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West Seattle Crime Watch: Bus driver hit; package stolen

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

BUS DRIVER HIT: A texter asked about a police investigation at a Route 21 bus on northbound 35th SW just north of Morgan around dusk. The dispatch was for a report that somebody had punched the driver on the bus. No medic dispatch, so the injury apparently wasn’t major; we don’t know if anyone was taken into custody.

PACKAGE THEFT: A police report is now on file for a theft in the 8200 block of California SW in Gatewood. A neighbor tells WSB that they saw it happen around 4:30 pm Friday, describing a white male backing a gold KIA SUV into the driveway, grabbing the package, and tossing it into the hatchback before taking off.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Intruder awakens mom; suspect arrested

9:54 AM: A terrifying close call for a Gatewood family early today: A woman tells WSB she was asleep with her 5-year-old child when a man broke into their home and tried to get into bed with them, attempting to molest her in the process. She is recovering from surgery. The intruder fled and the victim says police arrested a suspect. This happened after 3 am near 39th and Morgan. We’re working to find out more and will update with any further details.

10:26 AM: Police have just posted a few more details via SPD Blotter:

Officers arrested a man after a woman called 911 Saturday morning when she woke to a burglar in her bedroom.

The victim was sound asleep in her home in the 6500 block of 39 Ave SW around 3:30 this morning when she felt someone touch her face. The victim woke, and assuming it was her husband, asked what was going on. The the woman heard a reply that was not her husband and tried to turn on the nightstand light. The suspect fled out of the home, taking the woman’s cell phone with him.

Officers quickly arrived and found the suspect in an nearby alley. The victim confirmed that officers had arrested the correct person. Officers determined the suspect entered the home through an unlocked back door before making his way to the bedroom.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Highland Park bust

(Seattle Police Department photo)

Just in via SPD Blotter – a drug bust in Highland Park last night:

Police found a big bag of crack stashed away inside a Ford Bronco after arresting a dealer Thursday evening in West Seattle.

Members of the West Precinct Anti-Crime Team were able to call in an order to the 42-year-old dealer, who offered to meet at a convenience store in the 1600 block of SW Holden Street around 10 PM.

Police saw the suspect circle the block in his Ford Bronco before pulling him over and taking him into custody.

Officers got a warrant for the car and found a bag of crack rocks inside the vehicle’s console.

In total, police found 44 grams of crack, a not-insignificant amount, and another 3 grams of powder cocaine during the search. Police booked the man into the King County Jail for a narcotics violation.

We just verified with SPD Public Affairs and yes, as written, this was initiated by West Precinct investigators (downtown and vicinity), not Southwest Precinct (in whose jurisdiction it happened). The officers go wherever the dealer offers to meet them. You can see more photos on SPD Blotter.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Seaview prowlers; Westwood mail theft

Two more West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

SEAVIEW PROWLERS: Just got a call on our 24/7 line (206-293-6302) from a Seaview resident who says two prowlers were in and around his neighbors’ garage, between 47th and 48th and Raymond and Graham, about an hour ago, and took off running when they saw him – descriptive information included white males, beards, hoodies, dark clothing, flashlights. (His neighbors weren’t home at the time but are back now and have been informed, as have police, who he said were in the area looking around.)

MAIL THEFT: Via text, a Westwood-area resident reported: “At 6:45 am on my way to work I noticed mail along 26th SW and 25th SW by SW Thistle. Looks like someone made a spree in opening mailboxes and getting mail and I even saw a few packages open.” The texter was planning to file a police report, last we heard.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen; broken; found

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

TRUCK STOLEN IN THE JUNCTION: Beau‘s brother just moved back to West Seattle and was staying with their mom when his truck was taken from a street parking space:

The vehicle that was taken is a 1980 black Ford F150 truck with Washington plate # 16650cv it was parked at SW Oregon St and 40th AVE SW and was taken sometime between Monday evening 2/1/16 (after 7pm) and today 2/3/16 (before 3 pm). A police report was filed and it was also confirmed by the police department and their database that the vehicle had not been towed. Please contact Beau at 406-431-6792 or the police with any information.

