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West Seattle Crime Watch: Junction shoplifter; Highland Park car/mailbox break-ins; Triangle bike theft; CDs found in Gatewood..

4:57 PM: We have several West Seattle Crime Watch reports for this roundup, but first, something working right now:

JUNCTION SHOPLIFTER: Donna from City Mouse (4218 SW Alaska) in The Junction wants to warn of a shoplifter who just hit her store this past hour: “Hair in a bun with a flower garland headband. Light colored pants. Large white satchel. Tall. African American. Maybe 30?”

ADDED 5:04 PM – HIGHLAND PARK CAR/MAILBOX BREAK-INS ON CAMERA: From the 8th and Elmgrove area:

This happened while we were on vacation. It was at 12:28 am on Friday, July 22nd. We just got home. Two men in a black 4-door car broke into our car. Unfortunately it was unlocked, which we are still trying to figure out because we locked and armed both our vehicles before we left. They stole stereo equipment and a bunch of mechanic tools that were in the trunk. They were at our car for 6 minutes! Then when they were done cleaning out the car, they checked all the mail boxes and pried open our neighbors lock box. You can see two different men in the video. The first one’s face is not really clear, but the second one is. …

The car pulls into camera view at 12:28:46. The first man’s face is visible at 12:29:34. The second mans face is visible at 12:33:20. At the end of the video is where he breaks the lock box. … I am so done with stupid people getting away with stuff like this. We did file a police report. The police actually showed up 15 minutes after we called them!

BIKE STOLEN IN THE TRIANGLE: Nicole‘s new bicycle was stolen at her workplace on Thursday:

Around 6:45 pm 7/28/16 I was getting ready to close the shop, I’m a barista at Realfine Coffee, and while making a drink for a customer, this man in a newer white Infiniti came to use the bathroom. As he was leaving he jumped right on my bike – we have a garage door that was open where I keep it – and rode off as fast as he could while someone in the car drove off. My customer chased after him with all of his might for about 15 minutes but was unsuccessful.

I am really upset because I had worked so hard to buy that bike and have only had it for a week now. It is a vita sport disc. Matted black, it says Specialized in teal and has some pink as well, medium sized, and straight handlebars.


Crazy amount of thefts/car prowls happening in our neighborhood this month, west of Gatewood Elementary.

(A paper grocery) bag of CD’s with two cases, blue and purple, was found in front of the house next door. Perhaps they belong to someone in the neighborhood? They were most likely left by the same person(s) who got into our car and took two backpacks. We circulated the photos around to our neighbors, but no luck, perhaps you can post them on the blog and someone might be able to reclaim them? I have them at our house.

NORTH DELRIDGE CAR PROWL: From A – “Someone went through our truck and stole some tools – hammers, drill bits, etc – from one of the truck’s drawers on the 2800 block of SW Dakota St … sometime after 6 pm on 7/28 and (before) 7:30 am 7/29.”


(Thursday) around 10 am, this person trespassed into our backyard (Arbor Heights – Marine View Dr SW) and was seen by our babysitter, who took the picture.

Nothing appeared out of place or missing. He was in our backyard for around poking and looking around for about 2 minutes. If you have any information regarding this person, please call the Seattle Police Department at 206-733-9800 and reference Incident #16-272005.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Highland Park arrests; 2 reader reports

We start this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup with a report from SPD Blotter:

HIGHLAND PARK ARRESTS: Police arrested two men, ages 23 and 24, and got a stolen van back late last night. The SPD Blotter report says it started with “a report of a white van driving up and down the street in the area of 7th Avenue SW and SW Elmgrove Street. The call stated that the two males inside the van were yelling at people as they drove by. Officers found the van in an alley in the 700 block of SW Kenyon Street and discovered both the van and its license plates had been reported stolen. As officers were examining the vehicle, a man approached them and asked them if they were looking for a vehicle driving up and down the street. This is the point at which officers became aware that the purportedly helpful man was, in fact, the driver of the stolen van. After witnesses confirmed the man’s connection to the stolen van, officers began searching for his accomplice. They soon found a second suspect hiding in some bushes in a neighboring driveway. Police discovered the second man had several warrants for his arrest, and officers also found approximately 4 grams of methamphetamine and a collection of 18 unidentified pills in the van.

