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One West Seattle Crime Watch reader report today – from Annika:

My fiance’s Yakima HoldUp2 Bike Hitch Rack was removed and stolen from the back of his truck while it was parked in the parking strip behind our house last night between 10:00 am-6:00 am. (40th & Brandon)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 stolen cars to watch for, both 2002 models

If you see either of these stolen 2002-model cars, call 911:

STOLEN IN THE JUNCTION: The photo and report are from Deborah:

Stolen 2002 light gold Toyota Highlander with no plates, but Younker Nissan plate holders. Temporary registration in rear window. Theft occurred sometime late Sunday PM – Monday AM near Erskine and California Ave. If you have information, please call or text 206-601-8264.

FORMER WEST SEATTLEITE EXPANDING SEARCH: Natasha is wondering if her car, stolen while she was doing delivery driving in SeaTac, wound up here. It was taken around 3 pm July 10th on 24th Avenue S. – a gold 2002 Hyundai Elantra, license AQT4642, with “swipe marks from another car on the driver’s side of the trunk as well. There’s a tail light or a brake light out. I never got a chance to see which so that I could replace it. There’s also a deep scratch on the passenger side bumper, right underneath the headlight.”

COUNTDOWN: 2 weeks to crime-fighting Night Out block parties

We’re counting down to this year’s Night Out with the help of Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Burbridge. She reminds us that we’re now exactly two weeks away from the national celebration of neighborhood safety and solidarity – Tuesday, August 1st:

As of today, the Southwest Precinct has 154 registered events!

Here is the Seattle Police Department website about National Night Out Against Crime. On this website, there’s online registration and downloadable materials – including an invitation in 11 languages and a Night Out event map!

Registration is open until 5 pm on Monday, July 31st!

Registering gets you the right to close off your non-arterial residential street. It also potentially puts you on the radar for some of the Night Out visits that local police and fire personnel will be making.

P.S. And if you’re having a party and wouldn’t mind us possibly stopping by to take a photo for WSB coverage, please e-mail with the location and who to ask for – thanks!


First theft of two in tonight’s reader reports – a bicycle stolen from Melecio:

My bright orange Marin Mt bike was stolen out of my car next to Camp Long. Nice bike. Front and rear disc brakes. Had Ing Direct logo and Lion on it. Hopefully I will get lucky and it will be returned.

Second, from Rhonda:

Theft last night at the corner of Manning/Belvidere Ave SW between the hours of 1 am to 8 am. My car was parked inside my fence. Burglars came onto my property. Stolen items: Thule Canyon 859 Carrier Basket and roof rack assembly. Please be sure that all items on top of your cars are secured and locked! Police have been notified.


From Anna:

My car was stolen this morning around 5 am in West Seattle off 52nd Ave. It is a 2013 red VW Jetta SE. The license plate is OH GXZ6688.

If you see it, call 911.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Burglary arrests; diving gear, Buddha statue stolen

Four West Seattle Crime Watch reports:


Officers arrested two suspects, ages 16 and 18, early this morning after they fled from an occupied house during a burglary in the South Delridge neighborhood in West Seattle.

Shortly after 5:00 am, a woman and her small child woke to the sound of breaking glass from the sliding door in the kitchen while at the same time the doorbell was ringing. The woman looked outside and saw an unknown person standing at her front door. The victim called 911. The victim was able to give a description of the person outside, and then heard someone enter her home in the 9200 block of 23rd Avenue SW.

Fearing for her safety, the woman grabbed her toddler and escaped out the bedroom window and ran toward the arriving officers. Officers quickly ran to the back of the house in search of the suspects. As officers entered the house both suspects fled out the front door. After running through bushes and jumping over retaining walls, officers located and detained both suspects.

The victim positively identified the suspects. They were arrested and transported to the Southwest Precinct where they were interviewed by a detective from the Major Crimes Task Force. Following the interview, the 18-year-old was booked into the King County Jail while the 16-year-old was booked into the Youth Services Center.