MORE BROKEN WINDOWS: Following our Sunday and Monday reports on windows (mostly cars) broken out around the peninsula, we heard from two more people today – a caller who said a driver’s-side window was taken out while her car was parked by the tennis courts alongside Whale Tail Park in Alki, and Laurie R., who wrote:

Between 8:30 – 8:45 last night, our driver’s side rear window was smashed. We’re in Sunrise Heights, on the corner of 32nd & Elmgrove. My sister was outside on the porch when it happened and saw a small silver car speed away. She called 911 and the police arrived about 10 minutes later to take a report.

We asked Southwest Precinct Capt. Pierre Davis today if these were considered related; he said detectives hadn’t heard about that many yet, wondering if maybe the reports are in the online queue. So keep reporting them, if they happen.

WAS THIS LOOT? Jovelyn found a “black Eddie Bauer diaper bag filled with supplies and an inhaler” near 29th and Brandon – no ID, dumped in a ditch. The bag also had an invoice book that didn’t belong on the bag but did belong to somebody in the 9700 block of 12th SW whose car had been broken into. Sound familiar? Please comment.

Sidewalk swastika outside Junction business for second time in half a year

(WSB photo)
By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Looking north down the sidewalk in front of Sleepers in Seattle, you wouldn’t notice the spot unless it was pointed out to you.

This morning, the owners of the shop at 4741 California SW used graffiti remover to get rid of a swastika written onto the sidewalk.

“We get tagged all the time, but not like this,” Max Alcabes, son of owners Carlos and Meryl Alcabes, said as we stood on the sidewalk, looking at the spot.

Here’s a photo provided by the Alcabes, taken before they removed it. (Our policy is generally not to fully show this type of vandalism unless requested by police for investigative purposes.) It wasn’t huge or bold. That’s not the point. It would have had the same effect even if it were tiny:

“We’re a Jewish family.”

Meryl had made note of that, calling us after reporting it to police and the regional Anti-Defamation League office. We happened to be in The Junction at the time, and went over to talk to her husband and son at the shop.

They say this is the second time it’s happened in less than half a year. The Alcabes didn’t report it the first time, but, Max says, “Twice in a year, it’s not random.”

He said he walked The Junction looking to see if the same kind of symbol had been marked anywhere else. He didn’t see anything – just what was marked outside the shop that serves as a showroom for their business, which they’ve owned for 25 years.

Here are the city and county codes for malicious harassment – the terminology used for a hate crime. If you have any information, contact Seattle Police.

ADDED TUESDAY NIGHT: Meryl Alcabes tells us that after seeing this story, people stopped in all day to offer support; she comments below, “Thank you so much for the support we are getting from all of you, our West Seattle neighbors.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search for robber

Police have been searching in the California/Charlestown area after a reported armed robbery at an address that checks to the 7-11. According to scanner traffic, this is reported to have happened around 2:30 am. A K-9 unit was called to help search. The robber, last seen westbound on Charlestown, is reported to have had a dark bandana over his face, 5’8″, black jacket, blue jeans, sawed-off shotgun that may have been fired during the holdup. No injury reported.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: More windows targeted

Last night, we reported on vandalism in Gatewood, a car window apparently shot out by BBs. Since then, via comments and e-mail, we’ve heard of more window vandalism. For one, Aaron sent the photo at right, from the 4000 block of 21st SW on Pigeon Point:

He said, “Sometime between 8 and 10 (Sunday) three windows on the driver’s side of my truck (including canopy) were shot out by a BB gun. They also did quite a bit of body and paint damage to the side of the truck, I think they hit it about 15 times. Just wanted people to be on the lookout for idiots driving around with a BB gun wrecking other people’s stuff.”

Commenters reported incidents in areas including:
-7700 block 32nd SW
-Genesee (house window)
-4000 block 26th SW
-5600 block 26th SW

Via e-mail, Joellie reported that the rear glass was broken out of her purple PT Cruiser between 2 pm and 7 pm today in the 7300 block of 35th SW [map]. She says it’s the second time in a year it’s happened to her vehicle.