CAR THEFT AND VANDALISM: Via e-mail, “(4200 block of) Beach Dr SW, stolen car and second car vandalized.” We’ll add information on the car’s make/model/plate when we get it.


Just wanted to report a car prowl on the 3800 block of 33rd Ave SW sometime between 10 pm on 7/27 and 8:30 am on 7/28. Some women’s shoes were taken and middle console rifled through. This is the 2nd time in 8 months this has happened to my car. Although this time, they left this sweater behind.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Suspect in Junction bank-robbery attempt now out of jail

Tonight we know what police say happened inside the Junction Bank of America before they circulated a photo of, and arrested, a man they described as a bank-robbery suspect. That 61-year-old man has just been released from jail tonight on his own recognizance, as ordered at his bail hearing this afternoon, despite prosecutors’ request to set bail at $75,000. Here’s what the documents from that hearing say police were told happened just before 911 was called at 11:13 am Wednesday:

(A teller told police) the suspect entered the bank and approached his window. (The teller) noted the suspect’s appearance and the fact he was wearing a backpack which was placed in front of his chest, which caught his attention. He greeted the suspect and asked how he could assist. At this point the suspect reached in front of the backpack and handed a small bag and a note to the teller. The note handed to the teller read something to the effect, “Put large bills in the bag, quickly”.

(The teller) has been employed with Bank of America for approximately five years and has been a victim/witness in two prior bank robberies. Based on his knowledge and experience he quickly grabbed the bag and note. (The teller) stated he felt safety behind the bullet-proof teller window aka “Bandit Barrier.” (He) looked at the suspect and said, “Are you sure about this?” and the suspect replied, “Yes, put it in the bag”. At this point (the teller) activated the silent alarm and stepped away to inform co-workers of the situation.

(He) returned to the suspect to engage him in conversation to stall him leaving the bank. He felt the suspect caught on to his tactic and fled the bank without obtaining any money, also leaving the note and bag.

The documents have no mention of a weapon being shown or implied.

Responding officers quickly obtained the surveillance photo that SPD tweeted a short time later and circulated around SPD. Less than an hour after the robbery attempt, two Southwest Precinct officers who saw the photos spotted a man matching the description at Fauntleroy and Alaska, not far from the bank, and stopped him. The teller was brought to the scene and confirmed he recognized the man as the would-be robber. Police read him his Miranda rights and asked his name; he would not identify himself, the court documents say; officers took him to SPD headquarters downtown, fingerprinted him, and learned his name that way, just before 3 pm. The court documents do not mention any criminal record; we haven’t found one for the suspect in this state, just a Seattle traffic citation last year. He is due back in court Monday afternoon.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; stolen mail

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR & NEARBY PROWL: Lonnie just reported this in a comment – we confirmed it via @getyourcarback (which does not include car-theft locations, so we don’t know which ones are West Seattle cases unless you tell us): “Sometime after midnight Sunday night and by early Monday morning, my friend Todd had his black locked VW Passat (Lic. #ARG9180)stolen from in front of his residence at the s/w corner of 46th and Juneau St. and his neighbor had their car broken into also during the same time.”

STOLEN MAIL: Cary reports this happened in Arbor Heights last night:

We’re on 44th Ave SW just south of 100th and at 8:20ish (pm) a black (large) SUV pulled up and took a piece of outgoing mail from our mailbox (bill to PSE). The police have been called but please be on the lookout for this car – it might be a 4Runner/Pathfinder. The kid who got out to take the piece of mail was young (18-20s), caucasian or hispanic, and wearing a dark shirt. The car also left behind a diaper in the middle of the street!

Reminder that Night Out is next Tuesday, and it’s not too late to register your neighborhood party with SPD.

West Seattle Crime Watch update: Police arrest Junction bank-robbery suspect

11:47 AM: Just in from Seattle Police via Twitter:

The search is under way now; we’re on our way to find out more.

12:01 PM: SPD had said only “4000 block of SW Alaska,” where there are two banks; our crew has just confirmed it was the Bank of America branch, which has a note on the door saying it’s temporarily closed. No police visible in the area – bank-robber searches often fan out fast – so we haven’t yet obtained additional details.

