West Seattle Crime Watch: Seaview burglary loot to look out for; also, where else burglars have struck this week

The latest West Seattle Crime Watch reader report is from Gabrielle, whose Seaview home was broken into sometime in the past few days. When she sent a brief note, mentioning items of sentimental significance were missing, we asked if any additional details were available so people could keep an eye out – in the shrubbery, on CL, maybe even eventually in pawn shops. Here’s her report:

Our home was burglarized while my husband and I were away on a short vacation. It happened sometime between 11:30 am Thursday 9/18 and 5:30 pm on Saturday 9/20. We are located at 46th Ave SW and Brandon Street. [map] Many small items were stolen, while they seemed to leave anything of significant weight/couldn’t be carried by one person. Many jewelry items, small power tools, and an iPad were taken. Items of high sentimental value are as follows and should be looked out for at pawn shops:

-18k Gold Locket, 1/2″ diameter, Floral Engraving, Highly Sentimental
-Diamond Necklace Pendant & White Gold Chain, 1 karat total weight, 4 square diamonds set in white gold
-3/4 karat heart-shaped ruby solitaire on yellow gold band, Highly Sentimental
-Tiffany’s Stainless Steel Heart Tag Necklace, Custom Engraved G.D.S.
-Tiffany’s Stainless Steel Heart Tag Bracelet, Custom Engraved G.D.S.
-Handmade/Custom Letterpress Jewelry Wall Case, Highly Sentimental
-Nordstrom Necklace & Earring Set Round CZ with Pave Setting, sterling silver setting/chains

The burglars came though our front door, prying open a lock and damaging jamb. No other entry point was found. We are in the middle of a large-scale first floor renovation, which may have made it appear the home was vacant. Most of the items stolen were from 2nd floor. Seattle Police was called immediately, Case #14-315312.

This has been a terrible experience for us but we will try to remain positive. Most important thing we could tell our neighbors… Make sure your home is harder to break into… nothing to guarantee it won’t happen, but as many deterrents as possible can’t hurt.

SIDE NOTE: Checking the West Seattle Tweets by Beat (which includes dates, addresses, and incident types, no other details), here are the other burglaries reported in West Seattle earlier this past week (residential unless otherwise noted):

Friday night (9/19), 4200 block W. Marginal Way SW (commercial burglary)
Thursday night (9/18), 2300 block Harbor Ave. SW
Thursday night (9/18), 7000 block 16th SW
Thursday morning (9/18), 9800 block 35th SW
Wednesday morning (9/17), 4500 block 38th SW
Tuesday night (9/16), 5100 block Admiral Way (previously reported here)
Tuesday night (9/16), 2200 block SW Holden
Tuesday morning (9/16), 9000 block 14th SW (commercial burglary)
Tuesday morning (9/16), 2600 block 41st SW
Tuesday morning (9/16), 2200 block SW Holden
Tuesday morning (9/16), 5200 block 18th SW (previously reported here)
Monday evening (9/15), 3900 block SW Austin
Sunday morning (9/14), 1500 block SW Kenyon

If anything is missing in that time frame, apologies, we have only the Tweets by Beat log to consult, unless we received a reader report (such as the 46th SW and Admiral Way cases) – we hope you never need to send one, but if you do (once you’ve reported the crime to the police), editor@westseattleblog.com.

P.S. Two crime-prevention-related public meetings are coming up this week – the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting at 6:30 pm Tuesday (September 23) at the Southwest Precinct (Delridge/Webster), and the special joint Highland Park Action Committee/Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council conversation with SPD, 7 pm Wednesday (September 24th) at HP Improvement Club (12th/Holden) – preceded by a 6:30 pm potluck.

8 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Seaview burglary loot to look out for; also, where else burglars have struck this week"

  • Chrisd September 21, 2014 (9:43 pm)

    There are no comments because we’re all speechless at the amount of robberies that take place week after week with no apparent solution to the problem ever.

  • drahcir61 September 21, 2014 (10:21 pm)

    Taking MANY pictures of your jewelry, electronics (including close-ups showing serial numbers), & any other “prized possessions” is HIGHLY recommended by the police.

    Yes it’s time consuming, laying out all of your valuable jewelry to take detailed pictures … no one wants to do it … DO IT!!!

    It proves your ownership without any doubt & especially if the items have sentimental value … take 30 minutes, an hour, whatever & take pictures of your valuables!!!

  • Out for a walk September 21, 2014 (10:50 pm)

    This is awful! So despicable! Do hope you get your precious items returned to you and the police take action!

  • heather September 22, 2014 (11:12 am)

    I’m sorry for your loss and the intrusion into your home Gabrielle.

  • lookingforlogic September 22, 2014 (11:29 am)

    Prevention is the key, if a criminal is successful they will return to the areas of success. I have a large piece of rolling furniture that I roll against the back door, I also have thick dowels and blocks bracing the windows, and the back door. My garage to interior basement door has several locks, the 2 gates to my backyard are padlocked. I remove everything from my vehicles every night, these guys are getting very desperate and I don’t need a broken window to fix. Frankly other than tools I don’t have anything to steal, but I don’t need the anxiety, anger, cleanup and repair from a breakin.

  • drahcir61 September 22, 2014 (1:32 pm)

    Prevention starts 30 feet in front of YOUR house! Make your house less appealing to a thief & they will likely go elsewhere.

    Beware of Dog signs will deter some people (even if you don’t own a dog, they’re $2 at Home Depot).

    Trim the shrubbery around your house. Crooks get behind your bushes, out of sight, & then they work to get inside … cut the bushes!

    Security systems are great & security cameras are even better. If you can’t afford them, consider buying a decoy or fake camera, they look EXACTLY like the real ones, easy to install & they cost $10 to $15 online or at Home Depot.

    At the very least put up a security sign in your yard or sticker on the window. “This Property Protected by XXX Security Systems” … buy them online, they’re cheap!

    Gone for only a few hours? Leave a stereo on LOUD in your garage or near a window so they can hear it outside your home & leave a lamp on so it’s visible from outside too.

    If your house looks like no one is home then it becomes more appealing. I’ll say it again, prevention STARTS on the sidewalk in front of YOUR house.

  • faceless September 24, 2014 (10:52 pm)

    I know what it feels like and I’m sorry for the violation. We have to do something about the amount of crime in W Seattle.

  • psg September 26, 2014 (4:14 am)

    There would be less crime if the homeless epidemic in our state were addressed and jobs weren’t so hard to find.All the budget cuts in the schools but yet funding the justice system.This is how your government, state and federal officials want it.Big wig lawyers and judges some of the biggest campaign contributors wouldn’t have jobs if people never broke the law.Wars pay and these streets aint no different.Get use to it folks shit aint never gonna change

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