West Seattle Crime Watch: Mailbox prowler; theft suspect on doorstep; bicycle found

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports to share:

MAILBOX PROWLER: Carolyn says the video above is from 8:48 last night, at 8th SW and Elmgrove, with a would-be mail thief driving up, checking out the boxes, and moving on.


This morning at 6 am we were awakened by knocking on our front door. My husband answered and a woman asked if he had jumper cables. She didn’t appear to have a vehicle, so he declined. She asked again, and wanted him to follow her outside, as if trying to lure him away from our house. Later, I was reading the WSB and saw the video John posted about a grocery thief stealing right off his porch. I showed it to my husband and he identified the woman as the same one who came knocking. We are in Highland Park at 18th/Trenton. Our home was burglarized one month ago, during the day while I was picking my daughter up from preschool. Also, in the last 10 days our car has been broken into twice and our tire slashed. Now thieves are knocking on our door before dawn?

BICYCLE FOUND: From Aaron Goss of Aaron’s Bicycle Repair, the photo and report:

One of our customers sent us this picture of bike found in the Gatewood neighborhood. He found it abandoned in his yard.

It is a bike we serviced because it has our service sticker on it. But we cannot find a matching record in our database. The customer that found the bike is out of town, but if anyone is missing the bike, I will put them in touch with the finder.

FYI, We offer a service at our shop now where, for $5 we take a picture of your bike and record the serial number on our server. We have recovered several bikes because of it! About 50% of our customers take us up on it. Those that decline, just mentioning it reminds them to do it themselves. Without a matching serial number, we cannot legally hold a suspicious bike.

Seattle Police urge everyone to keep a record of the serial numbers for valuables – or, when you can, inscribe them with identifying information; if your valuables are stolen, they have to have some way to be able to match them back to you.

4 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Mailbox prowler; theft suspect on doorstep; bicycle found"

  • Wsea 98116 March 6, 2016 (5:15 pm)

    Mailbox prowler-  after prowling, she even leaves the mailbox open?! How rude!

  • Bryan March 6, 2016 (6:56 pm)

    Note that you can also register your bikes – for free – at bikeindex.org, which is used by a couple hundred shops, several police depts, pawn shops, schools, etc. across the country, and has a pretty good recovery record.

    • WSB March 6, 2016 (7:03 pm)

      Yes, in subsequent conversation, Aaron mentioned bikeindex too. And we have had reunions here too, since stolen bikes often turn up not too far away, having been used as getaway vehicles, or get-to vehicles for crimes such as auto thefts, police say … TR

  • Dawsonst March 7, 2016 (12:34 pm)

    Another free bike registration site and app is 529 garage. They’re out of Portland and a number of local shops and police also use them. 

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