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CRIME WATCH: Stolen car found, full of somebody else’s stuff, + 3 reader reports

We start tonight’s Crime Watch with a followup to a recently reported vehicle theft. The vehicle’s been found – and its owner finds himself with items he would like to return to THEIR owners:

That’s one of the photos Dan Austin (proprietor of WSB sponsor Peel & Press in Morgan Junction) sent tonight with this followup to his vehicle theft reported here last Friday:

My car was recovered in Des Moines this afternoon. It has body damage, possible engine damage and multiple items were smoked in there (I can tell from the implements left in there). They had two suspects in the vehicle but will not charge them because they claimed they borrowed the vehicle from a friend and didn’t know it was stolen. One had a warrant so they got arrested the other totally walked. Here is the weird thing, I have stolen mail and property in the car but the police wouldn’t take it. They said it was mine to deal with. I find this insane!!!

I have a stolen bike and several pairs of glasses, electronics, stolen mail from all over and gym bags. What am I going to do with these??? I refuse to toss them because, as someone who just had my car stolen, I want to help people get their things back! I have a few photos of the bags and the bike tossed in the car. … The bike was spray painted to hide its identity (spray paint was in the car as well).

Recognize anything? Comment here and/or contact us. Could have been stolen anywhere, as thieves don’t necessarily stick within jurisdictions. By the way, he says it was Kent Police who found his car and told him the stuff was his to deal with (not Des Moines PD which is served by the King County Sheriff’s Office).

Meantime, three other reader reports:

5TH CAR PROWL IN 3 MONTHS: From Laura in Seaview: “Just wanted to report that my locked minivan was prowled for the fifth time since August. We live at 46th and Juneau. This last time, both side sliding doors were left open. They took nothing, as there is nothing valuable in there, but it’s sure a violating and frustrating experience.”

AND ANOTHER CAR PROWL:Sarah in Fairmount Springs says prowler(s) hit her neighbor’s car, apparently accidentally left unlocked:

My neighbor’s car was broken into … issing along with her new Seahawks jersey. She called her husband and he mentioned seeing a dark car in the alley when he was leaving (Wednesday) morning. The car was parked alongside the fence in the alley; he stopped to get a closer look and the car peeled out and sped away. I left shortly after at 6:15 am and didn’t see anything. We live (in the 6000 block of) Fauntleroy Way SW; our entry to our apartment is in the alley. Our parking is also in the alley. I’m not sure if there were other reports of theft in the area but wanted other readers to be on the lookout and remember to lock your cars and take valuables out.

HIT-AND-RUN: From Jill: “My car was completely sideswiped while parked at Cloverdale and Delridge Way SW. Based on the paint left behind, it was a yellow vehicle with no witnesses. If a message could go out to look for a yellow vehicle with extensive side damage and likely blue paint scratches on the car, that would be greatly appreciated.”

WEST SEATTLE FLUSH: New technology to be tested in 2 neighborhoods next week

(Seattle Public Utilities photo)

The West Seattle Flush goes on – with a new twist. 7 months after Seattle Public Utilities announced it would start flushing local water mains to clear the sediment that resulted in brown-water problems in a variety of circumstances, they’re about to deploy new technology.

Next week (Nov 7 -11) SPU will be in two West Seattle neighborhoods testing a new water main flushing technology that eliminates the need to discharge thousands of gallons of water into storm drains.

The new method consists of a utility trailer (photo above) with a filtering system. Connections between the trailer and water main are made with large diameter hoses attached to fire hydrants. Water used to flush the water main is circulated through the filtering system and returned back into the water main.

The attached two map show the two areas where we’ll be flushing water mains and using this new method. I’ve also enclosed the public notice sent to Arbor Heights residents, where we’ll be flushing at the end of the week (Nov 9 -11).

You can read that notice here.

FOLLOWUP: $50,000 bail for driver in West Marginal Way crash


6:03 PM: A judge set bail at $50,000 today for the 19-year-old driver arrested after Tuesday night’s crash on West Marginal Way SW. He is under investigation for vehicular assault, suspected of being under the influence when his Audi (at right, above) hit another car and both crashed on the west side of the roadway. The probable-cause documents from this afternoon’s hearing clarify some of what happened. They say the seriously injured person who firefighters had to cut out of a vehicle was the suspect’s passenger in the Audi, not in the other car (whose driver also was hurt).


