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Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton’s killer dies in prison

The man convicted of murdering Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton (right) in 2009 has died in prison, according to multiple regional-media outlets including The Seattle Times. Officer Brenton’s murder hit hard in West Seattle because of his roots here, including graduating from West Seattle High School in 1988. According to The Times, the Department of Corrections says Christopher Monfort, convicted in 2015 of killing Officer Brenton and wounding his partner Officer Britt (Sweeney) Kelly, was found dead in his cell this morning at the State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. He had been serving a life sentence. Monfort was found guilty of another crime that had a West Seattle connection, firebombing the city’s Charles Street yard, destroying vehicles including what was at the time our area’s Mobile Precinct, not replaced until a little over a year ago. According to today’s reports, Monfort’s death did not appear to be suicide. He had been a paraplegic since being shot during his arrest in Tukwila the day of Officer Brenton’s memorial.

UPDATE: Shooting investigation at 16th/Holden 7-11; clerk hurt


2:56 AM: Police are looking for a suspect in a shooting at 16th/Holden in Highland Park. According to scanner traffic, the suspect is about 6 feet tall, unknown race, thin build, wearing a red mask, black coat, black shirt, unknown color gloves, carrying a shotgun. The victim is reported to be an employee at the 7-11 – no information on condition so far.


3:28 AM: Police have been searching with a K-9 but no arrest reported so far. Here’s what our crew at the scene has founded out: The man who is hurt is the on-duty clerk; his injuries are not life-threatening so he’s being taken to the hospital by private ambulance (as shown in our top photo). The front door was apparently locked and he refused to let someone in, who then took out a shotgun and shot through the glass – the clerk’s injuries are apparently from broken glass as much as pellets. Detectives are joining the investigation.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Found bicycle; smashed windows; break-in attempt

Two reader reports and one police report in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:


FOUND BICYCLE: From Mark – “Found a black Roadmaster bike today along Harbor Avenue. Probably stolen. If yours, email to

SMASHED WINDOWS: An alert from Allison, if you live near 16th/Trenton in Highland Park – “In the last 2 days I’ve seen my two immediate neighbors with the driver-side windows on their cars smashed.”

And from the SPD report files, this burglary attempt from last Thursday night has narrative information available:

ALKI BREAK-IN THWARTED: Police were called to a building in the 1200 block of Alki Avenue SW around 10 pm and arrived to someone running up to their car yelling, “They went that way!” They explained that the two people running away had tried to break into the apartment above theirs. The witness heard a “loud bang” and went upstairs to find that someone had tried to pry open a deadbolted door. The suspects were then seen leaving the building; they were described as “a white male, wearing a white snow jacket, black jeans, a white head scarf, and white Adidas tennis shoes (and) a white unknown sex suspect, wearing a white snow jacket and light-colored jeans.” Two crowbars were found on the ground nearby. Police were working with management to get a copy of surveillance video that shows the suspects.

UPDATE: About the 35th/Holden police response

(Texted photo)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 3:48 PM MONDAY: Moments after we published a Crime Watch roundup, this happened – a big police response at the 35th/Holden gas station. Thanks for the tips! Per the scanner, officers recovered this stolen Honda Accord:

(WSB photo)

We don’t know yet if there’s anything more to the case than “stolen/recovered car,” but even if there isn’t, the sizable response is standard – since motor-vehicle theft is a felony, it requires what is referred to as a “felony stop” (guns drawn).

UPDATE, 11:10 AM TUESDAY: We followed up this morning with SPD. What ended at the gas station started at Westwood Village, where an officer spotted the stolen car, alerting others along the way, and finally catching up with it. Its occupants, who were taken into custody, “had stolen credit cards and IDs” in their possession, per SPD.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Bike stolen; bikes found; bag theft; business holdup

Three reader reports plus a quick note from the online SPD files, and a reminder:


Sometime on the evening of 1/15/17 and the morning of 1/15/17 my locked bike (Cannondale M400) was stolen off a second floor landing of my apartment building. California and Andover. Black/Dark Green. Commuter bike with rack. Serial #06526B5M16.

If you have info on it – refer to police report #2017-900426.

BIKES FOUND: Lewis sent this photo, reporting: “Just spotted these two girls bikes halfway up the staircase near Andover and 21st SW. They were in the trees off to the side of the staircase (visible from the stairs) if anyone is looking for them”:
(They might be the same ones shown in this report – though we published that two months ago.)