And just as we were finishing this, Sean left a comment on last night’s story, saying someone shot at their window in Seaview, 45th and Findlay, about two hours ago. If you see or hear anything potentially related, please call 911 right away – and get as good a description as you can.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police searching for possible armed person in car

(WSB photo)

1:18 PM: Police are converging on Westwood to look for a black 4-door Mercedes sedan reported to possibly have an armed person inside making threats about shooting someone. There is no report of anyone having been hurt, or actual gunfire, so far, but if you are seeing an increased police presence in the area, that’s what it’s about. The car may have up to six people inside; the person with a gun was described as a black man in his late teens or early 20s, and was last reported to have been seen near 26th SW and SW Barton. We’ll update with anything more we find out about.

1:37 PM: We’ve talked to police at the scene. So far, their investigation indicates this started as a dispute in the McDonald’s parking lot, with the threat stemming over jealousy related to a romantic relationship. They’re still looking for the car and suspect(s).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Windows shot out

7:20 PM: Reader report from Ron:

Sunday afternoon 1/31. someone had target practice with my back window of our car. We heard the car alarm sound and when we checked our car, there were BB-sized dents around the window. Unfortunately the back window was gravely shot and is not expected to recover. Amazing that this took place in broad daylight. That takes a special kind of person. We are located on the 6700 block of 37th Ave SW in Gatewood [map]. Hopefully we are the only ones who were victimized by this type of idiocy.

10:37 PM: In comments, Ryan reports a similar incident, 7700 block of 32nd Avenue SW.

MIDDAY MONDAY: And more reports in comments. We’re working on a followup.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car prowls; bike theft on video

Two car-prowl reports and a bicycle theft in West Seattle Crime Watch:

BEACH DRIVE: Kevin reports, “On my run this a.m around 8 or so I came across a black Mercedes convertible with a smashed window and CDs all over the ground.” He says it was in the 5600 block of Beach Drive. He tried reporting it to 911 but they explained the policy that the victim has to make the report – so if you’re in that area with a vehicle parked on the street, you might want to take a look.

GENESEE: Anna reports a car break-in on 45th SW between Andover and Dakota on Friday night: “They took two DVD players and two pairs of sunglasses. They also left a bunch of stuff on our stairs that wasn’t ours including A fire extinguisher and what looked like a car safety kit. The police took those items as evidence.”

BICYCLE THEFT ON VIDEO: Not far from there, Donnie caught a bicycle thief on video, on the west side of California/Andover early Thursday:

If you’ve seen a silver Redline bicycle with a green/black seat, that might be Donnie’s.

Something for Crime Watch? Report it to the police first – then you can e-mail us at If breaking news, after alerting 911, text/voice 206-293-6302 – thank you!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglar interrupted

(WSB photo)

10:30 AM: Police are searching for a burglar in Upper Fauntleroy. He was interrupted while going through a garage in a house on California SW south of SW Sullivan – this is near WSB HQ and we found out about it when three SPD cars arrived down the street. Officers told us the burglar bolted eastbound between houses to the north of the break-in location and dropped some of what he had stolen. No description yet.

2:35 PM: According to neighbors, there’s a partial description – 20s, 5’7″, stocking cap with snowflakes or stars on it.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-prowl alert

Avery sent this warning for neighbors who park on Delridge Way SW, particularly in the 5400 block:

Just wanted to get the word out that my car was broken into last night or this morning (1/27-1/28) from where it was parked in front of the Delridge Branch Library. It seemed like they tried to steal the whole car, since the ignition was broken into, but they were unable to.

My checkbook was stolen along with some change, and my car was left disabled. It could have been a lot worse, but residents along that block should take extra care with their cars parked on the street.

Avery had to arrange to have it towed for repair.