MORE BURGLARY ARRESTS: We are also following up on a report of burglary arrests in the Providence Mount St. Vincent area around midday today. No details yet.


Had some personal dive gear stolen out of my van last night between 10:00 pm and 10:00 am 26th Ave SW & Dakota St.(Youngstown Flats). Van was in our apartment building parking structure. Everything was in a black bin with a yellow lid. Asking readers to keep an eye out for it. Attaching a photo of the stolen items, plus a DUI weight harness that is not pictured.


We reported this to the police the morning it happened, but I’ve spent the last few days trying to track down a picture to post. Sometime between 10 pm 7/10 and Tues, 7/11 7 am, someone stole our 40-45 pound 20” Buddha statue that was nail glued down to a dead tree stump in our tree-lawn/front yard. Most likely they used a tool (crowbar?) and drove off as it couldn’t just be pulled off the stump– and due to how heavy it is, it’s unlikely they walked off with it. We are very close to our neighbors and no one saw or heard anything.

We knew it was a risk keeping the Buddha in a high-traffic area, but we wanted to share it with the neighborhood. It sat there peacefully without incident for almost 3 years. It definitely became a “mascot” for our block and has great sentimental value. If anyone has any info, please comment. Or if the thief is willing to return it, we would appreciate it back, no questions asked. 13th Ave SW between Henderson and Barton- Highland Park. Thank you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Burglary, and pursuit, on video; tools stolen from job site

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports tonight:

BURGLARY, GETAWAY, CHASE ON VIDEO: Above is a screenshot from video recorded at Brandon‘s house as burglars were making their getaway Wednesday morning in the 3700 block of SW Thistle. While he also shared a video link from the burglary itself, the getaway is most dramatic – here’s the clip (not embeddable): The getaway starts with a vehicle showing up about :40 in; then watch the upper right for a passing vehicle whose driver backed up at 1:02 and pursued the fleeing burglars. Brandon says, “We’re lucky to have had the lady in the van give chase and then come back to wait at our house for the police; thank you, kind stranger, we truly appreciate your bravery”

As for the break-in itself, Brandon describes:

At around 2:45 am on Wednesday morning, the burglars saw that we were not home and stole our mail. They came back at 7:30 am to check if we were home, and upon seeing that their knocks on the front door go unanswered, the four of them broke into our home. Fortunately, the alarm system did its job and the criminals were only in our home for around 3 minutes. … Based on the coordination and dress, it looks like they had this burglary planned out. The vehicle they used (red Toyota Sienna) was stolen. After they left our house, a brave neighbor gave chase. They sprayed a fire extinguisher out of the car to try to shake her and managed to get away. The vehicle was later found abandoned with items from other burglaries in it.

Here’s the burglary video: As Brandon describes it – “Guy comes up from basement to open door for an accomplice (0:04), another guy enters side door (0:34) then leaves out side door (1:03).” Two more screenshots:

Brandon says that none of the items from their burglary have been found. If you have any information, the SPD incident number is 2017-252976.

One more reader report:


At approximately 8:30 PM on Tuesday night, 2 men between the ages of 25 to 35 years old, Asian or Pacific Islander, driving a late-model black Mercedes sedan, were seen coming out of the residential job site next-door to our house on 4th Ave., Southwest below Westcrest Park. My husband yelled at them and they ran with their hands full of things and jumped in the car and sped away. License plate begins with BC. Luckily they didn’t get too much because we don’t keep anything on the site. But, they stole a red Sawzall box, heavy duty Bosch construction site boombox/radio, and some other small items, and maybe other things we just haven’t noticed yet. Have you seen these guys?

They didn’t get the full license plate number, unfortunately.

FOLLOWUP: Second suspect charged in encampment murder off Highway 509, Hung M. Pham, has West Seattle record

(WSB photo, June 5th, showing police and other emergency vehicles along Highway 509 south of West Seattle)

A second suspect is now charged in last month’s baseball-bat killing of 24-year-old Dillon Graham at an encampment off Highway 509 – and he’s someone we have reported on before.