BAG THEFT AT BAR: From Jordan, who hopes you will keep watch for some of the stolen stuff:

(Saturday) night (1/14) my bag was stolen from the bar at West 5. This happened between 8:30 pm and 11:30 pm. My partner and I were sitting closer to the middle of the bar, near the serving station. I had my jacket and my bag hanging from the hooks under the bar in front of my bar stool. I am guessing my bag got swiped in the short time that I was gone to the restroom. My boyfriend was sitting next to me the whole time, but he had his back turned talking to our friend who was sitting to our left while I went to the restroom. Neither of them noticed anyone come up and take it, nor did any of the staff. However, it was quite busy and loud, especially around the bar area, where people were coming and going, so it’s not so surprising that someone could have swiped it and not drawn attention to themselves. As soon as I noticed it was gone, the staff helped me search for it, including walking out in the alley behind the bar to see if someone dumped it since I don’t keep much of value in my bag.

The content of my bag included: A black plaid scarf, a silver ring, my light-up knit gloves, my fingerless/mitten gloves, a portable phone charger, an umbrella, prescription sunglasses, and a bottle of non-narcotic prescription medication. The most expensive items being my sunglasses and medication. I never keep my wallet, phone, or house keys in my bag and that paid off. I am shocked that this happened, especially at West 5. We are regulars there and we know all of the staff and many of the other regulars. This is the last place I would have expected something like this to happen and it’s an important reminder to never let your guard down and always keep an eye on your stuff. I did file a police report online and I am awaiting a response. The total to replace everything is going to be around $500. If anyone happens to see my messenger bag and other things dumped somewhere, let me know.

And from the online SPD files:

STORE HOLDUP: According to the police-reports map, the 7-11 at 3280 SW Avalon Way was held up just before 3 am today. The report’s narrative details are not available online yet, so that’s all we know.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL REMINDER: As previewed here on Saturday, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council DOES meet tomorrow, and that’s where you can find out more about crime trends, get answers to questions about crime/safety concerns, plus see the guest presentation about “active shooter” situations. 7 pm Tuesday (January 17th), Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Card fraud; burglaries

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight – reader reports plus incidents from the SPD files.

CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS … if you have used cards at gas stations lately. This is from Kathy:

Got a call from Discover Card yesterday to tell me they had detected fraudulent activity on my card. Turns out that the last place I used the card was on Thursday at the Safeway Gas Station on Admiral Way (first pump on the left.) Looking back at the charges, even though I filled the tank, I was only charged $1 by Safeway! Then, yesterday morning a charge was made to my card for a “donation” to an entity I’ve never heard of. Discover is not charging me anything, and is sending me a new card, but I do want to put out a warning to potential victims. I spoke to Safeway, and they said they’d bring it to the attention of their manager, who won’t be in until Monday!

If you have gotten gas at the Safeway pumps in the last few days, I would suggest checking charges on whatever card you used to make sure you haven’t been ripped off.

It’s a good idea to check your credit and debit card accounts online between statements, as this could happen almost anywhere.

EGG VANDALISM: Bri’Anna e-mailed to report: “Our pickup was egged overnight [Wednesday/Thursday] while parked on the 4100 block of 25th Ave SW. Unfortunately, it froze to the vehicle. SPD did not take a report, but we thought we would give our neighbors a heads up. (Sooo many egg/chicken/fowl puns, and my mind is blank! I’m THAT frustrated with this.)”

From the police-report files, which we check daily to look for the newest reports published with details (narratives), five burglaries/attempted burglaries that were all reported in West Seattle last Monday (January 9th):

8100 BLOCK 9TH SW: A resident was away from home between 1 pm and 2:45 pm and discovered someone had forced open the back door, ransacking several rooms.

8800 BLOCK 9TH SW: In the same time frame, with the same method of entry, on the same street, another burglary happened about half a mile south. The family at this house got notification from its alarm company. The burglar(s) had ransacked rooms and left drawers open; a jewelry box and camcorder were missing.