P.S. Crime stats for the year are in the newest SeaStat briefing from which Seattle Police has released some numbers. Citywide, car prowls were down last year – 13,695 in 2015, compared to 15,351 the year before. (Precinct breakouts were not included.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary suspect caught

(WSB photo)
9:26 AM: Thanks to the texter who let us know about a police search with K-9 in the Belvidere area this morning. We’ve tracked down the details of what happened: Two people were reported to have broken into a house under renovation in the 2400 block of Prescott (map) this morning and stolen some items including tools; the contractor reported it, and it was a fresh-enough report that police were able to get a track. Officers at the scene tell us they arrested one suspect a few blocks away, while another one remains at large. The investigation is still active and we hope to have a few more details later.

5:48 PM UPDATE: We checked with the SPD media-relations office before day’s end. The full written report on this case isn’t in yet, so the only new detail available is that some “items” apparently were recovered at the location where the suspect was found. We’ll check again tomorrow to see if the report’s in.

West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘City Light’ scam caller AGAIN; car prowl on 34th

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this afternoon:

‘CITY LIGHT’ SCAM CALL HITS ANOTHER LOCAL BUSINESS: Amber at Freshy’s wanted to get the word out after hearing from the scam callers who claim they’re from City Light and you (usually a business) have to pay a bill immediately or lose your power:

They said my funds weren’t appropriated correctly and a technician was coming out in 30 min to shut off my business power. I had to call someone else and they said it would happen if I didn’t pay and then a technician called and said he would be there ASAP and was going to turn it off. Then they said it wouldn’t be able to come back on till Monday. I had to call someone else who said I had to pay the balance (which they knew the amount) and that they would reimburse later. I said that it was paid and that it has cleared my bank and he said that it was just “misappropriated.” I was so freaked I almost paid… Then I called the police and they said this was an ongoing scam. I called the guy back and said that I reported his number and the technician’s number and he said “chill bitch, chill”…then hung up. Maybe put the word out to businesses so they don’t have a near heart attack like me!

Our previous reports on recipients of these scam calls include this one from a year ago and several others. The city’s put out warnings including this one.

34TH SW CAR BREAK-IN: Matt‘s Jeep was broken into late Monday or early Tuesday in the 5900 block of 34th SW [map]. “I had a duffle with cold weather gear, a jack, and a bag of accessories for the winch that were taken out of the back. It was parked directly in front of the house. The 5900 block of 34th has had a high incidence of minor property crime, car prowls, utility theft, and police call outs over the last 18 months.”

P.S. Our report on last night’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting is in the works. Big topic: Police staffing.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Denny, Sealth send letter home after 8th graders report being ‘grabbed’

2:37 PM: Two eighth-grader girls from Denny International Middle School say older boys/men “grabbed and pushed” them on Monday. That’s according to this letter just sent to Denny and Chief Sealth International High School families by Denny principal Jeff Clark (who shared it with WSB) and Sealth principal Aida Fraser-Hammer:

Dear Denny and Chief Sealth Scholars and Families,

This morning, two of our 8th grade female scholars reported to us that they were approached by two males on their walk home yesterday near SW Trenton St. and 22nd Ave SW. They reported that the males followed them and then grabbed and pushed them towards a yard.

Our scholars did a great job by screaming, getting away, and running off. Our scholars believed that the males were in their late teens and approximately 5’7”. Both of the males had their jackets zipped up partially blocking their faces and had hoods on, so we have a limited description.

Our scholars did the right thing by screaming, getting away, and telling an adult at home and at school. The families reported the incident to the Seattle Police Department last night and they are investigating today. The Seattle Police and Seattle Public Schools staff will both be providing extra presence in that area.