We first reported on the death investigation June 5th; 43-year-old Aaron Rillera was arrested the same day and charged with second-degree murder on June 8th; 46-year-old Hung M. Pham was arrested this past Monday and charged with second-degree murder today. Pham is alleged to have been the second man reported to have shown up with a baseball bat after a woman sought out Rillera, claiming Graham was trying to rob a friend of hers. Charging documents say Pham has a record of criminal violence, including domestic-violence assault and arson in a 2013 West Seattle case, as well as robbery. Checking the WSB archives, we found the photo you see at right, accompanying this 2013 report on the domestic-violence arson case on the county side of Roxbury, which was linked to an incident in the 9000 block of 16th SW. He was arrested days after that report, and after a plea bargain three months later, according to King County Superior Court online records, was sentenced to a little over two years in prison.

Back to the current murder case, documents say that it took a while to identify and arrest Pham because witnesses to the fatal attack on Graham identified him only as “Pete,” but a police officer who got word of the investigation helped his colleagues figure out that “Pete” was Hung M. Pham. He’ll be back in court to answer the murder charge in two weeks; prosecutors are asking that his bail be set at $2 million.


Lauren reports her car was stolen from in front of her home in the Luna Park area sometime between last Saturday and today. It’s a 1999 red 4-door Honda Civic, license plates ABW0982. Please call 911 if you see it.

CALLING ALL BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS: Southwest Precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator would like to hear from you

If you are or have been a Block Watch captain in the Southwest Precinct area – West Seattle and South Park – you might have received e-mail from the precinct’s new Crime Prevention Coordinator, Jennifer Burbridge. Or not – which is why she asked if we would circulate this request too. From her e-mail, sent to 350 people who might or might not still be BW captains:

Part of my work in the SW Precinct includes helping to start new Block Watches and assisting existing Block Watches in whatever way that I can.

When I took over the position, a list of Block Watch Captains for the SW Precinct area was passed down to me … My intention for this email is to verify (which blocks still have) an active Block Watch and to determine who the current Block Watch Captain is. If you are not the current Block Watch Captain but have the current Captain’s email address, could you forward this email to him/her? That would be greatly appreciated.

If you feel comfortable doing so, please respond to this email with the following information:

-First name of Block Watch Captain (please no Last Names for privacy purposes)
-Email address of Block Watch Captain
-Block or area your Block Watch covers (For example: 2300 Block of Webster- from Delridge to 24th Ave SW)
-Approximate number of homes/residences in your Block Watch

I hope to create a list of Block Watch Captains for the SW Precinct for a few purposes. First and foremost, to distribute information to the communities in an organized and efficient way. Secondly, I hope to have a running list so that when community members inquire about whether their area has a formal Block Watch- I can refer the Block Captain to the curious neighbor.

Please let me know in your response if you would like your information to be passed along to the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network. This community-based network provides many resources to Block Watch Captains in the SW Precinct. They offer monthly informational meetings, and have an online community where you can connect with other Block Watch Captains and benefit from their experience.

If this applies to you and you haven’t heard directly from Burbridge, her e-mail address is

P.S. Speaking of neighborhood-based crime prevention/deterrence, we’re now less than three weeks from Night Out – the big annual night of neighborhood block parties – on August 1st. You don’t have to have a Block Watch to have a block party, but if you want to close your (non-arterial) street, you do have to register – here’s how.


ORIGINAL 9:03 PM REPORT: Aaron reports his motorcycle was stolen on Beach Drive:

The bike is a black, silver, and white 2007 GSXR 750 sports bike. It has Texas license plates # 3ZL797. Last 8 of Vin: 72101610. The bike was stolen today between 9 am and 5 pm. Please call (911) if found.