3900 BLOCK 39TH SW: This also happened Monday afternoon. The resident was looking at a security camera while away from home after getting an alert around 1:20 pm, triggered by a motion center. The resident saw a “black male suspect” in black ski mask, gray sweatshirt, and black pants, walking “under the elevated back porch,” the report says, then looking into a back window before walking away. The resident believed a rear window screen had been removed, but it didn’t appear the residence had been broken into. Around the same time, a nearby resident called police to report two men – one of whom matched the prowler’s description – looking at houses from alleyways near 39th SW and SW Andover.

4900 BLOCK SW DAWSON: Residents told police that sometime between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, someone broke into the house and ransacked two rooms. Jewelry and a laptop were missing. The first hint they had that something was awry was that their dog didn’t greet them upon their return – they found the dog in one of the bedrooms, door closed, and they never put the dog there.

7300 BLOCK 44TH SW: Just before noon, police were called to investigate a construction trailer in this block. They were told that it had been burglarized, with a padlock cut to get in, and six power tools were missing.

It takes a while for report details (beyond location/time) to show up on the SPD website, so reader reports are helpful, so we can help get the word out faster – once you’ve called SPD, if it’s breaking, text/voice 206-293-6302, or e-mail info to – thanks!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Four reader reports – including words of thanks

Four reader reports to share this afternoon:

STOLEN CAR: Matt‘s brother’s car was stolen today on 34th SW: “It was a green 1996 Honda Accord. Lic # AUK3613. The car is from Victoria B.C. and has a ‘Honda City Victoria’ license plate outline. It also has a ‘Sub Pop’ sticker on left side of the back bumper.” Call 911 if you see it.


My bike was stolen from our secured entry garage in the Alaska Junction (44th, between Alaska and Edmunds). Reported to SPD (2017-13425), and on I don’t know when the theft occurred, but I believe it was sometime between (Tuesday) night and (Wednesday) afternoon.

Bike is a 2015 Marin Lombard Elite 52cm (like this, except I had wrapped my handlebars in teal tape).


My wife’s car had the side window broken on Monday late afternoon, Lincoln Park South lot.

She’d semi-hidden a small backpack with a laptop, so that’s history. She just walked through that same parking lot this afternoon and noted four more fresh piles of shattered window glass – in addition to hers from Monday.

The SPD officer who took her report was sympathetic but resigned to this never-ending nuisance. I’d like to think that some special enforcement could be done in West Seattle where car prowls are endemic, like Lincoln Park’s middle and south parking lots. I’d think a few arrests here and there could slow the pace of this crime and perhaps even result in the criminals reconsidering their acting with impunity in the usual locations.

It just doesn’t seem like this cool community should have to put up with petty crime running rampant.

There have been arrests – but one challenge police and prosecutors have identified is that car prowling by itself is a misdemeanor and so that doesn’t necessarily keep the suspect behind bars for long unless there are other factors in the case, such as an arrest warrant already out for them.


I just want to say thank you to one of my excellent, anonymous, neighbors. Today I came home from work to find an opened package on my porch. The contents were on top of the package, and a note said it was found nearby, shredded and the contents strewn about. It was signed, “your neighbor on 48th”. This was near Hanford and 47th. Apparently the would-be thief didn’t think the $8 ethernet cable jacks I ordered could be traded for heroin or crack. The nice gesture of my neighbor restored some faith in humanity …

UPDATE: Search for stabbing suspect on Puget Ridge


1:23 PM: If you’re seeing/hearing a major Seattle Fire/Police response in the Puget Ridge area – there’s an “assault with weapons” response in the 6500 block of 18th SW. No other details so far.

1:29 PM: Still no information about who was injured and how, but police are looking for one suspect – the partial description on the scanner is white, male, 6 feet tall, thin, no shirt.

1:34 PM: The incident is now described as a stabbing. If you’re hearing a helicopter in the area, it’s TV.

1:54 PM: SFD says the victim is a 34-year-old man taken to the hospital with a stab wound in his thigh.

2:26 PM Police still have 18th SW blocked in the 6500 block.

2:53 PM Update from SFD – victim’s wounds are more serious than first reported – now described as life-threatening.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen car; vehicle break-ins; possible loot found; more

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

INVESTIGATION AT RITE-AID: After reader questions, we went to the Junction location to look into this police response:


Between talking with police and hearing scanner traffic, here’s what this boiled down to: They had received a report that someone seen in the store resembled a suspect in a robbery at another drugstore in the region. They were questioning someone when we stopped by; we don’t know the resolution, but did want to mention what the response was about. 9:51 PM UPDATE: We talked with precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith at tonight’s Fauntleroy Community Association meeting. He said the person was arrested in connection with three incidents he referred to as “pharmaceutical thefts,” two in West Seattle, one elsewhere.