As a pre-caution, we are reminding our scholars this afternoon about safety tips for walking to and from school. We would appreciate your help by having a similar conversation at home. The walking safety advice includes:

• Pay close attention to your surroundings, avoid “automatic pilot.”
• Walk with a purpose; project an assertive, business-like image.
• Use common sense; plan your route to avoid uninhabited parks, parking lots, garages and alleyways.
• Stick to well-lit areas.
• Develop a plan before you see trouble. Crossing a street or entering a store may get you out of a potentially bad situation.
• If a car follows you or beckons you while you are walking, do not approach it. Instead, turn and quickly walk the opposite direction.
• Consider wearing clothing and shoes that you can move freely and quickly in, especially when walking or waiting for the bus.
• Carry minimal items; overloading yourself can make you appear vulnerable.
• Always plan your route and stay alert to your surroundings. Avoid shortcuts. Walk confidently. Scan your surroundings and make eye contact with people.
• Avoid walking alone at night. As much as possible, walk or travel with a friend, even during the daytime.

As always, thank you for your help and partnership!

P.S. If you didn’t see it in the comments earlier – here’s the SPD Blotter writeup about the incident – same basic information.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglar(s) steal memories

In West Seattle Crime Watch today – a reader report from Kyle:

My family’s home was burglarized (Monday) afternoon.

I came home from work to find my back door kicked in and two Apple computers stolen as well as an XBOX one, Samsung sound bar, etc. The bad thing is the iMac that was stolen had our entire 7-year-old’s life of pics and movies on it! We have most saved on an external hard drive but it still hurts.

We live in the Westwood area and just wanted to spread a warning that people who don’t care about other humans are on the prowl. If you see an older iMac or MacBook Pro with a dent in the top, please let us know. Thanks!

And one more reminder that a briefing on local crime trends is on the agenda for tonight’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting – all welcome, block-watch captain or not – 6:30 pm at the Southwest Precinct, 2300 SW Webster.

Meet new Community Police Team officers @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network

They’re the police officers you go to about neighborhood nuisances and other persistent problems – not the “happening NOW” emergencies, though their work can mean less of the latter: The Community Police Team, or CPT. The Southwest Precinct has two new CPT officers, John O’Neil and Clayton Powell, after losing two to reassignments and promotions; you can meet them at tomorrow night’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network meeting. You don’t have to be a captain, or even part of a block watch, to be there – WSBWCN welcomes everybody. The meeting also will include a crime-trend update from precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis. It starts at 6:30 pm Tuesday at the precinct, 2300 SW Webster.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Admiral break-in; stolen mail found; more

In West Seattle (and vicinity) Crime Watch:

THANKS FOR THE TIPS: Received a few about a sizable law-enforcement presence at 15th and Roxbury this past hour. Headed that way and found King County Sheriff’s Office deputies had converged on the gas station at the southwest corner of the intersection. They were searching what one deputy told us was a stolen car; we’ll be following up on our partner site White Center Now.

ADMIRAL BURGLARY: Tyler e-mailed this weekend to share the word about this:

On Wednesday at exactly 12:44 am we had a person enter our property at 53rd and Admiral and break into our garage, stealing wire and several small tools. They then moved a camera out of the way and tried to gain access to a small basement window. They were on site for over 20 minutes.

The house is being sold, so there was no one home and only various tools on site. Police report filed Thursday.

Suspect was wearing black jeans and hooded sweatshirt also in black. He knew there were cameras as face was covered. Had a distinctive large rectangle style back back with straps.

MORE HIGHLAND PARK MAIL THEFT: Shirley in Highland Park wants her neighbors in the 11th/12th/Barton vicinity to “please be aware that there is a lot of mail being taken and thrown on the ground and or put in other mailboxes. On my dog walk this am I found some of my neighbor’s mail in my paper box. This afternoon walking the dog, I found another neighbor’s mail in the alley … Also noticed several mailboxes open along the way.”

STOLEN MAIL FOUND IN SEAVIEW: A reader “found someone’s mail from Ballard (Friday morning) dumped at the corner of 44th SW and SW Graham.” They planned to take it back to the Post Office but added, “I just wanted to let people know to be watchful for thieves using our neighborhood like this.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Diaper-bag-stealing car prowler(s); package and mail theft; more

The newest reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:


Wanted to report that our Chevy Tahoe had two windows busted out last night. Perp(s) took diaper bag with my wife’s wallet inside along with various other property, daughter’s new bday purse, CD’s….Theft occurred at approx. 3 am and set off car alarm. Car was parked at curb in front of our house.