9:48 PM: Ben reported in comments that two motorcycles were stolen from him today in West Seattle; he has since e-mailed the photo and info:

“Had two bikes stolen today from my driveway on Admiral Way between 1030 and 1130 AM. 2007 Suzuki gsxr and 2007 Yamaha R6.” Same goes for these – if you see one or both, call 911.

FOLLOWUP: How naked man’s hammer rampage on Avalon ended without serious injury

(Reader photo, early Saturday afternoon – cropped just above where suspect was lying on ground, in custody)

As promised, we followed up today on Saturday’s bizarre and frightening Avalon Way incident involving a naked man running in the roadway, bolting into a business, and smashing windows on an occupied Metro bus before police got him under control.

(Photo from KD – bus windows smashed during rampage)

We had few details that day – most of the story was told by commenters – but we obtained the police report narrative today and have transcribed much of it. It begins:

At 11:52 (am) … numerous callers reported a naked male in the vicinity of SW Avalon Way/SW Andover Street acting erratically and armed with a hammer. Dispatch advised the following: “On Avalon, just north of intersection, naked male hitting vehicles and lying in the middle of the road. The subject was described as a white male, late twenties to forties, 5’8” to 6’, thin, bald, facial hair, and completely naked.

Three officers were sent, two who are described as having had Crisis Intervention Training, one described as from the SW Precinct Bicycle Squad. They were in the small bus that transports the bicycle squad, “which lacks emergency equipment or in-car video,” the report notes, continuing:

Prior to officers arriving, dispatch updated that the subject was unintelligibly yelling, striking vehicles with a hammer, appeared high, jumped onto a pickup truck, stopping traffic, lying in the street, dancing, broke a bus window, went into a pet-care business, and covered in blood, chasing people with a hammer.

Read More

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen laptop; threatening vandalism

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch so far today:

STOLEN LAPTOP: Lisa reports a car break-in, sometime between Saturday night and this morning on Delridge near Home Depot; a black bag containing her boyfriend’s work laptop was taken. Useless to the thief or thieves, she says: “You aren’t able to do much because it is secured and needs a government ID to turn on.” It’s a black Dell laptop, Latitude e7450, serial starts with G7S, also “identifying number (ending with 3837) barcode on bottom.” If you have any info, the police incident # is 2017-250195.

THREATENING GRAFFITI VANDALISM: A reader reports spotting “DIE” in orange spray paint on the side of a house near Fairmount Park. He spoke to a neighbor who planned to notify the residents; the police Twitter log indicates a report has been filed.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Recognize this boutique vandal, caught on video? Also – DJ equipment stolen from trailer

Two reports in West Seattle Crime Watch today, both involving businesses:

BOUTIQUE VANDALIZED: The window at the Lika Love boutique, 6031 California SW in north Morgan Junction, was smashed last night, and this video shows it was no accident:

Another view shows the vandal as he approached:

If you have any information on who he is, contact SPD and refer to incident 2017-248431.


Yesterday Kelli Mitchell of Seattle Mobile Entertainment learned that the trailer that houses her DJ and karaoke gear for her business was broken into and all of her equipment stolen. The trailer is parked in the alley on the 7300 block of 35th Ave SW. Based on neighbors’ accounts we think the gear was stolen some time between 5 am and 10 am 7/8/17. If anyone saw any suspicious vehicles in that area or a bunch of DJ equipment in a pawn shop etc, please call SPD to report it. Below is a list of missing items:

4 Electrovoice 12″ 250 watt unpowered speakers
2 Yamaha emx512 1000watt all in one mixer/amps
4 Shure wireless PGX/SM 58 wireless microphones/receivers
2 ASUS basic laptops with Compuhost software
2 western digital harddrives
PRO LINE speaker stands with locking and tension release

And of course all the cables and karaoke books to go with all of it. Incident number 17-248125

READER REPORT: Mowers found – stolen or lost?

From the inbox:

I came across two commercial type lawn mowers ‘stashed’ in a remote area off the beaten path area below Highland Park in a spot they shouldn’t be. My concern is they might be stolen from some commercial landscaper or gardener and that’s how they make their living. I have the two brand names on the mowers for proof if someone is missing their equipment. These do not belong where I found them.. that’s for sure!