STOLEN CAR: Sometime between Friday night and Monday noontime, Vi‘s black 4-door Nissan Maxima was stolen from an apartment parking lot behind the Staples store at Westwood Village. License plate BBY1722 in a Car Pros frame:

–It has a broken antenna, with about 8 to 10 inches left of it on back right trunk!
–Left rear red reflector part taillight half broken out.

I had my toddler’s bike in back seat, visible but w/a larg sweatshirt over much of it. Also had a rolled rug there. It’s trunk had Many toys, a CARS pillow, Kylo Ren scooter, helmet, car toddler and booster seat, among several other items. So much lost…

CAR BREAK-INS: From Tiffany: “My husband and son were at basketball practice (last night) at the Fauntleroy Y. When they came out at 6 pm, our car along with 4 other cars had windows smashed. Thieves took my sons back pack and lunch box, go figure. Cops were called, but they said they wouldn’t come and should just file a police report online.”

FOUND ITEMS: A reader “recently found a CD/DVD case FULL of about 200 movie DVD’s on my property. Looks like a potentially abandoned car prowl stash.” Here’s a photo:

They weren’t able to turn it over to police, so they still have it in possession, so: “If the owner can identify one of the first 8 or 16 titles in the case, I’d be satisfied that it’s theirs and return it to them. There is also a page of handwritten sheet music inside the case as well that they can identify to take possession.” If this is yours, contact us and we’ll forward your info.

FROM THE SPD REPORT FILES: A narrative published today has information about a break-in at Marination Ma Kai last Saturday at Seacrest Park. The officer wrote that a proprietor opening the business on Saturday “saw that a bench that sits in front of the business had been moved … the window behind the bench was open and and unknown person had entered the business through the window.” The burglar(s) apparently had gone through the area around the cash register, but nothing was in it but some “loose coins,” and those weren’t even taken.

UPDATE: Teen turns up in ER after shooting – apparently accidental – here

4:14 PM MONDAY: Just found this while going through police reports looking for the newest ones published with narratives:

A 17-year-old girl showed up in a hospital emergency room on Saturday afternoon with a gunshot wound. East Precinct police were dispatched. They talked to the victim’s boyfriend, who they found “pacing outside the emergency room.” The report says he told them it happened in his car at 27th SW and SW Cambridge [map]. He and his girlfriend were in the car with friends of his; one friend, he said, had a gun and while saying “something similar to ‘we’re going to be brothers for life’,” racked the slide on his pistol, and it fired, going through the front passenger seat and through the girl’s chest. They drove to the hospital. Police talked to the girl just before she was taken into surgery and reported that “she made statements consistent with the gunshot being accidental.” They found a bullet hole, bullet, and blood in the car, which was impounded. Police later met with the man whose gun fired; he was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for investigation of assault.

ADDED 9:54 AM TUESDAY: We now have the probable-cause document from the 18-year-old suspect’s bail hearing Monday afternoon. He is a Rainier Valley resident and was released on personal recognizance. The document says that he told police a different story about the gunshot – that he got into the car, noticed a gun on the floor, picked it up with the intent of throwing it out the window, and that, he said, was when it went off. He said he then gave it to his brother, who also was in the car, and told him to get rid of it, adding that he doesn’t know what happened to the gun. He has no criminal record in online statewide files.

West Seattle Crime Watch, park edition: Bicycle found; car windows smashed

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this afternoon, both from local parks:


RECOGNIZE THAT BICYCLE? James Lohman from Seattle Parks sent the photo, saying the bicycle was found while Parks was cleaning up an abandoned camp “on the back side of Camp Long right off Brandon Street.” Now they’re looking for the owner. If it’s yours, or if you have a lead on whose it might be, you can e-mail James at

WESTCREST WINDOW-SMASHING: This report is via e-mail from Amy:

Yesterday, 1/9, after exploring Westcrest Park to earn their “local explorer badge” for Cub Scouts, my husband, 6 year old son and four other families came back to find all of their cars with smashed windows! This happened around 2:00 at Westcrest Park in the upper parking lot. All cars were rummaged through, but no personal belongings were taken. The police were called, but at this time there are no leads. There are no security cameras at the park even after all the improvements the city has put into Westcrest recently. It’s sad that now 5 families have to repair the damage at our own expense…just imagine all the good things the Scouts could have done with this amount of money! What started out as a fun nature lesson for the kids turned into a frustrating and frightening experience.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Recognize this bicycle? Plus, purse & more found, and five reports from SPD files

In West Seattle Crime Watch – two reader reports, followed by five summaries from police reports:

FOUND BICYCLE: The latest “likely dumped” bicycle to turn up is in Gatewood. From Tracey:

Just wanted to alert the blog readers that a (likely stolen) bike was left in the alley between 38th and 39th just south of Warsaw yesterday [map]. It’s a smaller Schwinn Ranger, purple with turquoise accents. The seat is missing so for now we’ve just left it there. Hoping an owner might want it back.

FOUND ITEMS: Via e-mail today, from a reader wondering if it’s crime evidence:

Purse, clothing, fetish accessories, and used syringe found on pedestrian stairway leading from SW admiral to SW Spokane St. At 12:25pm on Sunday, Jan. 8th. Police notified.

The next five items are from the police-report files – the most recent Southwest Precinct report narratives made public online. They are from incidents December 31st and January 3rd. Our summaries are written from those five narratives:

CAR-PROWL ARREST: Around 8:45 pm on January 1st, police got a call about a theft and fight involving three people at 15th SW and SW Barton, with someone suspected to be armed with a knife. When police arrived, they were told it all started with a car prowler spotted inside a vehicle parked in the 9200 block of 14th SW. When asked what he was doing in the car, the person allegedly pulled a small knife out of his pocket, and then ran away. Another person came out and said she had taken photos of the suspect. A K-9 search followed and a suspect who matched the photos was found in the 9000 block of 15th SW. The report says that he was wearing a small backpack in which “officers located two multi-tools with knife blades, along with bolt cutters, multi-tools and a headlamp. All these possible car prowl tools were later placed into evidence at the SW Precinct. Also in the backpack officers located a keychain with two Subaru keys on it.” He turned out to have an arrest warrant out for another prowling case and was eventually booked into jail.

SHOT FIRED INTO STORE: A nighttime clerk was cleaning up just after 2 am on December 31st in the 9200 block of 35th SW (the business’s name and exact address are redacted on the report). The front door was locked. The clerk looked up and saw a “male,” his face covered, standing in front of the door, pointing a gun at the clerk, demanding that the door be opened. The clerk ran to another room and called police; just as they arrived in the area, the man fired a shot through the glass door and ran away. The first officer arriving heard the shot and recovered a casing. The clerk could only describe the gunman as “a possible black male, about 5’6″ and very thin,” no clothing description. Police brought in a K-9 team to search but didn’t find who they were looking for.

GROCERY STORE EMPLOYEE INJURED: Around 11:30 am on December 31st, police were called to the Junction QFC, where employees were reported to be holding a man down on the ground outside. They were told that the man had been “verbally harassing random customers,” as described in the report, and was asked to leave the store. He then hit a store employee with a full can of what the report identifies as “Steel Reserve, an alcoholic beverage.” The employee had “swelling and redness around his left temple … (but) declined medical attention.” The suspect, who was arrested, claimed he was assaulted by the store employee while trying to buy the beer.

BURGLARY #1: Last Tuesday evening (January 3rd) in the 7700 block of 30th SW, a woman called police to say that she had gone to check on the home of her deceased father and found a security alarm going off, then discovered the back door had been forced open, with pieces of its damaged frame on the floor. She thought some items had been stolen, though another family member said that couldn’t be confirmed.

BURGLARY #2: Also last Tuesday, a woman living in an apartment in the 200 block of SW Roxbury woke up that morning and, she told police, realized someone had removed items from her wallet. The report says her driver’s license, food-stamp card, money, and “a memento card” were missing. The wallet was under her pillow when she went to sleep but she didn’t notice or hear anything – nor was anything else disturbed. Police found no sign of forced entry.

FOLLOWUP: Hit-run crash victim’s father says suspect arrested

We’ve been following the case of a hit-run crash in Highland Park on December 14th that left a West Seattle man seriously injured, 24-year-old Levi Gryniewski.