The documents say the suspect, a Top Hat resident, told police he was headed northbound and speeding – up to 55 mph, he said, in a 40-mph zone – when he lost control and veered into the opposite lanes, hitting the other car, which was headed southbound. The DUI squad officer who wrote the report said he detected the smell of alcohol and marijuana on the driver’s breath, and that the driver said he had had “a shot” and “a joint” earlier. He refused to take a breath test, so police obtained a search warrant to get a blood sample at the hospital. The driver was treated at and released from Harborview before being booked into jail less than seven hours after the crash. He’s due back in court tomorrow, when we’ll find out about charges.

1:53 AM: The suspect is out of jail after posting bond.

HAPPENING NOW: ‘Free food!’ @ West Seattle Thriftway’s Holiday Taste


Approaching the south entrance of West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) right now, the tent and the sunshine might transport you back to summer … but no, this isn’t another benefit barbecue. The tent is where you can sample raclette, as part of Thriftway’s Holiday Taste event, on until 7 pm. “Free food!” as one store staffer explained to visitors. You’ll find the rest of it happening indoors:


Around the store, at tables set up in areas from the deli zone to the produce section, you can try everything from bread to fruit to vegetables to turkey and stuffing:


Lots of friendly folks serving the samples, all meant to inspire you with just three weeks to go until Thanksgiving

VIDEO: Sound Transit 3 supporters make a West Seattle-specific pitch

West Seattle hasn’t seen much bigtime campaigning this election season, but that changed today, as three elected officials headlined a media briefing today at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, making West Seattle-specific pitches for approval of Sound Transit 3. (Our video shows the entire 12-minute event.)


Mayor Ed Murray, City Councilmember Lisa Herbold, and State Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon all repeated the point that our region shouldn’t repeat the mistake it made 40+ years ago by rejecting measures that would have led to a major transit system. Herbold noted that while some in West Seattle are unhappy that ST3 won’t bring light rail to West Seattle until 2030 (here’s our coverage of the June vote finalizing the measure) – three years earlier than the first draft of the measure projected – it does include other improvements in the meantime, including more RapidRide bus service. Fitzgibbon said that while everyone wishes light rail could get here before 2030, if ST3 is defeated, any future replacement proposal won’t get it here any sooner. Supporters also have been warning that a downsized measure might not include West Seattle at all. We asked the campaign manager Abigail Doerr afterward why they’re saying that; she says the West Seattle line is projected to have less ridership than Ballard, so if one had to go, it would likely be us (the final say, of course, would be up to the Sound Transit board).


The only other person to speak at the news conference was David Bestock (above), who manages Youngstown, saying he’s excited about making West Seattle more accessible via light rail, and about its affordable-housing component. And Mayor Murray – after mentioning his West Seattle roots – said that light rail has been a “lifechanging experience” for his current neighborhood, Capitol Hill.

You can read the full text of the measure, plus pro/con/explanatory statements, on this page of the King County Elections website – assuming you haven’t voted already. Doerr told us many have, citing new stats showing at least a third of Seattle voters already have turned in their ballots.

YOU CAN HELP: Luna Park-area community cleanup Saturday

November 3, 2016 2:58 pm
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 |   How to help | Luna Park | West Seattle news

Reminder from Roxane in the Luna Park area:

Our neighborhood, along with Luna Park Merchants and the Seattle reLeaf Tree Ambassador team, will be holding a work party to continue the clean up of the Avalon/ Harbor at Manning area on Saturday, November 5th, from 9 am until noon.

This is the second in a series of work parties to ready the site for the Neighborhood Street and Park fund grant work that will commence in February 2017 AND provide a green buffer for neighboring homes and businesses. Meet at the parking area of Luna Park Café. Help us remove aggressive weeds, care for the mature trees, and improve sightlines for pedestrians and traffic. We’ll provide tools, gloves, and instruction. No experience necessary.


Rain or shine!

VIDEO: Highway 99 tunneling machine passes 1-mile mark

November 3, 2016 1:30 pm
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The Highway 99 tunneling machine has passed the one-mile mark as of this morning, according to WSDOT. It’s also made a new video showing how the machine is steered along its designated path underground, considering there’s no GPS:

The machine is at its deepest point – around 200 feet underground – with just under 4,000 feet remaining on the route, which is shown on this map, along with the machine’s approximate current location. The most recent timeline says that absent any further major problems, the tunnel will open in 2019.