1:11 PM: SPD has since tweeted that the suspect shown in the photo is in custody.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Racist, threatening hate note left on Pigeon Point family’s porch


By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

“When you have two beautiful mixed race babies and you find this on your front porch. I am just thankful they can’t read yet.”

That’s how Stephanie Endres began her message to social-media friends late Tuesday night, after returning to her Pigeon Point home and discovering a racist, threatening hate note on her porch.

You can see it here – too much profanity for us to publish it as is, but here’s a redacted transcription:


We don’t publish crime victims’ names without their permission; Endres granted hers, as well as permission to republish what she posted on Facebook. Multiple people contacted us after reading it, including her friend Brandy, who wrote, “She is a pillar in our community advocating to prevent homelessness. She has two beautiful bi-racial children and is now afraid for their safety. Please spread the word and inform our community.”

Stephanie’s advocacy, in fact, was featured here on WSB last fall, when she raised money to collect and distribute backpacks for kids in need. She is founder of Stephanie’s Lifeline/HOPE (Homeless Outreach Prevention and Education).

Last night, she concluded her post about the note: “This hate has got to stop. The coward who left this couldn’t even do it while we were home. Truly makes me uncomfortable to know people like this are in my neighborhood/community.”

When we reached her to follow up on others’ messages about her post, she told us, “We found the note around 930 pm and I have notified the police and filed a report. It will be treated as a hate crime and they will be investigating it.”

We will follow up on that later today.

ADDED 12:10 PM: SPD has just summarized this on SPD Blotter, including the answer to the question we’ve had out to them since this morning: “Police collected the letter and evidence and are now investigating the letter as a case of malicious harassment, Washington’s hate crime statute.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: After the car prowls…

In West Seattle Crime Watch … two unusual things that happened after car prowls:

CHANGE OF HEART: From Nicholas:

On Saturday night at 45th and Brandon someone went through my car and they stole my parking pass for work, some miscellaneous lottery tickets that were not winners, and unfortunately my work iPhone and charger which I had accidentally left in the console. (Monday) morning the strangest thing happened my work iPhone was sitting on my trunk of my car they apparently decided to return the phone but kept the OtterBox case. Thanks for getting my work phone back to me. I hope you find peace and happiness in whatever it is you’re looking for in this life.

POST-PROWL CASING? From Matt in Arbor Heights:

Strange situation occurred (Sunday) night. Someone knocked on our door around 7 pm and asked to speak with my wife, saying that they went to school together on the east-coast. He then wanted me to go get her and I told him absolutely not. He then asked to see a picture of her. After he left, I finally put two and two together. My wife’s purse was stolen about 3 weeks ago in the parking lot at Lincoln Park along with her ID, credit cards, etc. Someone broke into the car (smashed the window) while my wife was at the beach with our kids.

The police say they are likely casing our house and that similar incidents have occurred recently in West Seattle when property or identification has been stolen. Please be advised.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Assault charges filed in bridge beating

Charges are now filed against all three people arrested in High Point after last week’s incident at the east end of the West Seattle Bridge. As reported in our same-day coverage Wednesday and next-day followup Thursday, police say it began with a hit-and-run rear-end crash on Beacon Hill. The driver whose car was hit followed the other car onto the West Seattle Bridge in order, he said, to get its license plate, and ended up getting beaten up.

20-year-old Bona M. Adam and 18-year-old Jaime Trujillo-Lopez are both charged with second-degree assault, as is the third suspect, who is 17 and charged as a juvenile, so we are not identifying him.

The charging documents say Trujillo-Lopez was driving the car. The victim spotted it pulled over on the east end of the West Seattle Bridge and when he confronted Trujillo-Lopez, asking why he took off, Trujillo-Lopez punched him in the face. He allegedly yelled to his companions to “get the shotgun!” at which time prosecutors say Adam and the juvenile suspect did exactly that, getting a gun out of the car’s trunk, at which time Adam is alleged to have pointed it at the victim. He and the victim struggled for control of it, the charging documents say, and almost fell off the bridge in the process. The scuffle continued, also involving Trujillo-Lopez; Adam got control of the gun and reportedly tried to fire it, but that didn’t work, and after the juvenile suspect kicked the victim in the face, the documents say, the suspects all got in their car and took off. The victim drove into West Seattle and met police and medics near West Seattle Stadium; the suspects were traced to, and arrested at, the High Point address where the 17-year-old lives.