Five days after the crash, we published a followup with his family asking for help finding the driver who left the scene at 16th/Thistle.

Now, they report a major development:

His father Bruce Gryniewski tells WSB that “SPD identified, arrested, booked, and released the driver of the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle that picked him up to flee the scene.” He says the 19-year-old suspect was arrested on December 21st, but he hasn’t been able to get much information (nor have we), aside that the investigation is continuing, and “according to the detective, both face serious charges for leaving the scene of an accident involving serious injury.”

Police told us last month that while the driver who hit Levi left his vehicle at the scene, its ownership was in question; Bruce Gryniewski says, “Apparently, the vehicle involved has changed hands twice during the past 6 months with no transfer of title to follow.” Nor, he says, was it insured. The car that Levi was driving (WSB photo at right), from which firefighters had to extricate him, belonged to a friend.

As for his son, who has run his own landscaping business since he was a teenager: “Levi’s condition has continued to improve but he has a long road ahead. Prayers and support from the West Seattle community has been incredible and moving and I want to thank everyone for keeping Levi in their thoughts and prayers. Of course there will be significant medical and rehabilitation bills ahead and we continue to look to the West Seattle community for support for his recovery.” Help continues to be accepted via this GoFundMe account to support Levi’s recovery expenses.

We will continue to follow the case.


From Olga:

Tonight, around 9 pm, someone threw a chunk of ice (around 1 ft in diameter) at our car parked in Genesee. The ice went all the way through the car, smashing the back window and damaging the back door, and landed in front of the passenger seat.

We heard the crash and the sound of a car taking off west on SW Dakota St. This is the second time we’ve had this kind of vandalism – it was a rock the first time.

SIDE NOTE: The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council is scheduled to resume meeting this month – save the date/time to bring your neighborhood concerns, 7 pm Tuesday, January 17th, at the Southwest Precinct 2300 SW Webster).

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 1 car stolen, 2 prowled

Another auto theft in North Admiral – Heather says it’s one of three crimes overnight near California SW and SW Hill:

This morning 2 cars in a apartment parking lot were ransacked. Nothing of value was stolen (that I’m aware of. I only know what was taken out of my car).

My boyfriend’s 1997 Honda Accord [photo above] was also stolen from the side street (Hill St). License #AGV3163.

If you see it, call 911.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: One car stolen; one car vandalized

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight, two cars:

STOLEN CAR: Carrianne says this happened in North Admiral, 47th SW between Walker and Hill: “Our car was stolen, we believe, in the early morning hours on December 27th. We were out of town until today and upon returning home noticed our car missing. It’s a silver 2004 Hyundai Elantra 4D. License plate AVJ5560 (Washington). If spotted, please call 911. Thank you.”

VANDALIZED CAR: Just in case you know whose this is – Debra sent the photo and report:

“This has been at Yancy next to West Seattle Health Club for a week. Window now bashed in.”

UPDATE: ‘Essential mode of mobility’ custom cargo bike, feared stolen, but wasn’t

(UPDATED late Tuesday night with new info from bike’s owner)


ORIGINAL REPORT, 1:20 PM MONDAY: Terry‘s cargo bike is one of a kind, essential to mobility with a disability – and now it’s gone. Can you help find it?

I custom fabricated an electric-assist large, long cargo bike to aid in mobility since I have a disability in my lower left leg. I spent the day yesterday, January 1st, with friends who live on Alki Ave SW near El Chupacabra (2620 Alki Ave SW), leaving my bike outside using a friend’s lock. Friend unlocked my bike around 5 pm when he thought I was leaving; however, it was closer to 6 pm when I went to leave, and my bike, the extra battery, and the charger were all gone from where I had it. … My hope is to get more eyes out on the lookout for this hard-to-miss, essential mode of mobility and transportation, custom cargo bike!

Terry says a police report is filed and they are awaiting the incident number – we’ll update this to add that when available.

UPDATE, TUESDAY NIGHT: Terry says the bike’s been found and was NOT stolen after all: “Apparently there was no malice nor crime committed regarding my cargo bike. A friend placed it in a safe place and I was made aware today.. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and any aspersions cast in West Seattle’s direction regarding crime.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Hit-run driver leaves hubcap behind


The photos are from Alysia, who says a hit-run driver damaged both their cars near 31st SW/SW Holden early today [map]. A neighbor heard it happen around 2:30 am and “saw the car struggling to get away,” describing it as a green van.