A police report has been filed, and we’re awaiting the number.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Charges filed, bail increased in South Delridge street-robbery case

ORIGINAL REPORT, 12:43 AM: Both adult suspects in last week’s South Delridge street robbery are now charged, with bail for each suspect quintupled to $250,000.

The two adult suspects, 22-year-old Aaron K. Knox and 18-year-old Robert W. Degrat IV, are each charged with one count of first-degree robbery, with a firearm enhancement, which would add five years to any sentence, if convicted. They are accused of stealing a 58-year-old man’s bicycle at gunpoint with a juvenile accomplice last Thursday night in the 9200 block of Delridge Way SW. (Court records don’t show whether the juvenile has been charged yet, so we’ll be checking on his status later today.)

The court documents say the victim told police he was riding his bicycle northbound on Delridge around 9:45 pm Thursday when he was approached by all three suspects. Degrat and the juvenile allegedly grabbed the victim’s handlebars; he struggled to regain control, and while that was happening, court documents say, Knox pulled out a .380 semi-automatic pistol, racked its slide several times, placed it against the victim’s body, and demanded “Give me all your money.” The victim at that point got off his bike and ran. Looking back, he told police, he saw the three take his bicycle toward a vacant house at 9222 Delridge (site of a small fire in May and a bigger one that killed a person in 2014), into which the three then allegedly ran and hid. The victim called 911; police found the pistol in the grass outside the house and eventually found the three suspects inside.

The arrest documents for both Degrat and Knox show them with West Seattle addresses. Degrat is reported to have told police that he had just been kicked out of his residence and went to 9222 Delridge with the juvenile, where Knox allegedly told Degrat he would have to “earn it” if he wanted to stay at that house. The robbery allegedly ensued. Police say they found 13 rounds of .380 ammunition in Degrat’s backpack, identical to what was found in the loaded pistol in the front yard. Both Degrat and Knox – neither of whom has a felony record – remain in the King County Jail.

10:45 AM UPDATE: The 17-year-old suspect has been charged with attempted first-degree robbery and documents provided by the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office indicate they are seeking to try him as an adult.


Reader report:

Our car, 2014 Blue Volvo xc90, plates APC 9327, was stolen sometime last night 7-3 from the 4000 block of 59th Ave SW. We have filed a police report.

If you see it, police ask that you call 911.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Burglar(s) take bicycle and more; illegal dumping on video

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

BURGLARS TAKE BIKE AND MORE: Rebecca reports her home in the 8800 block of Delridge Way SW [map] was burglarized late last night, with the burglar(s) stealing a bicycle, video-game consoles, and laptops. Since abandoned/likely stolen bicycles turn up often, we asked her to describe the one the burglar(s) took: A black women’s Sportster Comfort 10, serial number starting with 513. If you have any information or might have found any of the stolen items, the police report number is 2017-238353.

ILLEGAL DUMPING: A commercial dumpster temporarily in place for a roofing job on SW Thistle proved attractive to someone looking for a place to unload a couch, JW reports. His cameras caught it around 12:30 am today:

That clip shows the truck pulling up with the couch – this one shows what followed. He’s reported it. (SMC 21.36.440, in case you were wondering.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Alki hit-run driver sought; bicycle found

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

ALKI HIT-RUN: Roma says this happened last night (Friday) around 10 pm near Alki/59th:

A red truck (possibly a 2000s Dodge) hit my car, backed up, hit another car, then sped off.

Any info? Police incident number is 2017-236752.

ABANDONED BICYCLE: Jeff has been seeing this bicycle for a while now, east of The Triangle, and suspects it was stolen/abandoned:

Yours? Let us know.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 arrested after South Delridge street robbery

Just published on SPD Blotter, word that three people were arrested last night after a street robbery was reported near 18th SW and SW Barton:

On Thursday night, just before 10:00 pm, officers responded to that area after a 58-year-old man called 911 to report he had just been robbed of his bicycle at gunpoint by three suspects. The suspects then fled and the victim was able to call police.