Prosecutors say Trujillo-Lopez has no criminal history; Adam has a conviction for burglary. Both are scheduled for arraignment August 8th, and their bail remains at $225,000. No convictions are on record for the 17-year-old.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Fingerprints lead to burglary charge; plus, 4 reader reports

Five reports tonight in West Seattle Crime Watch:

NEW CHARGES AGAINST TAYLOR CHURCH: We start with an update on 26-year-old Taylor Church, a repeat offender arrested 2 1/2 weeks ago for alleged prowling in South Delridge/Highland Park (photo at right). At the time, she was only being held in connection with previous cases. But this past Friday, court files reveal, she was charged with residential burglary, after fingerprint evidence from a break-in scene was matched to her. That burglary, court documents say, happened July 5th at a home in the 9000 block of 12th SW, where surveillance video captured Church breaking in through a window. The victim showed the video to police, and when they arrested Church the next day in connection with three attempted burglaries, an officer recognized her as the burglar seen in the video. That officer had lifted “possible latent print evidence” at the 12th SW house the previous day; last Thursday, an evidence technician notified investigators that evidence matched two of Church’s fingers, and a burglary charge was rush-filed the next day. As we reported July 12th, she is serving time for a trespass case, so there’s no bail set for her right now, but if she finishes that sentence, the bail that would currently kick in for the new burglary charge is listed as $10,000.

Now, four reader reports to mention:

STOLEN CAR: Manny e-mailed this weekend about the car stolen from him last Monday:

My car was stolen from the corner of 47th and SW Othello St. It is a 1995 red Honda Civic. WA plate # AYL1534.

Call 911 if you see it. (7:24 AM MONDAY UPDATE: Manny says it’s been found.)

CAR PROWL: From Monica:

Wanted to report that my vehicle was broken into outside of my home on the 3800 Block of Beach Dr SW, last night. Several items were stolen.

ANOTHER CAR PROWL: Katharine saw the aftermath of this one on Friday at 42nd and Hinds:

Car alarm went off. Volvo SUV with broken back side window, bicycle hanging out the side, back side door hanging open, broken glass on the street, blue plastic glove on the street. Looked like someone noticed the bike in the car, smashed the window, tried to grab the bike, looks like unsuccessfully.

SPEAKING OF BICYCLES … A neighbor says this one appears to have been abandoned near Gatewood Elementary:
Let us know if you recognize it.

UPDATE: Gunfire in Lincoln Park; 13 shell casings found

11:08 PM: Thanks for the texts about suspected gunfire heard near Lincoln Park; we are just uphill and with windows open, we heard it too. Per scanner, police have been dispatched to check the area. If you saw anything, be sure to let them know. No report of any victim(s) so far; two people have mentioned hearing a vehicle “peeling away,” and we’re just now hearing on the scanner that someone by the ferry terminal has told police they believe the suspected shots came from “the woods.”

11:24 PM: In case you see Seattle Fire Engine 37 has been dispatched to Lincoln Park but the call isn’t related to gunfire, it’s a request for help in “extinguishing a campfire.” Also via scanner, police are saying they were told that “a group of high-schoolers was partying in the park” and “scattered” about the same time the gunfire was heard.

12:25 AM: We’ve confirmed with Southwest Precinct Lt. Alan Williams that casings were found. No injuries reported. No other details right now – he’s busy with officers working some other incidents (not related that we know of, but we’re checking; thanks for all the tips).

2:04 PM: More info from Lt. Williams: “Thirteen .40 caliber shell casings recovered. No known injuries or damage.” The gunfire was believed to be associated with a “party” in the woods at Lincoln Park.