“They left a bunch of debris and their hubcap behind. Please keep an eye out for a green van with a significant amount of damage to the front right. Any info would be appreciated!” If you have information to report to Seattle Police, it’s incident #17-0340.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 7-11 ‘shooting’ followup; stolen skateboard

Two items in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning, starting with this followup:

CHRISTMAS MORNING INCIDENT WAS STABBING, NOT SHOOTING: In the first hour of Christmas Day, we reported briefly on someone found at the Junction 7-11 with what medics initially described – in transmissions monitored via scanner – as two gunshot wounds. We were finally able to get followup information just now from Seattle Police. The report says it was eventually determined that the victim, 17 years old, had been stabbed, not shot. The original call was a report of a suspicious person outside the store, appearing high or drunk, “staring up at the sky.” The officer started talking to him, noticed blood on his hands, asked about it, and the response was that he punches walls when he gets mad. His hands, however, didn’t look injured; the officer then noticed the teen’s clothes were bloody, and eventually the victim lifted his shirt and the officer saw his wounds and called Seattle Fire. The victim overall was uncooperative, police say, including identifying himself with a name that actually was that of his brother. That name came up with a felony arrest warrant – and so did the victim – so he was going to be booked into juvenile detention once out of the hospital. How – and even where – he got stabbed remains a mystery; the 7-11 clerk said the victim had been in the store for a while about half an hour earlier and he didn’t notice anything wrong.

STOLEN SKATEBOARD: Kevin reports his son’s Christmas present was stolen “right in front of him” last night at Jack Block Park – this skateboard:


He sat his longboard down and walked over to his cousin. A car pulled up and a young man jumped out, grabbed his board and sped away. Two males, early twenties. Older white American sedan. The board is brand new and is made by Omen. If you know of a guy that has recently come into possession of a similar board…please let me know. 206-650-2214.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 4 reader reports

From Admiral to Arbor Heights, four reports from the WSB inbox:

PACKAGE THEFT: Erika reports that this happened about 11:45 am today in the Fairmount Park area:

Please be on the lookout for a white, late model Tahoe or like-looking SUV. The driver-side back window was covered with a black tarp/plastic. The driver was white, male, ~30 yo, short/balding hair; I think he was wearing a dark jacket & white t-shirt. The passenger was white, female ~30 yo, dark, curly shoulder-length hair. Please call the police if you see this vehicle.

CHRISTMAS CAR PROWL: Melissa says this happened in Admiral last Sunday:

We had our car rummaged through early Christmas morning on 41st and Lander. No broken glass (must have accidentally left car unlocked) – nothing major stolen, just an emergency kit, a CD set and some snow chains. As far as we know, no one else on the street had their cars broken into.

IT HAPPENED ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT: A Delridge resident reports:

We live on SW 18th. My husband and I got home from dinner with our family (Sunday night) around 8 and found two strange cars parked in front of our house. Two men were sitting in the first car, (a green Jetta plate # AWG19–) with no lights on and this seemed odd so we went inside but watched from our house as they began smoking something off of tin foil through glass pipes. My husband went back outside and got license plate numbers for both cars and I called 911. I could clearly see them continuing to light up in the car while we waited for the police. One man got out and drove away in the second car, a dark blue sports car (plate number ANU3933) and drove off. The Jetta then backed into our car and drove away just as police arrived.

In a second note, the resident said the second car was listed by SPD as stolen. Then on Monday night, she says, “the guy came back in a different stolen car” (this one). They again called 911, but the man/car left before police arrived.

VANDAL IN ARBOR HEIGHTS: This happened Monday night:

I live in the Arbor Heights area. My husband left in our car, and shortly thereafter there came a knock on the door. I looked out and saw a man, probably in his early to mid-30s, with long curly hair and a ski cap. I did not open the door and asked him what he wanted. He said that his “GPS” was wrong; he was looking for his aunt’s house. He left on foot, and as he walked up my driveway he intentionally damaged one of our Christmas decorations. I ran up the driveway to see where he was going, and he turned around and saw me, and started back toward me. I ran into the house and called my husband, who returned home immediately. We saw him walk by our house again a few minutes later. I have called the police. Because he turned around and started back toward me, I feel that this guy is up to no good.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: 3 suspects remain jailed in Junction 7-11 incident

Following up on one of the incidents we covered right before Christmas weekend:

Three suspects remain in jail in connection with what happened at the Junction 7-11 last Thursday night, and probable-cause documents say they are the ones who told police where they were.