FOLLOWUP: Hearing date set for tree-vs.-house appeal

(June WSB photo of Ponderosa Pine at 3038 39th SW)

Two weeks after two appeals were filed against the granting of a permit to build a house at 3038 39th SW that would take out a Ponderosa pine deemed an “exceptional tree,” the hearing date is set. January 12th is when the city Hearing Examiner will hear arguments in the consolidated case, according to a notice in today’s Land Use Information Bulletin. The tree is in what was considered to be the side yard of the house next door, neighbors say, until that house was sold and the buyer got a city opinion that the “side yard” was a separate lot on which a house could be built. We first wrote about the tree tussle back in June. The appeal hearing is scheduled for 9 am January 12th at the Hearing Examiner’s chambers on the 40th floor of the Municipal Tower downtown (700 5th Ave.), and is open to the public for observation. You can see the case documents here.

West Seattle art: Sculpture installation @ Junction Plaza Park

(WSB photo)

10:57 AM: You’ll see something new at Junction Plaza Park (42nd/Alaska) next time you go by: The 20-foot-tall kinetic sculpture that’s been in the works for a while. We last reported on the plan when concepts were shown at a Junction open-house event during last February’s West Seattle Art Walk; now, local artist Troy Pillow has completed the work, and it’s being installed this morning. It’s funded by public-benefit money from local development as well as a city grant. Update later, after it’s fully installed!

ADDED: By the time we got back in late afternoon, the base was already in shadow, but you can see the top of the sculpture:


4 options for your West Seattle Thursday

(Another beautiful Anna’s Hummingbird, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

Four highlights from what’s up for the rest of today/tonight, via the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar and inbox:

THRIFTWAY HOLIDAY TASTE: 4-7 pm, West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) invites you to come sample appetizer, main course, side-dish, and dessert possibilities as you start thinking about your holiday-season celebrations – Thanksgiving, for starters, is only three weeks from today! (California/Fauntleroy/Morgan)

WEST SEATTLE MONTESSORI SCHOOL & ACADEMY OPEN HOUSE: Looking for school(s) for next year? Thursday night brings a chance to find out more about West Seattle Montessori School and Academy (WSB sponsor). From 6 to 7:30 pm, the open house “gives parents and prospective families a chance to meet our staff, teachers and tour the facilities. You’ll be able to view samples of student work and pick up application materials. Our teachers and staff are available during and after the Open House to answer questions.” (11215 15th SW)

9030 35TH SW DESIGN REVIEW: 6:30 pm at the Sisson Building/Senior Center, the Southwest Design Review Board looks at this proposed mixed-use building with 40 apartments and ground-floor retail. The design packet is linked in our preview; the meeting includes a public-comment period. (4217 SW Oregon)

WHITE CENTER SHELTER UPDATE @ NHUAC MEETING If you are interested in the proposal to open a shelter at the former King County Public Health building at 8th SW/SW 108th, which we’ve continued to follow via our White Center site,, tonight county department head Adrienne Quinn is scheduled to speak at the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting, which is tackling other topics too. All welcome, 7 pm, NH Fire District headquarters. (1243 SW 112th)


Metro likely going ahead with removing 2 Junction shelters, Southwest District Council told

From last night’s Southwest District Council meeting:

A Metro planner told the SWDC that they’re likely to go ahead with removing two bus shelters in The Junction as part of a “problem-solving plan” to deter loitering.

(WSB photo, October 27th)

While Metro is taking comments for two more weeks, so far few have come in, and more are in support than against, planner Dale Cummings said at the meeting. Read More

Seen off West Seattle: USS Nimitz


Thanks to the texter who sent that photo a few minutes ago. It’s the USS Nimitz, headed back to Bremerton after leaving October 5th for sea trials and flight certification following a quarter-billion dollars of work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. The Navy announced last December that even after that work, the Nimitz will remain homeported in Bremerton at least three more years.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday alerts and updates

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:57 AM: One problem so far today, and it’s inbound instead of outbound – a crash is blocking all lanes in the SOUTHBOUND Battery Street Tunnel.

Now that it’s Thursday, weekend notes:

WESTBOUND I-90 LANE CLOSURE: Between Seattle and Bellevue, all weekend, westbound I-90 traffic will be shifted to the express lanes.

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS: At 2 am Sunday (November 6th), we “fall back” to 1 am.

7:04 AM: The southbound Battery St. Tunnel crash has cleared, WSDOT says.

8:36 AM: JayDee reports that SDOT is back painting on Admiral Way today – some striping remained to be done toward the west end of the rechannelization project, in the Alki area.

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