FOLLOWUP: Aaron Parypa sentenced to 21 months for manslaughter

Two months after Aaron Parypa, the West Seattleite originally charged with murder for a deadly shooting near Sea-Tac Airport last year, struck a plea bargain, he has been sentenced. The online record of this afternoon’s sentencing hearing says King County Superior Court Judge Andrea Darvas went along with the recommendation made by both prosecutors and defense attorneys – 21 months in prison, with credit for the nearly 8 months he already has served. Parypa has no prior record.

When we reported in May that he had pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of manslaughter, we didn’t know his sentencing date, and failed to follow up until two people e-mailed us late today asking what happened. The information just became available after online court records were down for several hours.

Backstory on the case is in our report on the charges filed after he was arrested in December at his West Seattle home. Parypa, now 40, shot at two men who had contacted him about buying marijuana and then apparently stole it from him during a meetup in a Burien parking lot; a pursuit ensued, ending in the gunfire near Sea-Tac. One man, 28-year-old Andrae Medina-Wong, was killed. The brief court report on today’s sentencing says family and friends of both Parypa and Medina-Wong were in court for this afternoon’s 46-minute hearing.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police find bicycles, seek owners



ORIGINAL REPORT, 8:50 PM THURSDAY: We often publish photos of bicycles found around West Seattle, likely stolen and dumped. Most of the time, those photos are from readers. Tonight, the photos are from Seattle Police. Detective Scotty Bach says, “On Monday, we arrested a couple of criminals in a stolen vehicle. They had these two bicycles which were likely stolen near the Morgan Junction.” He’s hoping to find the owner(s): “To claim, email – I will need the owner to provide a police report number, serial number or receipt of purchase.”

UPDATE, 10:26 AM FRIDAY: Det. Bach says this report has led police to “the owner of the red Cervelo. The bicycle was stolen from a vehicle in the 7400 block of California Ave SW. We are still looking for the owner of the white Pinarello.”

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: 3 suspects remain jailed after West Seattle Bridge fight

Following up on Wednesday’s arrests in High Point in connection with a fight on the shoulder of the east end of the West Seattle Bridge:

Hearings were held for three of the suspects today. Bail was set at $225,000 each for two men, 18 and 20; a juvenile-court judge ruled that a 17-year-old boy should remain in detention. The fourth person taken into custody yesterday, 19, was not booked into jail. Probable-cause documents include more information on what police found out:

(At 2:19 pm Wednesday), officers were dispatched to an accident scene where the parties involved were fighting. This was happening westbound on the West Seattle Bridge just off the exit ramp from southbound I-5. Witnesses said 4 guys (were) beating up another and trying to throw him off the bridge. Vehicles involved were a silver car and a red car. …

(At 2:22 pm), complainant advised that the red car sped past him onto Fauntleroy SW from the bridge. The victim tried to follow the suspects throughout West Seattle but lost them at 36 SW and SW Snoqualmie. The victim gave the suspect-vehicle plate … The victim advised he was standing by at that location.

Police say the victim had a bloody face, possible broken nose, and badly chipped front tooth.

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UPDATE: Arrests in High Point following West Seattle Bridge ‘dispute’

FullSizeRender (27)

2:55 PM: Police are in High Point right now searching for someone believed to be related to an incident they described on Twitter as starting with a “dispute/fight between drivers on the West Seattle Bridge.” One person was hurt and treated by Seattle Fire in The Triangle.

3 PM: We are near the scene a few blocks east of the High Point Library as more police continue to arrive.


3:01 PM: A person police were looking for is reported to be in custody, having emerged from a residence into which they say they saw the person go.

3:09 PM: Police were looking for a “mid-’90s Crown Victoria” and traced the car here, a lieutenant tells us.


He confirms they took one man into custody and that they believe he is “party to aggravated assault.”

3:14 PM: Talked to Southwest Precinct Capt. Pierre Davis near the scene. He says it apparently began with a “fender-bender” on the bridge; one person was attacked, and somebody showed a gun – possibly a rifle – before taking off, and that’s when they started tracking the suspect vehicle. He confirms there might have been others involved. (Added 9:48 pm – A reader texted this photo of the incident, which was at the east end of the westbound bridge – we don’t know what role in it the person seen outside the red car played:)


4:04 PM: That’s why police are still in High Point. If you’re heading home from work or elsewhere, the center of activity has been near 29th/Raymond, and you might find closed roads. SWAT is involved, too.