Shaun is near 39th SW/SW 106th in Arbor Heights; when we followed up to get that information, he added, “I’ve learned that the perp/s attempted to rent 4 video games at a Redbox at 5 am. The kiosk in question is located at a 7-Eleven near 112th St S and 8th Ave S.” (We found it on Google Street View.)

HIGHLAND PARK PACKAGE THEFT: Erika near 17th SW/SW Kenyon thought her package had been stolen, then contacted Amazon and was told it actually hadn’t been delivered – and then the sad truth: “My neighbor just came by with a ripped-open package that she found in our alley near her garbage, with one item found intact on the ground and another taken out of its packaging and it’s gone. … The contents included a bag of dishwashing detergent pods and a tub of Honest brand pregnancy belly balm. What a score.” She says this stirs up bad memories from a burglary last summer, but want to be sure everyone’s aware of “activity in our neighborhood.”

MAIL THEFT: From Corey:

I wanted to report continued mail theft in Highland Park neighborhood. I have now found mail discarded on lawns and stuffed in bushes on
three different occasions/3 different addresses, around 18th-20th Ave SW and Trenton St. The first occasion was in late November, the second
right before Christmas, and (Friday) January 22nd. The mail has all been from homes in Highland Park and within a few block of where I found it.

MAILBOX BREAK-IN: Mike reports this happened to his mailbox in the 7300 block of 35th SW in Sunrise Heights.

ALSO IN SUNRISE HEIGHTS: Todd at West Seattle Autoworks (WSB sponsor) reports a potential case of casing outside the shop at 35th/Webster around 9 pm Thursday night. They reviewed video from their surveillance camera after noticing it was “tilted up – as if someone had pushed it out of place.” The video shows someone walking in front of the camera and hiding his face, then a few minutes later walking back and pushing the camera up while walking under it. Todd says they didn’t find anything else out of place or damaged but wanted to alert the neighborhood.

Thanks to everyone who shares reports via West Seattle Crime Watch – once you’ve reported it to police, share it with your neighbors all around the peninsula by e-mailing – for breaking news (once you’ve called 911), text/call 206-293-6302 – thank you!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Fast-acting burglars

This report is from D in Highland Park, who was only gone for a short time when the burglar(s) hit:

We had a break-in this morning at our home on 18th/Trenton. The thief (or thieves) kicked in our locked back door and stole my iMac, speakers, mouse, keyboard, and a Kindle Fire right off my desk. I was gone from the house for less than 30 minutes picking up my daughter at preschool. The iMac wasn’t worth anything (2009 model) and it contained all our family pictures and videos. A good reminder to back up digital information and pictures to the cloud.

As we were processing this, D e-mailed again to add that the burglar(s) also stole video equipment, a spare set of their house keys, and even roller-derby gear.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Reader spots stolen car; distinctive car-prowl loot

We start this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup with good news:

STOLEN CAR FOUND: Brent reported his car stolen in The Junction six days ago. Today, Kathleen posted this comment that she spotted it in her neighborhood off Beach Drive. And Brent has just confirmed, they got the car back!

CAR PROWLS: Again last night, at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting (full report to come), Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis acknowledged that car prowling is at the top of the crime list in this area right now. And more happened last night, according to Janet, whose car was broken into on the 5000 block of 36th SW, with unique items taken:


INVU Sunglasses (35 styles, 3 colors each)
Scott Harris, Michael Ryen, Cinzia,
Côte d’Azur , and DB4k ophthalmics.

Keep an eye out, please. … I can replace things with insurance but I would love to help stop this repeat offender. I’m asking optical shops to ask for receipts when filling RXs for frames they didn’t sell.

She’s sure it’s a repeat offender because she wasn’t the only victim last night – she was at a local auto-glass shop for repairs this morning when two other break-in victims came in, and she saw another car on her street with broken glass this morning.

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