West Seattle Crime Watch: At least 1 arrest in Westwood Target robbery

(WSB photo taken on northeast corner of 35th/Roxbury)
If you’ve noticed the police activity at Westwood Village and/or the 35th/Roxbury bus stop – here’s what’s happening: Police have arrested at least one suspect in a case of shoplifting-turned-robbery at the Westwood Target. Seattle Police spokesperson Det. Drew Fowler says it was first reported as juveniles stealing liquor from the store, and one “sprayed” a security guard (that’s apparently why Seattle Fire medics were called to the scene). The police search included buses in the area and several possible suspects turned up on one at 35th/Roxbury; while we were talking to Det. Fowler, he confirmed a witness had positively identified at least one suspect. That’s all we know so far; more if and when we get it.

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  • Eric February 27, 2015 (4:41 pm)

    So that’s what that big police response was

  • Eric1 February 27, 2015 (6:18 pm)

    Glad to hear they caught one of the suspects. It should be a pretty easy conviction since Target has some pretty good video cameras. I hope the prosecutors actually charge the scum appropriately and don’t plea bargain. Actual punishment might deter crime.

  • add February 27, 2015 (6:39 pm)

    I wish Target would lock up the liquor or put it in a controlled space. They don’t even have those security “locks” on the bottles! So easy to steal. Ugh.

  • Bradley February 27, 2015 (8:06 pm)

    Shame on Target for not locking-up their easily-stolen booze in the shoplifter-rich Westwood Village environment. Safeway at Roxbury has locked their booze in sturdy steel cabinets and has set a good example for other large retailers to follow.

  • Sandy A February 28, 2015 (12:00 am)

    they fled on buses? lolz

  • WS February 28, 2015 (5:10 am)

    What kind of idiot robs the brightest, highly secured and heavily populated store in west Seattle? Glad they caught the guy.

  • Eric February 28, 2015 (6:27 am)

    What kind of idiots? The very kind of idiots that steal in the very first place.

    Are we really blaming Target because POS kids not only stole from Target, but one of them assaulted a security guard with some kind of spray (assuming a pepper spray of some sort).

    Whether locked up or not doesn’t change the fact that these kids are being POS, which is what really needs to be addressed. Not all the band-aids trying to cover the symptoms.

    These kids could very easily make a dash at QFC’s liquor dept. or even cause a scene and distraction which enables their friends to make a clean dash and getaway. Or steal wine with a higher alcohol content that is out in the open at every store. They could go to Rite-Aid which seems to have a shoplifting problem and make a grab and dash for the alcohol that is on the shelves out in the open with “secured locks” that when the kids have the time after it is stolen wil probably be able to get off. Do you think that old man they hired as a security guard (no offense) is going to stop a group of youths? He’ll probably get hurt.

    Unfortunately, with hard alcohol coming to regular stores, I knew this was going to happen. How long did it take QFC getting shop lifted for them to finally change the location of their alcohol?

  • George February 28, 2015 (9:43 am)

    “What kind of idiot robs the brightest, highly secured and heavily populated store in west Seattle?”

    I’m pretty sure we all know what kind of idiot does that.

  • anonyme February 28, 2015 (12:14 pm)

    Shoplifting at Target has increased 75% since the bus cluster went in, FYI.

    When I was at Westwood the other day, three teens started making moves as if to corner me. I got out of there quick. This was just minutes after I’d turned in a 6″ dagger I’d found on the sidewalk to security.

    I’ve just applied for another job. I’m no longer willing to risk my safety by working near Westwood Village. Roxhill is the new “Needle Park”. It’s disgusting and frightening.

  • John February 28, 2015 (1:18 pm)

    I’m pretty sure we all know what kind of idiots we’re all talking about.

  • Eric February 28, 2015 (1:51 pm)

    Are there stats supporting the 75% increase? Just curious, as I’m a Westwood resident and have seen pretty crime rise among other issues about the same time tent city moved down the hill. While some of those issues tapered off when tent city moved, I’ve seen other issues escalate when the bus hub was put in.

    Since I live so close to Westwood Village, I frequent it often and lately some of the things I have seen there leave me just shaking my head.

    I did this morning another police car at Target while going to the bank, with an officer speaking with an employee and taking a statement with some random person with them.

  • Rick February 28, 2015 (4:16 pm)

    Shame on Target? BS.

  • AmandaKH February 28, 2015 (6:03 pm)

    @anonyme – The 75% increase is actually from the deregulation of alcohol. And there are no needles in Roxhill Park. We clean it on a regular basis, and what we find mostly are McDonald’s, deli items, chip bags, Starbucks cups, cigarette butts, and the theft deterrents from the bottles of alcohol.
    On a “clean-up” note. A group of Neighbors will be gathering at the SW Precinct at 10:00 am on March 7th to clean up South Delridge to Roxbury, then fanning out West to the SW Sports Complex and Westwood Village.

  • anonyme March 1, 2015 (6:30 am)

    Amanda,I don’t know where you’re “cleaning” but there are needles all along Barton in that area. I have personally picked them up where they lay mostly in plain view, but there are lots near the bus stop and park entry. Just because you haven’t seen them in your occasional sweeps does not mean they’re not there. To state that there are absolutely “NO” needles in Roxhill Park is absurd. If you have indeed done a thorough cleanup, you probably would also have noticed the human feces in that corridor.

    Eric, two years ago, when crime and other issues associated with the bus cluster became a problem for neighbors, a coalition was formed that included Westwood management, Daystar, Parks, and a few other entities. I don’t know if the group still meets, or if it has morphed into something else, but the 75% figure came from a representative at that meeting. It is not just a random rumor.

    The current issues are not related 100% to the bus stop. Alcohol sales have contributed, as did the closure of Nickelsville. But the worst trend IMO is drug use, heroin specifically, as well as meth. Again, this is not speculation or rumor. This came straight from SPD, who I have to call all too frequently these days.

  • AmandaKH March 1, 2015 (9:27 am)

    @Anonyme – I was at that meeting that you are remembering, and no, they don’t currently meet. But the Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights Community Council does. The next meeting is Tuesday night, 6:15 pm at the SW Library. You should come, we do good work.

  • anonyme March 1, 2015 (9:48 am)

    Amanda, thanks for the offer. I would like to participate at some point, but it’s not possible right now.

  • Thomas M March 1, 2015 (9:20 pm)

    Pepper spray eh? What’s next? Tasers? Blades? Pistols? Somebody is going to get killed if something is not done about the punks at Westwood. I flat refuse to go there anymore.

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