4:54 PM: More arrests, per this SPD Blotter report just published:

Officers arrested four men in the High Point neighborhood Wednesday after a motorist was injured in a suspected road rage incident on the West Seattle Bridge.

Witnesses called 911 around 2:15 PM and reported that a group of men had stopped their vehicle on the westbound side of the West Seattle Bridge, pulled a motorist from his vehicle and assaulted him and then fled. Witnesses also reported the suspects had been armed with a rifle or shotgun during the incident.

The victim, who chased after the suspects in his own vehicle, also called 911 following the assault provided information about the suspects.

Officers found the victim, who suffered a bloodied nose, and immediately called for Seattle Fire Department medics to treat his injuries.

Police found the suspects’ red Ford Crown Victoria in the 6000 block of High Point Dr. SW and surrounded a home. The four suspects eventually surrendered to police and were taken into custody for assault.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary, car-theft victims looking for witnesses

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch today – two sent in hopes somebody saw something in relation to the two crimes:

HOME BURGLARIZED – ANY WITNESSES? A resident in the 4000 block of 35th SW [map] reports a burglary on Tuesday and hopes somebody saw something:

I want to report the brazen theft of personal property in broad daylight yesterday to see if anyone was a witness to the crime. The (burglar/s) entered through a side window and stole jewelry, money, passports, alcohol, etc. sometime between ~8 am and 4 pm on July 19th. The (burglar/s) then walked out the front door, leaving it wide open to boot.


WSB Friends: My silver 2004 Volvo XC70 was stolen from my home on Dawson Street in the Alaska Junction early Friday morning, badly damaged, and abandoned in the 3000 block of 48th Ave. SW. I was working out of town, so the vehicle was ticketed and towed about 9:40 Saturday morning from where it was found. I didn’t realize this until I returned home about midnight on Sunday. I recovered the car (Monday) and it might be a total loss. A neighbor saw a black van with its lights blinking idling in front of my house about 2:15 a.m. on Saturday. If anyone heard or saw anything that might relate to this, will you please comment so we may be in contact? I thank you in advance for your help.

And a followup:

STOLEN CAR FOUND: Last Friday, we published Nita’s car-theft report; her son’s 1999 Civic was taken from outside their home near 35th/Cloverdale. It’s since been found, she tells us, “abandoned at a condo in Burien. Thanks to the King County and Seattle Police, great teamwork. They ripped out the stereo system, stole my daughter’s north face jacket, west they took my 8-year-old son’s football gear.” But they did get a sentimental item back – the tag from their dog, who died recently.

Police investigating suspected gunshots in South Delridge

1:27 AM: Thanks for the texts about 10-12 suspected gunshots in South Delridge before 1 am. Police have been dispatched to check it out; so far, we haven’t heard anything indicating they’ve found confirmation of gunfire – such as shell casings or property damage. Definitely no gunshot victims reported in this area. The texters have mentioned the 16th/17th/Barton/Henderson vicinity; one tells us the sound “very close by” woke them up.

1:40 AM: Now we hear there was word of an apparent bullet hole in a car at 16th/Henderson.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Seen these stolen documents?

Jacqueline‘s car was broken into last Saturday in the 8100 block of 4th SW and “some very important papers” were taken from her trunk, so she’s hoping you will keep watch for them. She is executor for her father’s estate, and the documents included various legal and court documents as well as mail. The surname is five letters starting with L, and the documents include birth and death certificates for various family members (same surname) as well as other documents and paperwork, some other personal property, and mail for an address in Spanaway: “The items were in a London reusable cloth bag, brown faux leather shoulder bag, and a black leather handbag. The theft happened between 1:30 am and 6:30 am on 7/17. Two transactions using a stolen debit card were made at Lucky 5 on 8856 Ave SW at 6:57 am and 6:59 am on 7/17.” If you find any of it, you can contact SPD and refer to incident number #16-256038 – or comment here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglar caught on camera – look familiar?


That photo was texted by an Upper Fauntleroy resident who reported to police that their house was broken into by this person today. No arrest reported, but police took prints. The victim reports a laptop was stolen.

