. The cable was cut. He had gotten it for his birthday from Alki Bike and Board just over a month ago. He is heartbroken. It is a 24″ Haro Flightline, red with black accents. There are probably others in WS, so its not reasonable to suspect any bike that fits is stolen. If you suspect that one like this might be stolen, we would love to know about it.

HIT AND RUN: From Kristin:

This evening at about 7:35 a red, Mustang Mach 1 (or similar car) with a white racing stripe struck our orange Honda Fit parked in the 6000 block of 38th Ave. SW. Somewhere out there is a distinctive car with damage to the front passenger side, just waiting for someone to recognize the damage and call it in. If you see the Mustang, please get the plate number and notify the police. The incident was witnessed by two super-helpful and friendly CenturyLink salesmen who were out in our neighborhood. They knocked on our door to let us know and gave their information as witnesses. I mention this because I know some people have been concerned about CenturyLink knocking on doors at night. These 2 were legit. We’ve filed a report with the police. Thanks for your eyes and ears, West Seattle!!

LICENSE PLATE FOUND: GW reports, “I found a rear auto plate close to 20th and Cloverdale. The number is C86002F with April 2017 expiration. Don’t know if it is from a stolen car or what. Reported to police. On an annoying side note a package was stolen from my mailbox (Wednesday) too but I expect you hear lots of those.”

CAR BREAK-IN: Derek in the 4500 block of 45th SW reports, “Last night my car got broken into and a set of Titleist golf clubs and bag were stolen.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; vehicle break-ins; next WSCPC meeting

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes this morning:

CAR STOLEN: Sometime overnight, before 7:15 this morning, a navy-blue 1998 Nissan Maxima was stolen on SW Concord in Fauntleroy. Plate ALN 6403, red “zone 3” sticker on back window. Call 911 if you see it.

CAR BREAK-INS: We haven’t heard directly from any victim(s) yet, but Wendy reports this:

I was walking this morning happened upon a few cars with their trunks and doors wide open on 46th between Erskine and Findlay. Good reminder to not leave anything in your car and lock ’em up!

NEXT WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL MEETING: Just announced by WSCPC president Richard Miller, the 7 pm meeting on Tuesday, October 18th, will include guest Rex D. Caldwell, Operations Division Manager, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center, with a presentation on the past, present, and future of law enforcement training. All are welcome at the meeting, which also includes local police with updates on crime trends, and a chance to talk about your neighborhood crime/safety concerns. It’ll be at the SW Precinct as usual, 2300 SW Webster.

West Seattle Crime Watch: The case of the repeat offender who had to be dragged into custody

We’ve found ourselves writing more about repeat offenders lately. No surprise, since Southwest Precinct police have long pointed out that a relative handful of criminals are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the property crimes representing the worst problems in this area. But what continues to be surprising to many is the reality of what happens once they’re arrested. We track cases and present what we find in documents; a senior prosecutor from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office gave some frank context at last week’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting, pointing out, among other things, that while someone might have a long record, when it comes to sentencing time, what counts most – literally, via a scoring system – is the number of felony convictions they have, and for many, that number is relatively few.

For most of the repeat offenders whose cases we updated last week, that was the case. It’s why Jessica Detrick and Taylor Church are both set for residential drug treatment, via the Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative. We’ve also updated the cases of repeat offenders Sean Jeardoe and Alan Polevia, both of whom are still in jail tonight.

Now – another one.

While checking the King County Jail Register over the weekend, we saw another name we recognized: Jared Barden. We first reported on Barden, who is 31 years old, on August 23rd, when he was arrested in Lincoln Park after fleeing a car-prowl scene nearby. The arrest drew a lot of attention because the Guardian One helicopter helped with the early-afternoon search. Barden was charged with misdemeanors and released from jail the next day.

We hadn’t checked on his file recently, until seeing his name on the jail register, which shows this is his third time in jail since that Lincoln Park arrest six weeks ago.

Suspect caught in Lincoln Park
(August 23rd photo via Steve Shelton Images)

Barden was booked September 8th for a failure-to-appear warrant in a burglary case and suspicion of auto theft; he was released September 26th – one week ago tonight. He was arrested four days later, last Friday (September 30th), for what’s described as criminal trespass, and then released on Saturday, with the notation “case dismissed.” Less than eight hours later, at 1:16 am Sunday, he was back in King County Jail, for investigation of auto theft. At a hearing this afternoon, his bail was set at $10,000.

Probable-cause documents say Barden’s newest arrest happened in Arbor Heights late Saturday night, near 35th SW and SW 102nd. Police were called when the owner of a pickup truck saw “an unknown male” in the truck, possibly “breaking the steering column.” When police arrived, their report says, Barden was still in the truck, both doors locked. He ignored their orders to get out of the truck and to stop what the report calls “digging around in the truck.” At some point, police say, he found a screwdriver and stuck that in the ignition, which started briefly, then sputtered out. He tried yet again – police still outside the truck, deploying spike strips so he wouldn’t get far if he got it going – and failed. The truck’s owner came out of his house and gave police a key they used to open the door. Barden still refused to get out; the report says officers finally “dragged” him out, arrested him, and took him to jail. He is due back in the jailhouse courtroom on Wednesday.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car break-in; brazen bicycle thief; another bike, found

More bicycles in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight (and SPD’s still looking for the owner of this one), but first…

CAR BREAK-IN IN ARBOR HEIGHTS: Mike D, on 40th SW near SW 106th, reports:

I heard a car alarm going off this morning around 6 a.m. Turns out it was the neighbor’s car. But my car was the one that was opened and rummaged through. No forced entry; not sure how they got into the car – my car locks automatically when I walk away. I’m guessing they went up and down 40th checking cars. The neighbor said he saw an unfamiliar minivan.

Taken: A laptop and loose change.

WESTWOOD BIKE THEFT: “This bike wasn’t really worth much but, the thief entered my yard and took it unbeknownst to me or my tenant. Disturbing to say the least,” began Michelle, reporting the theft. We e-mailed back to ask about a photo; no, but: “Red mountain bike, nothing special, more concerned that people are getting bold enough to remove a lock, open a gate, and trespass while it was clear we were home!”

STOLEN? BIKE SPOTTED IN JACK BLOCK PARK: F sent this photo and report:


Walking in Jack Block with our puppy (Saturday) and saw an apparently abandoned bike leaned up against the power pole near the kids’ play area.

It may’ve been in the weather a bit, but looked serviceable (tires full, etc.)

We are getting ever-more reports of abandoned and likely stolen bikes, so if you are missing one, keep an eye on our crime-coverage archive.

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