West Seattle Crime Watch: From the ‘stolen/found’ files – two car prowls, two discoveries

ORIGINAL REPORT, 12:36 PM: Car prowls are the crime you’re most likely to fall victim to, SPD says. And from the reader-report files, we have word of another one. From Rebecca:

I wanted to report that my car window broken (Saturday) evening between 4:30 and 5:15. The car was parked on the street, by a lamp post and a bus stop on 63rd near Constellation Park. My black, leather bag was stolen.

It has “1st Aid” on it with a Red Cross like symbol, an adjustable long, cloth handle strap that’s like a thin belt. There’s a purple cloth wallet in it and an orange and white zippered bag like they sell at Pharmaca.

If you see any of those items – please comment; lately readers have found discarded car-prowl loot and it’s subsequently made its way back to its owners. Please also heed police’s advice: Don’t leave ANYTHING in your vehicle, regardless of how well it’s hidden, or whether you think it’s completely worthless to anyone else … thieves do break in on spec, just pulling out anything they find, to be rushed away and combed through later.

FOUND: Not necessarily stolen, but in our experience lately, these tend to be the kinds of items that are bycatch for car prowlers and tossed aside somewhere. Salle reports:

I found a notebook and textbook last night with an exam noting (first name starts with C, second with B). It was found in the alley behind my house in Fauntleroy Cove, between Trenton and Concord Streets, alley being 46th.

She’s been searching for the person online, but no luck yet, so she sent word in case the person missing these items – through a theft or otherwise – reads WSB.

ADDED 1:53 PM: Two more reports just came in, so we’re adding them. From Jason:

Car was prowled near upper Fauntleroy as well around 2 am this morning. We are on 41st ave in a secure garage. Got away with softball and soccer gear that was in the trunk. It tried to take off with the golf clubs but failed. They were found hidden in another part of the garage. It looked like it was coming back for them. Keep an eye open for a North Face Bag and Hershel Bag with dirty sports gear in it. It’s most likely mine and would love it back if found around the neighborhood.

And from Julie, a possibly abandoned bicycle not far from where Salle made her discoveries (mentioned above):

This bike appears to be abandoned — been here, unlocked, for several days. 46th & Trenton. There also were school books and papers scattered in a nearby alley, but someone else has taken that stuff away. (I just heard about that, never saw it myself.) Could be connected.

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: From the 'stolen/found' files - two car prowls, two discoveries"

  • Julie Gramm November 23, 2015 (11:07 am)

    I will bring the bike under shelter at my house, for the time being.

  • burglarbustingdad November 23, 2015 (1:07 pm)

    A Gatewood neighbor reports on car prowlers, he “Caught a couple in the act at Myrtle and California. Dark blue Scion xA with dented rear bumper, driving by cars while the other guy checks to see if they’re open.
    Saw one of them on foot later the same night.
    White, 20s, orange construction t shirt. Knit cap with ball on top.”

  • MaryV November 23, 2015 (3:56 pm)

    Please report these to the police.This might be the same guys that broke into the condos at Edmunds/41st near Jefferson Square. We got them on video and one had orange on. Please report your crimes and knowledge to the police as they fingerprinted the building (they used the stairs to visit 2 levels of the garage) and took a copy of the building video. Burglarbustinhgdad – I am sure the police would like your description of the car as it might be associated with our building.

  • Gatewood Resident November 23, 2015 (4:07 pm)

    Myrtle and California was us. We can add a couple attempted car prowls on Saturday the 21st.

    This took place in the N/S alley on the east side of California and Myrtle. We “walked in on” a couple of guys attempting our car door to see if it was open on Saturday at 11am. (During a weekend day, even!) After apologizing to us, they drove down the alley and were interrupted trying to get into one of our neighbors’ cars before fully driving away.

    We called it in and the other resident who got their license number may have called it in as well, but my boyfriend saw one of the guys walking up and down Myrtle later that evening. (I can’t believe it!)

    Lock ’em up folks!

  • burglarbustingdad November 24, 2015 (8:59 am)

    My neighbor informs me,”It was reported Saturday” and I thank him.

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