West Seattle restaurants: It’s now Junction Bakery and Café

During Christmas week, we reported on the makeover and menu additions in progress for what was Coffee to a Tea with Sugar in The Junction. It’s open again as of this past Friday with something else that’s new, in addition to the remodeling and the addition of “grab and go” lunch items: A new name – Junction Bakery and Café, as is now painted over its alley entrance/windows. JB&C ownership/management says the bakery operation will retain the Sugar Rush Baking Company name.

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  • Last53BusRider January 6, 2013 (6:29 pm)

    Much better name!

  • DF January 6, 2013 (7:31 pm)

    Still and always will be Snubby’s to this local

  • Silly Goose January 6, 2013 (8:05 pm)

    What happened to Sugar Rush? They always seemed busy when stopped in weekly to get out after school cupcakes!

  • Chrisd January 6, 2013 (8:34 pm)

    Now that’s a place I would go to, it’s all in the name.

  • LivesInWS January 7, 2013 (7:33 am)

    Goose – Answer is in the last sentence of article.

    Junction Bakery & Cafe sounds far more appealing. “Sugar Rush” makes my teeth hurt just thinking of it!

  • local January 7, 2013 (10:54 am)

    Support this business!!! It is delicious and awesome.

  • Local January 7, 2013 (4:44 pm)

    As a local nanny I often went to Sugar Rush because they were family friendly, with a space for the little ones to play in at the back of the store. It was a wonderful community spot where nannies, moms & dads, grandparents and other caregivers could visit and relax with a beverage/cupcake/light meal while their children played and socialized. To my disappointment though, the remodel has taken away everything that was wonderful. No more big comfy chairs, toys, books, big coffee table where little kids could play/eat, the doll houses, the dolphin rocking horse, and even the changing station in the bathroom is gone. The only evidence of our beloved space is a lone train table. Now the space is filled with more tables, and even bar height tables. Little ones are definitely not welcome anymore. Sad to say, I won’t be patronizing the Junction Bakery and Cafe, because simply put, there is no reason for me to. I can get my coffee at any other shop around town, and as for the little ones we’ll be looking for a new hangout spot. A sad day for the community in my opinion.

  • Silly Goose January 7, 2013 (7:47 pm)

    The article tells me nothing too confusing, are they the same owners or new owners, I like black and white not fluff, just spell it out. Sorry Local but one of the reasons we dreaded going there was all the toddlers yelling and making a mess, have you ever tried all the community centers they have daily mini gyms and food is allowed.

  • WSB January 7, 2013 (8:30 pm)

    It’s just a quick followup. Please follow the link to the first story (linked here in the first line) for more background info. No ownership change. We didn’t expect to even have a followup – but the name change wasn’t mentioned in our original conversation, so it wasn’t in the original story – TR

  • Mark January 7, 2013 (9:58 pm)

    I like the old name better. This one is too generic and lacks character. If the kids area is gone as one person says, they just lost my family as customers.

  • Another local nanny January 11, 2013 (3:06 pm)

    It really is unfortunate that this place is no longer kid friendly. I was never a big fan of their coffee, but still supported them because they offered a safe and dry haven for children to play and socialize. I really do wish all the best for this business, but I as well no longer have any reason to go back there.

  • Keith January 18, 2013 (12:57 pm)

    Still Looks pretty Kid Friendly to me seeing about 5 kids playing with a train table in the back. just has a more adult feel without a hundred toys scattered all over the floor.
    The brick wall look great and I enjoyed a tasty pork sandwich, Yum.
    I hear rumors that they might bring some live music and drink into the place in the evenings, cant wait.

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