The suspects are a 29-year-old Puget Ridge man, a 30-year-old Rainier Valley man, and a 33-year-old Delridge man.

Police first responded to a report of a fight at the store, and were told the people involved had left in a white car. The 53-year-old man on duty at the 7-11 told police he recognized them as previous shoplifters and told them to leave, but they didn’t. They picked up “several items,” he said, and walked toward the door, which he was blocking. They became argumentative, he said, then he and they went outside, where, he told police, they started hitting and kicking him, knocking him down, and leaving him with cuts and bruises on his face. He said they also stole his phone and about $100 cash he had in his pocket, and a witness told police they had hit his car as they left in theirs.

Meantime, the 30-year-old called 911 to report the incident, saying he was near the Bank of America at 41st and Alaska and wanted to talk to police. Officers found all three men there. The 30-year-old claimed the clerk had assaulted them, and that the phone theft was a mistake. The 33-year-old told police he had just gone into the store to use the ATM and that he had a job and didn’t need to steal.

All three were arrested, in part because of identification from a witness. They’re all being held for investigation of robbery and due back in court tomorrow afternoon, by which time we might find out about charges; the 33- and 30-year-old suspects’ bail is set at $10,000, while the 29-year-old is being held in lieu of $7,500 bail.

(SIDE NOTE: We have not yet been able to obtain the report on another incident at the same location, a man found outside the store early Sunday with gunshot wounds, but will continue trying tomorrow.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Robbery attempt; bicycle theft; stolen mail; more…

We start this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup with a search under way right now:

ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: Police are at and around Westwood Village right now looking for a would-be robber. The man – described (as heard via scanner) as black, late 30s, 6-1, dark clothing – told the victim he had a gun. But apparently he fled without stealing anything. We have a crew heading to the scene to find out more and will add it.


(3:36 pm update) The robbery attempt happened outside the WWV Bank of America (which like other banks is closed for the holiday).

Earlier this afternoon:

TIP-JAR THIEF: Around 2:30 pm, according to scanner traffic – somebody stole (or tried to steal) a tip jar at Burger Boss in South Delridge. The only descriptive info we caught was “female,” and that she was last seen heading southbound on Delridge.

The next four are reader reports:


This morning, 12/26/16, a locked bicycle was stolen from in front of the Westwood Village QFC between 10:35 and 10:55 AM.

It is a 56 cm off-white 2012 Jamis Bosanova road bike. It has a black leather Brooks saddle with a tool bag attached and a distinct wooden Portland Design Works cargo rack on the back. It also has front and rear fenders as well as disc brakes. Photos attached. If you see the bike or have any leads, please call Seattle Police and email me at Thank you.

BACKPACKS FOUND: We received this text late last night:

2 backpacks found near Delridge Community Center, ditched in road after suspected car prowl. We want to reconnect them with their owners – the contents lead us to believe they are from Canada.

We asked the texter to e-mail us with more info; haven’t received anything yet, but if this sounds familiar, let us know (, and we’ll do our best to connect you.

MAIL FOUND, #1: First we received this from Trileigh:

We found a pile of mail on Christmas Day along Murray Ave SW near Lowman Beach, mostly opened, including several Christmas cards sent to different neighborhood addresses. I’d guess that someone went through mailboxes along our street, hoping to find some cash Christmas gifts. We put the mail back in the addressees’ mailboxes where we could – if you live near there and find some opened mail in your mailbox, that might be from this pile.

Since it’s still the Christmas season, it might be a good idea for people to try to bring in mail from your box as soon as possible after it’s delivered, just in case.

MAIL FOUND: We also have received two reports today of what looks like discarded mail near the Fauntleroy fish-ladder viewpoint.

Thanks again to everyone sharing Crime Watch reports so your neighbors all around the peninsula know more about what’s happening – we hope crime will NOT happen to you, but if it does, once you’ve reported it to police (911 if it’s happening now or just happened), let us know … 206-293-6302 if breaking, if not — thank you.

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