If you are a frequent reader, the burglar and dog might bring to mind this WSB story from last month, about the arrest of, and charge filed against, a prowler caught on camera in May, with her dog. The person in the video is 36-year-old Jessica Detrick, charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass in Seattle Municipal Court after her June arrest and released from jail after three days. We just checked court records, which show Detrick failed to appear for “day reporting” and a pre-trial hearing scheduled in that case; a warrant is out for her arrest.

Reader reports: Failed car-theft attempt; more mystery booms

From the WSB inbox this morning and overnight:

CAR-THEFT ATTEMPT FAILS: Someone tried to steal Aaron‘s car in south Morgan Junction:

My car was broken into for the second time last night. This time, prying the door locks open with something. Also forcing something into the ignition. They couldn’t keep it running, however, and got to the end of my street and left it. (4300 block SW Frontenac)

MORE MYSTERY BOOMS: Three different times and places mentioned in e-mail reports:

-Heard from Arbor Heights, one “crazy explosion noise” around 9:45 pm
-Heard east of Chief Sealth International High School, “two large explosions” around 12:15 am
-Heard near lower Westcrest Park, “several loud explosions” around 3:30 am

All we can say for sure is that we haven’t found any fire/injury/outage calls related to any of these.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Two bicycles stolen, another left behind

20160716_110549 (1)

Recognize that bicycle? Carol sent the photo, explaining:

Friday night, two of our bikes were stolen from our garage in the Fauntleroy neighborhood and the attached bike was left behind. We’re assuming this bike was stolen. The found bike is with the local police if anyone recognizes it. Our bikes are both white. One is a woman’s Diamondback and the other a K2 Astral. We have filed a police report and know the bike’s serial numbers if they are found. Sadly, our teenage girls have had a damper put into their summer with their bikes gone.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car stolen with keepsake; rock vandalism

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:

CAR STOLEN WITH KEEPSAKE: From Nita near 35th/Thistle:

My Honda 1999 White Civic was stolen in front of my house sometime this morning, last seen last night around 11 p.m. License plate AWL3194. This car was a gift to my son from his Godfather. We have our dog tag hanging on the mirror; we just put our dog down a few weeks ago – very sentimental to my kids. Thank you.

If you see Nita’s son’s car, call 911.

ROCK-WIELDING VANDAL(S): The photo and report were sent this morning by Mark:

Just woke up to this at 34th & Barton …. appears as though someone just randomly walked by my car last night and smashed my windshield with a rock. Sweet.

Online report filed with police, Mark says (here’s how to file one).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Business break-in; prowler on video; parking-lot scare

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

BUSINESS BREAK-IN: Emily reports this happened just south of The Junction:

The Northwest Association of Independent Schools was broken into at 3:07 am on the morning of July 13, 2016.

At that time a rock was thrown through a glass window of the storefront at 5001 California Ave.

The prowlers left through the front door after 8 minutes in the commercial unit of the Adelaide Building. They stole 5 laptops.

NWAIS is a nonprofit organization that serves and advocates for private, independent schools in WA, OR, NV, UT, WY, MT, AK, and British Columbia.

If you saw anything suspicious or have any information about the break in, please contact Julie McGuire at

PROWLER ON VIDEO: D “wanted to share this video of a house prowler I caught on our camera who was snooping around our front yard. We live in the Highland Park area near 14th SW and Cloverdale.” We haven’t been able to download the video for embedding so far, but just click that link to see it on Ring.


At about 5:30 or 5:40 this evening, I was leaving the Westwood Village QFC with my toddler. A tall white man with long hair and a large knife in a black holster followed us to our car. When I noticed he was following closely behind us midway through the parking lot, I looped back toward the store. He stopped briefly to look into the window of a parked extended cab truck, then followed again back toward the store (thankfully at more of a distance at that point). A security guard was standing outside so I told him what was happening. He escorted me back inside and notified the police. He then kindly helped me get safely back to my car when all was clear. He told me not to stay and wait for the police, so I left with my toddler thankfully safe and sound. I don’t know what happened after that. Hopefully they were able to find him and do something about it. He was easily identifiable because of the gigantic holstered knife.

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