Officers responded and set up containment. A K-9 team responded and tracked to a nearby vacant house in the 9200 block of Delridge, where the victim’s bicycle was found abandoned in the tall grass. Officers heard voices inside the house and three individuals came out. The three individuals matched the suspect description provided by the victim. The victim was able to positively identify the suspects, all male, ages 17, 18, and 22. They were arrested without incident.

Officers checked the vacant house for additional suspects. During a check of the house, officers discovered an open window in a back bedroom. Thinking that was a little odd, the officer looked out the window and, using his flashlight, located a firearm in the tall grass. The gun was recovered with a fully loaded magazine. The victim confirmed that was the gun the suspects used in the robbery.

The 17-year-old suspect was later booked into the Youth Services Center, while the older suspects were booked into the King County Jail.

Juvenile detention rosters aren’t available online, but we’ve verified via the King County Jail register that the 18- and 22-year-old suspects are still in custody. Neither appears to have a felony record.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: The case of the stolen bags

From the “unusual theft” files, this report from Hannah:

Overnight, someone stole all the tree gator/water drip bags from our street (including ours and the neighbors). On Graham St SW, between 49th and 50th Ave SW in Seaview. Jerks! And also, WHY?

The missing bags are dark green.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Seen this stolen bicycle?

Please watch for a kids’ bicycle that was taken from Sommer‘s yard:

My son’s bike was stolen out of our front yard. Nearly brand new.

20″ boys BMX bike
Matte black w/ neon green and white writing ‘Hyper Spinner’
Foot pegs on back wheels

If whomever took it could return it to 4045 45th SW, that’d be great.

@ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network: What should new Community Service Officers do?

From last night’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting – the return of SPD’s Community Service Officers, plus an update/Q&A on local crime trends.

COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICERS: This SPD program is being revived after more than a decade. Presenter Angela Socci from SPD talked about its history from 1971-2004 as a bridge between the police and underserved neighborhoods. Now, for 2018, there’s money in the budget, and she is making the rounds seeking input about what the new CSO program should look like and how it might fit into the current existing structure, which includes Community Police Team Officers and Crime Prevention Coordinators. The major public outreach and rollout is expected to start in January.

One thing for certain: As they were back in the day, the CSOs will be uniformed but unarmed. No mission statement yet, though. So, Socci asked meeting attendees, what skills should the new CSOs have, and what would you like to see them do?

Many said the skillset should include things like de-escalation, conflict management, knowledge of group dynamics, and a general understanding of psychology. That came up again when someone asked if the CSOs might interact with homeless people and others who are dealing with mental illness.

As far as what they should do, there were requests to send CSOs into schools to deal with troubled kids and also to get involved when kids get interested in gangs. Also there was talk about dealing with
runaways and families who are having issues.

According to Socci, SPD is largely just listening and pulling all the comments together from people like this group, for now. She and her team will also be working with the city’s Office of Civil Rights to see how the CSOs can work to apply the social-equity toolkit.

CRIME TRENDS AND CONCERNS: The meeting began with Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis giving toplines on recent crime trends. Overall, crime is down from this time last year, he said, and SPD continues to work with judges and prosecutors to try to slow down the cycle of catch/release, catch/release for people arrested for crimes such as car prowls. Attendees told Capt. Davis that they would like to see more traffic enforcement, particularly for drivers failing to stop for pedestrians, as well as speeding. No info yet on plans for enforcement of the new cell-phone law, which takes effect next month. Though it didn’t come up in open discussion, we asked Capt. Davis afterward if he had an update on last month’s Alki murder; short answer, no, but longer answer, detectives are continuing to work on identifying the suspected killer.

The West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network will not meet in July or August, so next meeting will be the fourth Tuesday in September – that’s 6:30 pm September 26th.

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